June 20, 2010

My two handsome guys! They look so much alike. Happy fathers day braydon. It's been a pleasure watching you be a dad. You are so good with Sawyer and He adores you. You have given me the greatest gift and that is him. We are so fortunate to have you in our life. WE love you daddy!!

Happy fathers day to my dad!! I think the world of him. It's been so fun to watch him with sawyer. I always knew he would love him and would be a great grandpa, but it's better then i imagined. Sawyer thinks he is pretty silly and laughs at him a lot. We are lucky to have such a great dad and grandpa. We love you.

He loves our dogs. This is him trying to grab copper. He pulls on there ears and he pokes them in the eye. They just sit there. WE have really really good dogs. He also laughs at them. He thinks they are so funny.

He loves to hold water bottles and he loves to try and chew on them... maybe he thinks they are a really big bottle who knows.

WE are so LUCKY to have such a happy baby. He makes you feel so good because all he does is smile at you. He is so much fun.

This is his book that sings nursery rhymes. He loves it. He has now figured out how to turn the page and push the buttons. It's so fun to watch him play with it for hours... oh and we do just watch him play with it for hours.

Of course he isn't sleeping!

Welcome to the "Pac" just showing our team spirit!

My darling grandma has been in the hunstman cancer hospital for a week now. Her cancer has gotten worse and she wasn't feel well at all. My grandma doesn't really complain much so for her to be hospitalized is a pretty big deal. She had a pain pump inplanted under her skin and it seems to be working great. Braydon Sawyer and I went to visit her and of course we had to get a picture. He loved sitting in grammies hospital bed. She's a fighter and we love her.

This is Sawyer on our way to see my grandma in the hospital... he was being so funny

June 10, 2010

What weve been up to lately

We have been doing rice cereal for about 3 weeks and he is really starting to get the hang of it. It still makes a mess, but it's a lot better then when we first started. Braydon's dad made a little club house for sawyer while I was pregnant for him to use when he gets bigger and we went up and played it in for the first time us three. Ben graduated and wend to prom with his sweetheart jackee. I can't believe in two weeks he will turn his mission papers in! It makes me sad and happy that my baby brother is going on a mission. I can't believe he is already that old! Sawyer has started to copy some of the sounds people make... my mom will say mmmmmmm and he will do it back to her. It's so cute and so funny. He is getting so ticklish! It's so funny to tickle him. He laughs and laughs all the time. He is such a happy baby, but still not really sleeping even with the rice cereal. He is waking up about ever 1 1/2 to eat. I know a lot of people have it harder, but that is our life. He is so happy so I can't be to unhappy that he doesn't sleep. He is getting more fun everyday. I love my little boy who no longer is a newborn he is getting so big. It's so fun , but i miss my little baby. Oh and yes I huge shout out to braydon for getting a 20 on the dental admission test. He was hoping for an 18! Sawyer and I are so proud of him. He applied to a bunch of dental schools but we won't find out if he gets an interview til the fall. Cross your fingers!

First Vacation!

My mother, sister, Sawyer, and I went to St. George for 4 days. It was a spur of the moment trip, but we were pretty excited about it. I found it's not that easy to pack for a baby and yourself. Sawyer spits up on himself so much I change him at least three times a day... it was interesting. I was nervous for the ride down there just because he really likes to stand up and hates to be in his car seat for long periods of time. He actually did so well. I was super surprised and proud of him. We got to there and I gave him a bath and he went to bed while we rented a movie. The rest of the days were filled with swimming and of course SHOPPING! It was so fun to take him swimming for the first time. The water was a little colder then he is used to with his bath, but he loved it. He kicked and laughed. Then he we let him lay on the lounge chair which he enjoyed probably more then the water. It was such a fun trip. Thanks mom!!

Sawyer took his first plane ride which is another thing I was nervous about... I was alone and I had all his toys my diaper bag, blankets his car seat and him... Yes people stared. I don't know how people travel alone with kids. I thought I was going to drop all my stuff a million times. WEll, he acutally liked the plane. He looked around at all the people by us. He looked outside and once it took off.... yes people my horrible sleeper fell asleep for about 30 minutes so half the flight. He woke up when the captain... who was named captain hook (very funny) made an announcement. He cried for a second then we read his little book and he fell back asleep til we landed. I got a picture of him sleeping on the plane and I asked a man to take our picture when we landed in front of the plane. He is such a good boy and I feel bad that I was so nervous. Hopefully it will prepare us for hawaii when he is a little bigger and a way longer flight. We are so lucky to have all these fun adventures!