October 11, 2011

Huber Farms-lots of pictures!

His bull riding face

Getting ready to ride the cow trian

Braydon was thrilled to squeeze into the barrell

feeding the fish

Look a like much?

My turn for the cow train.... I just love this boy

He liked to hold the pumpkin, but didn't want to take it home

he was scared of the animals and this goat wanted to be fed

Always posing... cheese!

The sweetest boy in the world!
so sweet... he loves his daddy

oh wow! this ride is so fun


Getting ready to drive the cow train

We had to feed the fish twice. he loved it

he throws really hard every time

Playing in the barn

Getting ready for the slide... again
Braydon went down with him and I pushed him... nice huh?
so fun!
This is the view crossing the ohio river from indiana back to down town kentucky! So Braydon Had fall break monday and tuesday. I know i know NO SCHOOL! We just got to have some much needed family time. Sawyer was in heaven. We went to Huber farms today in indiana. It was a bit of drive, but so worth it. It was beautiful. The leaves are amazing and we were the only ones on the country roads. We spent almost four hours at huber farms. Just walking around, ridng the rides, seeing the animals, feeding the fish, and of course going down the slide over and over. He kept telling me that he was with his daddy and that his name was sawyer. The whole ride home he told me he wanted to call "bampa" (my dad) and that he went on a slide. he kept repeating it over and over!  We went to their farmers market and i wanted to buy all their fresh veggies and fruit. The drive home was amazing. it was such a fun much needed family day. We don't want braydon/daddy to go back to school. We like having him around.

October 01, 2011

Things have been going really well here in Kentucky. The weather has been so nice... a little cool, but i enjoy jacket weather. Sawyer always wants to go the the park. At least it's not so hot that I hate being there. The park here is so fun, not because of the actual park, but because almost everytime we go we always have a friend there. Sometimes I feel like apartment living is hard, but i'm so grateful for the great support system we have here and all the great friends we have. We rented out the clubhouse and watched the byu/utah game. It was on late here... two hour difference so sawyer and I left at half time, but it was fun we had a great group turn our of ute fans and cougar fans. so glad the utes won (murdered them) Sawyer is just growing up to fast for me. He is such a fun little boy. he  can be very naughty and crazy, but we are so grateful he is ours. Braydon and I celebrated our 4th year of marriage. WOW! only four years is kinda how I feel. We have been together a long time. Our friends jess and kolby were so kind to watch sawyer while we went out. he loves it up there so It was a win win right jess? We have been through many fun time/hard times. I am grateful for our life and eternity together.   My parents come soon to visit. I seriously can't wait. Sawyer will be so excited to have them here. He misses them so much. Thank heavens for facetime. you know we call them twice a day. Sometimes he is a pill when talking to them because he is tired or busy, but most times he loves to tell them stories and have my mom sing to him and have grandpa make piggy noises. it's fun watching them interact. Braydon is really liking school. He is busy all the time. He makes it a priority to come home for dinner and then he goes back to hitting the books. Sawyer pretty much has seizures when he comes home. He is so excited. He always runs to him and hugs him and for the whole time he is home Sawyer doesn't even look at me and if he does it's just to tell me "daddy home" or "my daddy" He has also started calling us by our first name or by babe. he kills me I am always like no.... my name is mom. he just laughs and says "you funny"
We visit this bear everday on our way to the park. He loves this bear. He always says hello, even will share his fruit snacks, gives him high fives, and shows him his blocks. Every time we leave he says "bye bear"

Sawyer and George playing together.

Ready for church. Sawyer in his cowboy boots my dad got hime! He loves them
                                     This is so sick... he really liked eating his feet. hope it gives you a good laugh
He is obsessed with blocks. he loves them. We can't leave the house without at least two blocks.

Sawyer and blake... say cheese.

We found extra sparklers and poppers from the fourth of july. so one cool evening we went out and did them. he loved it and was so sad when all poppers were gone.

George and Sawyer... best buddies

Happy wearing mommys hat

He loves glow sticks

Sawyer and OOLIE (oliver) he is the cutest boy huh?

Late night movie night with daddy. he waits up for his dad to get home. if I put him to bed he always wakes up when he gets home. He needs his daddy to put him to bed.

This is the sweetest thing. Sawyer learning to pray.

Morning play time. They wouldn't even look at me!

this is the new face sawyer makes. it's his pretend mad face

We went to the zoo with lala (lauren) and shep the boy she nannys. it was so fun to see the tiger so close. He still talks about it.

He prefers to drink water this way... his sippy cup is old news

he always comes outside and sits on the stairs. He likes to watch cars drive by and right up the stairs is where is friends live

church is really hard for us... he is crazy. He was so tired after church

wearing my glasses. he is so funny

I told him he looks like a girl and he said "no BOYYYYYY"

popcorn buddies.

Have you ever seen a child more excited about watching the polar express? he loved it because of the train.

Dumped out his trains and blocks and got in.

my mom bought him a bunch of cardinal shirts ( that is the mascot of braydon's school U of L)