January 27, 2009

So here is what we've been up to

* Date nights to some really good places

* We got new kids for primary since it's a new year and they are darling, but they are super shy. We love our calling and it's so fun to hang out with four year old kids at church. They are super funny and tell you stuff they shouldn't about their parents and tell really interesting made up stories.

* My moms birthday all she wanted to do was watch american idol and have take out.

* My mom is starting to walk yay mom!!!

* Going to ben's basketball games and making his girlfriend jackee hang out with us we really like her

* paul brought a girl home for the first time and she stayed the weekend. She is super fun out going and we really like her... yes i really like her. Her name is maddison

* Maddison and I went to bride wars together just us... anyone impressed that i did that?

* Doing some friend things I wish we did more friend parties and couple get togethers

* We hung out with jonny and missy til three in the morning one night just talking and laughing and didn't know what time it was. It's so fun to be with people you love.

* my cousin matt gave a great mission farewell talk on sunday. We are so proud of him.

* my grandma elen is now walking after she had a total hip done. She acts likes she is 30.

Exciting things that have happened!

* Danielle and Dave adopted a beautiful baby boy named cole! He is the most darling baby and he is so happy and everytime i see him I have to hold him. And even though i hardly see or talk to her i'm so happy for her and know this couldn't have happened to anyone more deserving. We are so happy for you!

* My cousin jen just got engaged to a really great guy named timm!! We are super happy for her and so excited for this new adventure.

* my cousin ashley is a teacher now and i'm know she is the greatest teacher and she deals with a lot of really interesting jr. high kids. She is really brave.

* My sister emilee has to have surgery on her jaw that will make her look completely different and the insurance won't pay for it... of course right and she asks everyday to look at her face so we don't forget it and to see if she sounds different because everyday her voice will chance because he mouth is so screw up.

* Braydon's best friend skyler married the most darling girl cambria. I feel like i've known her forever. She is just perfect for sky. She knows how to deal with him and he knows how to be sweet to her. We are so happy for them. Congrats you two!

* My friend kelsey jenkins is engaged to the love of her life chase duncan and gets married next month. WE are so excited for her.

Things in our life our really great! WE are poor happy and in love! WE are thankful for all the excitting things that are going on around us. And we hope things are going well for you too!

January 19, 2009

Today I went to a funeral of a 15 year old girl from parents ward. I went to high school with her sister Mellisa. Meg was such a beautiful girl who had such an incredible light about her. At the funeral when the family walks in and the congregation stands, I couldn't help but cry( and in a twisted and i'm sorry if this sounds horrible) and i couldn't help but feel so grateful that this was not my family and not us walking in behind the casket. I cried the moment I walked into the chapel. I feel so much sadness for this family, but in their hardship all they could talk about was how much peace and comfort they felt from the Lord. Instead of writing talks each sibling wrote a letter to their sister telling her about memories they remember about how great of an example she was to them, of her life changing light she had, or her faith. I didn't know her very well, but from what they were saying made me want to get to know the savior in the same way she knew him. President Monson came to her funeral. He said he read her obituary in the paper and had the spirit testify to him that he needed to be there. He gave a beautiful talk. He talked about paradise and how she is with heavenly father and she is ok. He talked about how in lives challenges we don't ask what if or why or how come. The lord knows us better then we know ourselves. Having lost a loved one it's so hard to not ask the why's or what if's. I feel like i have so much to learn from this sweet family. They are so brave. I wish I could be that brave. I wish I could have taught people to see and feel christs light. I wish i could have helped people the way that family helped me. It's funny how when people go through something so tragic and painful they are the ones who help the rest of us feel comforted. Megan's mom sylvie said that when they were looking for her while they were skiing she knew something had happened to her daughter, but she felt so much peace inside. And her dad found her and they both felt peace and that when she hit the tree she felt no pain. I am so thankful for the comfort and love the savior brings to people in times of sadness and pain. I am so grateful that familys are forever. I feel so lucky to have the gospel and to have the knowledge that he lives, he loves us, he knows us, and he will take care of us! I feel so lucky to know that my brother and sister are waiting in paradise for us with open arms. I think at times like these it gives us an opportunity to tell everyone in our life that we love them. The people in my life deserve to know that i'm grateful for you. I am grateful for your friendship and love. I'm lucky to know you. Tell someone in your life today you care about them. Because if you don't do it today sometimes there isn't a tomorrow.

January 09, 2009

High school basketball coaches suck!!

So my baby Ben is a Jr. in high school... I know he is getting so old. He is so handsome and so kind. Lately what my weekends consist of is going to his basketball games. He is such a good player, but what is the deal with high school basketball or high school sports in general? It's all politics. Ben is quiet and we works really hard, but he doesn't kiss the coaches butts so he doesn't play as much as he should. Only 3 jr's made it this year which is crap in itself. If the jrs do anything wrong they are taken out and benched until the coach remembers to put them. When i say remembers it's usually when I yell to put them in and i'm not quiet or kind about it. Ben should play he is so good and it's not just because he is my brother. It's not one of those things like on american idol tryouts where the really sweet spirits sing who really shouldn't, but they are told by their families how good they are. It's nothing like that. My brothers are just naturally athletic. Ben is such a sweet boy and he deserves to play, but the coaches play their sons who really shouldn't play before anyone else. It's so frustrating for these jr. boys who work so hard. I am proud of my baby boy working so hard and staying strong even when the coaches are so mean and yell at the players even when they do something right. I wish he wasn't so grown up and having girlfriends and i wish he would still hang out with me. He is one of my greatest friends. Love you baby!!

January 01, 2009

Happy New Year-2009

So I think everyone really wants to make really good, life altering, i'm really going to do it new years resolutions. I have made them and broken them in pretty much a day. People who do it are really strong because to be honest I don't think i've ever finished one of my new years resolutions. Everyone usually does the typical ones lose weight, get out debt, find true love... ect. Well losing weight probably not going to happen so maybe i should gain weight since i seem so good at it. We aren't in debt so I don't have to worry about that one. and I have found the love of my life. So things are looking pretty good for me right now. I guess i'm starting of 2009 right, but i think there is something inside all of us to want to do better and be better. so this year I want to be a better Wife a better daughter a better sister and a better friend. I am so blessed to have an amazing family who cares about me and who loves my husband and treat him kindly. I am so lucky to have such incredible friends who care about me and wants what is best for me. I think trying to be better person is pretty good new years resolution. So I am going to be better. Happy new year everyone.