September 22, 2008

Two years went by... and he came home. And we were still in love and we decided to get married... everyone thought we were crazy, but we didn't care. These pictures are just a few from our memories from 2001 to 2007... in the card braydon gave me yesterday he said after all these years dating and the year we've been married "your hand is the only one for mine" i think that sums it up. I love you braydon. You are my best friend and partner and I wouldn't give up my life with you for anything. I know we have been through hard times, sad times, good times, exciting time, interesting times, but i wouldn't want to have done any of it with out you. Happy anniversary babe!!

This is the night I said goodbye to braydon. It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it. Look we weren't allowed to touch because he was set a part.. lame. When braydon walked me to my car (he will kill me for saying this) we couldn't even say one word he opened my door and whispered i love you and tears were rolling down his cheeks I clearly was the one keeping it together... just kidding. I couldn't even talk i was crying so hard.

This is the night braydon recieved his mission call... You can't tell in this picture, but i bawled my eyes out. Even though i knew he needed to do this I was still devastated to let him go. When braydon and i started dating he didn't want to go on a mission and i told him I wouldn't marry him if he didn't... funny how things work out. We dated, He served a mission, we got married... sounds simple doesn't it... it doesn't quite work that way. It was really hard having him gone, but i got to learn how to grow up and I did my own thing. I just couldn't stop loving him for the two years we were apart and i will continue to love him forever.

My family loves lake powell... I mean we are a little obsessed with going there. It is so much fun. One year braydon was able to come with us which made the trip that much better. You can't see how mad he is in this picture, but i made him let me wash his hair. He was so mad and wanted to do it himself... guys they aren't capable of recieving help.

Braydon's favorite things to do are go fast ride something with a motor and BE WITH ME!! ha ha he wouldn't say that. I learned the very first time i got on a four wheeler with braydon that the more you scream or the louder you scream the faster he goes and the higher he jumps. This has become a big part of my life because he loves it so much. Yes i am married to a child i know, but so is my mom so it all works out.

Braydon and I met when I was in 8th grade. I went to mueller park and he went to milcreek. I was playing a basketball game and was introduced to him. My friends dated his friends and then we just all hung out. Braydon and I started dating in 2001. I told him he had to call me on my birthday and he did and it's been us falling in love since then. Braydon and I have been through a lot and we've helped eachother out in very dark times. When bubba was in his accident braydon was at my side the entire time. He was there as early as six and stayed until one or two. He just went home to shower and rest a little. One of the last times I saw bubba was when braydon and his brother tyler went into his room with me. We were only supposed to go in pairs strict rules were broken just to allow people to say their goodbyes. I watched my brother in his bed while braydon held my hand. What 16 year old boy stays with a girl while crying and believe me i was not well... i did not deal with his death with any class or grace. I owe braydon my life. He brought me back up and helped me learn how to walk again. Thank you so much braydon for sticking by me when i felt like i had no one.

September 18, 2008

Thanks danielle for being my frist tag!!

I am: really stressed
I think: all the time and nothing good comes out of it
I know: it will all work out eventually... but i hate waiting
I want: to feel safe
I have: a great husband, family and the best friends
I dislike: when you try and get to know someone and they don't try to get to know you back
I miss: bubba and sarah a lot
I fear: losing someone else
I feel: sad a lot and sometimes i don't have a reason
I hear: music on my i pod
I smell: my candle
I crave: nothing at the moment
I cry: a lot i'm a girl and some people would say i cry to much
I search: for a better tomorrow
I wonder: what if my friends miss me and if they are ok and how i can be a better friend and wife
I regret: not being a better person
I wish: i didn't worry
I love: my family and friends and my husband
I care: a lot more then people think...
I always: want my way
I worry: a lot it's a very bad habit to get into
I am not: crazy well at least i hope not
I remember: when life was easy, but i don't think i'd want to go back to that life
I believe: time heals what reason cannot
I sing: all the time and not good i might add
I don’t always: give in
I argue: a lot, but i'm working on it i promise
I write: letters to braydon once a week
I win: half the battles
I lose: half the battles
I listen: to my i pod and dance to it... mostly when i'm alone until braydon walks in... embarassing!!
I don’t understand: why bad things happen to good people
I can usually be found: working or at my moms... with brayd when he's not working
I need: to work harder at being nicer and less stressed
I forget: that it will be okay eventually just be patient
I am happy: when i'm with people i love and people who make me feel good

So Braydon and I are finally all moved into our new house in kaysville... well the house itself isn't new, but to us it's new. We put brand new carpet in and painted the whole thing which it needed. We lived with my grandparents for four months and this picture is of their back yard. And I wanted to take this opportunity to publically thank them for helping us so much and allowing us to live with them. It was such a tender mercy for braydon and I. We are poor and were spending 900$$ a month in rent for a small one bedroom apartment in draper... we feel so lucky to be out of that contract and we feel so lucky to have family who support and care about us. What is the point of life if you don't have family. My grandparents are so sweet and it has helped us to much to have lived with them and to have this new place to live in. Thank you g-ma and g-pa I love you so much!!