February 03, 2013

My sister sarah had this awesome swing... my mom kept it and both the boys loved it. 

Sawyer is obsessed with laila. He begged me to call her to play everyday

decorating the tree

such a good helper

It's finished!!! 

Out on a morning walk

benson was out cold

hanging with camp

the swing makes him so sleepy

this kid loves the lego table

thank heavens for face time! we loved being able to see daddy

building with auntie loddle

snuggling with camp

playing legos with jacket

st george

sunshine and sawyer at the movies... wreck it ralph

he finally realized he has a tongue 

batman at the park

playing with camp

st george

helping bamp work 

Benson and clyde

Benson and Sunshine

Getting ready to put the horses back in their stalls

Benson and bamp

playing with camp

watching a little tv

home depot 

benson asleep at home depot

the boys loving the bubbles


Don't let this picture fool you... benson slept horrible while we were in utah!!! 

He is so sweet

loving his feet

playing buzz and zurg

watching netflix

hanging out with camp

swimming in November 

it was a little to cold for benson

This is how sawyer decided to ride home

playing hide and seek

being silly brothers