April 08, 2009

Just Because

So it was just a normal day. I got up at 3 am because of course my body just has to get up at that time and i hung out in the living room for a while then i tried to go back to sleep and slept about 1 hour to get up at five to get ready for work. I got to work took care of all the dogs and opened up. It soon got busy at 8 when we open i wish i didn't have to get there before, but that is life. I eventually had to move to the back to get our two surgeries prepped and ready to go. I "knocked" down the first dog and we got his belly shaved (neuter and hernia repair) I was in the middle of scrubbing and hooking him up to the pumps when i girl i worked with said you got a surprise upfront. This is could mean a number of things. I have to smooth something over with our staff, smooth something over with one of your clients because my employees always seem to come to me because they say i'm a very good butt kisser, but i just say i'm really good at my job :) or it could be i need to talk to a salesman or something. So I went up front to find red roses. My husband sent me rose to work with a note that said i just wanted you to know i love you and i always think of you and i will be home late which is a norm since he doesn't get home til 11 or 12 every night. It made me smile and it made me feel so good. I'm so lucky to have my best friend in my life. I feel sad because some of the ladies i work with have really "hard" husbands who don't treat them well and who don't help around the house or with the kids and don't make them feel loved. They couldn't believe a man would just send you flower "just because" and it's the little things that count and they still don't believe that we didn't get in a fight or that he was just trying to make up for doing something wrong. The Lord has blessed me so much with a great family and a great husband.

April 02, 2009

My paul is getting married!!

My brother Paul is getting married!!! He ask madison today!! I've known for awhile now that they were getting married they have had it pretty much all planned, but i knew before they started planning. I had a dream about two weeks after i met madison that they were getting married. Paul just has never seemed so happy. She is totally different from all the other girls he has dated. She is so beautiful and smart and guess what I like her... well i actually love her. She has become one of my very best friends and i'm super excited for her to join our family and become a Belnap. Madison will tell you that she knew she loved paul when they went to the draper temple open house. Well, that is where he asked her. So we set up balloons and roses each of my family had written a note to madison telling her why we loved her and why were so excited for he to join our family. We attached them to red roses and then paul wrote a note to madison and attached it to white roses. She had no clue he told her he had to pick up a mission companion on their way to his mission Reunion and paul said he wouldn't be at the place for a half hour so they had time to kill so they decided to go up to the temple and walk around. WEll little did she know that the flowers were just around the corner and she of course started to bawl and he got on his knee and asked her. I am super excited for paul. He has been my best friend my whole life and i can't imagine him with anyone else and i'm so grateful he found someone who understands our special bond and still lets us be "twins" I can't wait for their upcoming wedding even if it is in Arizona. Welcome to the family madison! I love you both so much.