April 24, 2015

Thunder over Louisville

We had the most amazing time at our very last thunder. we spent it playing spike ball, blowing bubbles, laughing, talking and just enjoying each others company.  Benson was less scared this year then the last two. the firework show is spectacular! it's really so amazing and it felt a little wrong that it was our very last one. we spent the whole day down town and then the firework show starts at 9:30 and we got home around 10:45. The boys didn't even make it to the freeway before they were out cold. They were such troopers.

face timing uncle paul can get crazy!!

 We are spending as much time with our kentucky family as we can before we move. It is breaking my heart watching them because i know what is about to happen, but my kids don't. we love all these kids so much and they are so important to us.

April 05, 2015

- MY easter thought Today my mind has been focused on Jesus, but for some reason I keep thinking about Mary. The mother of Jesus. I can't comprehend her thoughts as her child was suffering on the cross. He wasn't just her child. He was also her Savior and redeemer. carrying the load for all that we might have eternal life. Christ is our hope and our salvation. There is no other way, but by him that we can be saved. Without him we are nothing and because of him we can become everything
we had a beautiful easter/ conference sunday. we were able to our final dental family easter egg hunt and confetti egg fight. it is so sad it's our last time together, but we we will continue this tradition. we are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives. we dyed easter eggs during the second session to try and keep the kids busy so we could listen. the boys wanted to make baymax eggs one of their favorite characters in their favorite show (lately) They loved getting their friends and dad the most with their confetti eggs. I think they liked that part more then actually hunting easter eggs.