December 23, 2015

things benson says- Age 3

"When you walk quiet you have to go tip TOAST tip TOAST and then say boo"

I made lasagna and benson wouldn't stop yelling I love "blazana"

Soyo you have to plug your breath when going through tunnels.

Mom you are my sweetheart and at home I am your sweetheart too but in the world I am a dude ok?

Benson got in big trouble for coloring on the walls so I had him call his dad to tell him what he did. He gets on the phone and says "dad first I want to say I really love you" and then he told him. This kids is hilarious and we made him clean up his wall art work.

Benson at soccer kept saying I'm so good at troubling... He meant dribbling

Poor benson has the croup and he keeps saying when I cough I sound like a wal wrist he means walrus

When ever I ask benson if he can help me he either flat out says no or says absolutely.

Mom I really love hand SANTAtizer it cleans my hands

Mom something stinks you better plug your breath

"Soyo I'm immoto so I can never die" sawyer-you mean immortal?

 Benson: I just love looking at our cavity. It's so cute and makes me feel happy.  Me: what's a cavity?  Benson: You know the guys with presents and candy canes that sit by baby Jesus with the animals and the Angel does the big whistle  for him.

Benson- mom it's totally crazy that I can toot out of my mouth and my bum and it's pretty gross.

Benson says he wants to be a "betternarian" a police obicer and window swiper when he gets adult

things sawyer say- age 5

Do you want to know why the lemon is my greatest nemesis? Because it's my lemony. like lemon and enemy

My worst fear is blood sucking bats, my best and happiest fear is becoming immortal so we can live together forever

Today Sawyer bore his testimony in church. It was so sweet. He is such a special boy. He said " I know that this is the true church, Jesus Christ lives and is in my heart and that I love my family and we will get to be together forever"

When I eat good my muscles generate and get powerful

If you make good choices and follow God he will always lead you through the night

There is a boy named Giovanni on Sawyers soccer team and they call him Gio and Sawyer was telling benson that his names spells go because Gio sounds just like G O

Blowing kisses is just like a kissing high five

I don't take naps or get tired because I don't send that kind of signal to my brain. If I wanted to I would just do bleep bloop bop and then I would get tired.

When I swim I just turn on my jet repulsion and my lets kick so fast

Mom I did a back slam on the tramp and I bit my tongue and it bleeded but I just swallowed my blood to restore it in my stomach. 
Do you want to know why the lemon is my greatest nemesis? Because it's my lemony.

My worst fear is blood sucking bats, my best and happiest fear is becoming immortal so we can live together forever

Christmas sunday was amazing. It always has the most special spirit there. The boys sang with the primary and it was so beautiful. they sang oh come oh come emmanuel and said Samuel. The boys really wanted to go camping so we found that sunday night was the only day during the break that didn't have rain. So to make some awesome memories (even though braydon and i aren't huge campers and didn't want to go) we too the boys camping and ended up having the best time. We had hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, made pop corn and watched a movie in our tent. We woke up before five and watched the most amazing sunrise over the water. It was only fitting that the week of christmas that the lake was called mistletoe. We had pancakes and hot cocoa in the morning. We all  came home and crashed because lets face it no one sleeps great during camping. 

December or christmas time is one of my all time favorite times of the year. I just love the feelings, the music, the kindness, the laughter, the family time... and usually the snow. it's a total bummer that we won't be getting snow this year especially since Utah has SO MUCH snow. It will be very weird to not be home with my family. but it will be fun to try and create fun new memories. We got a santa suit and took some cute pictures of the boys with Braydon playing santa. I love the book I believe in santa because it talks about how santa has all the special attributes the savior has. He is kind, wears a red robe, brings gifts. Jesus got us the greatest gift of all. His atoning sacrifice. I love that this time of year we get to think more about his birth and his life. I wish we could keep this feeling going all year round in the world. We got to have breakfast with santa at Sawyers school. That was really fun, we went to light up the city with me and the boys and their friend julian. We went to cabalas to get our picture with santa. The boys paid tithing for the first time. they were very excited about that. Benson and i also got to go to sawyers school and make ginger bread houses with him and his class. Sawyer was adorable and showing benson off and benson loved that. They had a great time making their house together. We also made a huge village at home for family night. December has been crazy... we got to play in the sprinklers one Saturday because it was 80 degrees. the boys had the time of their life. we also had Korbin and allie play one day because their mom had to go to utah to help their grandma after her car accident... We got to go to this cool hayride. it was a hayride through the life of christ. it was the perfect thing to do for christmas. We got a fire pit and have enjoyed a bunch of nights together in our back yard. it's been fun just being away from distractions of movie, tv electronics and just talk to each other. and can you believe the boys were wearing shorts in the middle of december? The boys really wanted to make christmas cookies, decorate them and then go deliver them. When we delivered them they wanted go caroling. we sounded amazing!! it was really fun though. 

 A lot of really awesome things happened in November. We got to have a really fun and huge bon fire at our bishops house with a bunch of people in our ward. Another really awesome thing happened we got to have Elder Bednar come speak in our sacrament meeting. It was so fun for our kids because his son was our bishop in Kentucky. They were so excited to tell him and shake his hand. His talk was really amazing. He spoke about doing the small simple things and how important the sacrament is. He was so sweet with the boys and talk to braydon about being a dentist. it was really neat. Braydon took off another afternoon so he could go to Bensons thanksgiving feast at school. It made him so happy having his daddy there. I had the rare moment of sawyer falling asleep in my arms during sacrament. it was such a tender moment for me. We put up our tree! that was so fun and we loved that we put it up before thanksgiving... maybe braydon wasn't as happy as the boys and i were. Benson's little friend bennet moved and it made benson so sad. we had to get a picture of these two little buddies. They were so cute together. For thanksgiving we got to host our friends the evertsens. Katie has been my friend since jr high. It was a lot of fun and the kids were so cute with their daughter emma! Sawyer and benson got the opportunity to make hygiene kits for the needy families in our community. they were so excited that they could ask their dad to get a bunch of tooth paste and tooth brushes for the people in need. Our elf cotton showed up. and again this year he brings a note for something nice to do for someone else and a lesson about Jesus.