March 26, 2010

* side note* this is such a sweet picture of when he is sleeping isn't it nice!!!

Last night my sweet boy decided to sleep for 10 minutes get up for two hours sleep for 40 minutes wake up for an hour and then sleep until 5 am. Then he didn't want to take a nap until 2:15. It's funny because i'm not unhappy I love this little boy and he is so happy and smiley all the time. I just love him even when I don't sleep. And today this sweet boy decided to hold his own bottle for 1 minute. I thought it was pretty exciting. He is making new sounds which is so fun and he always want to be standing up on my lap. He loves the tv and if i try to make him look at something else or even me his mother he gets mad at me. He is so funny! I love Sawyer so much.

March 20, 2010

2 month check up!

So we went to the Dr. Yesterday. I have been dreading it for days now. Although, it was braydon's spring break he was up at school all week and was unable to come with me... thanks a lot! So I had to go alone. Well, we got there and did all the weighing and measuring first. He is 55% for both weight and length and 57% for his head. So he is growing up nicely and quickly. Now for the shots. They brought in two nurses so that we could give them at the same time. I had to hold his little arms and upper body so he would wiggle. They gave them and he was fine until they started injecting. Then the tears and I mean a lot of tears. He cries sometimes, but hardly ever with real tears. We call it the fake cry, but this was real and it was the first time i heard this cry. I was heart broken as soon as everyone left I started to cry. It made me feel so bad, but Dr. kasteler made me feel better and i know that its better to just give them and have him cry for a bit then to not and have him get really sick. It was still hard though. He tried to smile at me when i put him in his car seat, but then he would start to cry again. And once we got in the car he stopped crying really hard and just sniffed the whole way home. I drove around for a awhile so he would fall asleep. Thank heavens that worked. He was really sick last week and now he is sooo much better and completely over it. So braydon and I took him to the movie yesterday. We went to the bounty hunter. He did great. He just wanted to watch the big bright screen. He stood on my legs almost the whole time. Towards the end he got a bit fussy and we went down and i just held him and he fell right to sleep. He is such a good baby. I am so lucky because I HATE when he cries. He isn't the best sleeper, but better then most he get up about 3 times a night and it's very hard to get him to go back to sleep. He is such a happy boy pretty much all the time. He tries to sit up now and if he is on a pillow he will throw himself up and fall off the pillow. It's very funny. He gets very frustrated that he can't sit up or talk because he tries so hard to do so. i'm just so thankful that he is over his cold and that he is healthy and happy. I am thankful for the advice of my best friends and family. They help me so much to want to be a better mom and to try out new and different things that always seem to help. You know who you are and i'm grateful that you are such amazing people and parents to help me. I am lucky to have such a great support system. My mom has been so great! She ALWAYS helps me. And sawyer loves her which makes me so happy. I am thankful that braydon works so hard in school so one day he can have a great job and so we won't have to worry as much. I'm just thankful for my life has crazy as it may be sometimes!

March 16, 2010

I found this while I was shopping the other day. It's such a good idea. it's a binky that closes when dropped so that the nipple part doesn't get dirty. It's so nice since they get dropped all the time and sometimes i can't find my binky clip. I dont' use it everyday, but when we are around the hosue and i can't find his binky clip i use it and it works like a charm because it gets dropped A LOT! I am kinda nervous because we are getting Sawyers two months shots this friday! I am so scared and I makes me feel so sad for him. He is getting so big it's so sad and fun too. He has started to laugh a lot. He tries to sing along with me now and he thinks that lights and the tv are very cool. he cries when he gets put down because he doesn't get put down very often. He is very spoiled and loved!! He Is the joy of our lives. We are so lucky. We say all the time how did we live without this sweet boy for so long?? Braydon and I couldn't be happier and are so excited for it to get warm so we can go swimming and go outside and do all sorts of fun stuff!