August 16, 2008

Paul and are twins and i hope whoever (if anyone) reads this blog knows that. We turn 22 this month... big step i know. For the last two years paul has been on a mission in mexico and to my surprise birthdays are no fun without him... So this year now that he is home we celebrated our first birthday... Paul had surgery on his ankle so we weren't really able to do anything, but it what we go to do was really fun. On monday the day before our birthday i took him to the dark knight. It was fun to just spend some time together doing twin stuff. He was really high maintenance always telling me where to take him when to stop how fast to go... he is crazy. Then tuesday we spent the day shopping and then we went to dinner with my family. He got me a gift card to target and i fixed and updated his x-box wow we go big don't we? I just want to paul to know if he ever happens to read this which i doubt he will that i love him!! He has been my best friend my whole life. I honestly can't picture going through life without him. He's funny, smart, handsome and such a sweet person. He deserves the best in life. Happy birthday to me and to paul... Life is always a little better with you in it!