March 26, 2009

For all you "haters" She doesn't like people who don't like her "amazing voice" and she knows how good she is. This girl is named miranda and she is all over you tube you need to search she is fantastic!!! I haven't laughed this hard in a long long long time!!

March 21, 2009

Reasons why I need a vacation/cruise!

1. Even though it is starting to get warm I want the heat. I want to sit on the beach and relax read a book and watch the sunset over the water.

2. I need a break from real life. Work, cleaning, laundry, dishes, bills ect. It would be nice to get to spend time with braydon since we only really see each other saturday and sunday we are really really busy because of work and school.

3. sleeping in. I don't sleep well at all and it would be nice to not have to wake up and have any responsibilities.

4. You don't have to cook the food is prepared for you!

5. There is so much to do. Karaoke, comedy clubs, dancing, laying out, mini broadway plays, spending quality time with family and 1 am room service. It doesn't get better than that. Getting to relax and there is plenty to do.

This is only a few reasons why i want to getaway i am pretty close to having my parents convinced that it's a great idea too.

March 14, 2009

So Lately i have been trying to work on myself to be better... remember my new years goal? well, I came across this video off erin stock vail's facebook page and it penetrated my heart. I have a really hard time forgiving people. I trust you til you give me a reason not to and then it's near impossible to get it back. I have been hurt by people very close to me with their words and their hatred towards me. This video is a reminder that i need to forgive and be free. This video also teaches us to serve because it changes the focus off us and moves it to someone else and that is wad God does. Elder F. Enzio Busche was in my parents ward and i grew up with him. once as my teacher. He is so smart and so knowledgeable about the gospel. He is a convert and if you ever get a chance to meet him he has an incredible conversion story. The message i got from this video has made me inspired to be better. If you don't like serious or religious
videos move along to the next blog. It's not really for me to put this video on anyone else it's something that impacted me. I'm grateful for moments like that.

March 01, 2009

So these past few weeks have been really interesting. Last saturday I got the flu and that wasn't fun at all. Then monday rolls around and I have to be to work and i really didn't feel any better, but i had to be there. So I went and we were really busy, a lot busier then we've been lately which was nice in a way and bad in another. So we worked our butts off.After a 11 hour work day i had to drive up to Lds hospital to go see my grandma who had surgery on her knee because she fell two weeks earlier and she needed to get a new knee. Then, tuesday we were even more busy with 8 surgeries and a girl i work with left because she was sick and it kinda made me mad because she knew how busy we were and she wasn't that sick anyway. Then wednesday I went to ben's last season game up in logan and got car sick and that was just the best thing ever, but I wanted him to know i support him and that i really wanted to be there. It's important to him that we come. So i get to work on thursday still feeling a little weird from the flu and really no sleep, but ready to work. So we had to take x-rays of a really mean cat. We took a lateral and Ventral dorsal of the chest. A lateral is where they are on their side and a VD is on their back. So we took them, but the cat kinda moved on the lateral, but we wanted to run the x-rays to see and the cat was getting more and more pissed. Then we had to get blood from the cat and that was a joke. He was so angry at this point that it took three people to hold the cat and one to hit the vein. Well the dr. said that the lateral x-ray wasn't any good so we had to shoot it again. well we had a very upset cat and it wasn't very easy to get him on his side and kathy a girl i work with was hold him and she couldn't do it anymore so while she was still holding him I grabbed him and then she let go and went to grab a towel to wrap the cat in. while she was gone the cat kept trying to get out of my hold and was throwing himself all over the place so i had to let go and i did, but when you let go of a pissed cat you don't try and reach down and get it so i was trying to get out of the way and he lunged at me and grabbed my right hand with his sharp teeth. and i ripped my hand from his grip and there i was a bleeding mess. It got my palm and the top of my hand on the knuckles. I washed it to hard it hurt so it doesn't get infected because cats have such a weird bacteria called pasturella. It causes the area to swell and get very infected. So I went to the doctor right way and got on antibiotics. Hopefully it doesn't get infected. Right now it is looking good, but it hurts. I am thinking i really hope my week doesn't get worse. So friday i went to my grandma's and i took care of her for the day. We watched movies, slept (well she slept) talked and ate the food her neighbors brought. It made my week seem a little better by serving my grandmother. I am grateful i have the opportunity to do that for her since she has done so much for me and my family. Serving always makes you feel so great. I never really get to see braydon because he goes to school all day and some nights when he doesn't have to be at school til 11 he works at wingers to make a little money. So I really only see him on sunday. So saturday I hung out with my mom and then helped my grandma get a bath and i put her to bed. So sundays are always really nice because i get to be with braydon. We teach primary together and then we come home eat dinner and get in our sweats and watch movies. It's one of my favorite things to do! So all in all the week was a roller coaster and i'm hoping this particular ride ends soon so i can get on another one.