August 29, 2011

Breakfast is always a fun time! We always laugh

My technology child can get in my phone and take pictures of himself. I found about 25 photos of him.

At the zoo

Happy boy eating his favorite... CEREAL

Playing on his slide after church

splash pad with his "other mom" anni. She was so adorable with him

playing with anni at the gorilla center

Thomas and Sawyer and tiger tundra

Braydon's white coat ceremony

He might have been a little bored

Braydon and the guy in the blue is our really good friend ty

Just waiting for his name to be called

We are so proud of Braydon and all of our guy friends who have worked so hard to get to this point. here is to the next four years! We feel so lucky to have such great friends here.

He looks official now! Student doctor BRAYDON HASKELL!

all our guy friend ( just the first years) after the white coat ceremony I kinda want to get a picture with all the years our guy friends in their coats

All the wives in the boys coats... we totally deserve to wear them... it's a joint effort going through school right? Student doctor ERICA HASKELL?? sounds good to me

being sassy

We wanted to try and straighten sawyers hair, but because it's so so so curly we couldn't see how long it really is, but he sure can rock a sweet mullet!

August 21, 2011

tubby time! He loves the bath and could spend hours in it

Louisville temple. With my grandma, mom and aunt lisa with baby sawyer

My mom bought him this shirt. it's a little big, but oh well. SO cute

tonight we went to the park with our friends (our kentucky family) and it started pouring rain. You can't tell by this picture how wet we really were. We were running in the rain it was really fun actually.

he sat here watching the horses. he loves horses. he kept saying Nay nay nay

Grandma and Sawyer

We went to this darling candy shop in indiana. They gave sawyer a candy  makers hat and let him watch them make the candy. he was in heaven1

"GG" and sawyer on the horse at churchhill downs.
My mom grandma aunt and sister came to visit this week. Oh my I was so excited i couldn't sleep leading up to them coming. Sawyer was in pure heaven. He got all sorts of presents when they got here. books, clothes, and toys. He showed them his room and all his toys and then the whole apartment. He was running around just so excited to have them here. We did so many fun things. We went and saw the movie "the help" it was so good. we went out to eat, shopped of course, and my mom all she really wanted to do was "watch sawyer" Grandma also bought sawyer toys while she was here. A shopping cart weird toy i know but he is obsessed with it. He puts all his toys in it and tries to get us to sit in it. She got hime a few stuffed animals which he loves and always hugs. She bought him some Louisville cardninal shirts ( that is where braydon goes to school)  We feel so grateful that they were all able to come. And so grateful for all the nice things they did for us and sawyer while they were here. When they left sawyer was hysterical. He sobbed and sobbed. He sat at the door for almost an hour laying there crying. All day today he has asked fo them. it breaks my heart. Thank you to all of you for making this weekend so special. We are excited for October when grandma and grandpa get to come back again. WE love you sooo much

August 15, 2011

the new splash park we found

Getting brave!

Don't mind all the food in his mouth

My happy boy

his friend mckenzie. she is so cute.

Swinging so high with daddy

These big swings are so cool and very comfortable

keith and kenz

so handsome and ready for church

eating watermellon icecream... he picked it out

So excited to see the gorilla, but scared enough to keep a distance

well, daddy went back to school. Our week break with him was so much fun. So now it's just Sawyer and mommy at home. He was laughing so hard. he is to cute. Things in Kentucky are going really well. We switched to 1 o'clock church. worst time ever! Sawyer has been so difficult. Pray for us. My mom and sister come on wednesday!! SO EXCITED!!  We can't wait to have grandma and auntie emo here. It's going to be so much fun. And, it's braydon's white coat ceremony. So cool!

August 10, 2011

Recent adventures!

Our little family at church hill downs.

Sawyer at the slugger museum

Sawyer and mommy on my birthday! he is a love!

crazy hair... it took him all night to do it

trying on mommy's clothes

naked reading time. Nothing cuter then a naked baby bum

Messy face, but how do you resist such a face?

playing with carson and lydia

intense face while riding his horse

kissing daddy

our daily swim!

He colored on himself

Braydon at school working hard!

watching a movie with daddy

snack pack time!

Riding a horse!