November 20, 2008

Holiday drama

So I know it's not just me, but why is it that once your married everyone completely freaks out around the holidays? If you don't spend the holidays with one family they are upset and they try and make you feel guilty about not being with them or not caring enough about them... It's actually kind of silly. Because what it should be about is what's best for the couple. Sometimes you can't do the "every other year" thing even if you wanted to. And my mother bless her always tells me Erica it's fine if you want to go with braydon's family I won't be mad because she wants it to be easier on us. Well, why can't all families be like that? I'm not saying it would be easier to have her say come here we want you with us, but That way we could just pick what is most convenient for us or in some peoples cases pick which family they would rather be with. If anyone has mastered the whole family holiday drama please let me in on your secret. I"m about to bag the whole going to families house and just have our own holiday. Someone HELP me. And maybe it's just because i feel like i would rather be with my family when i know he doesn't really care where we are. Who knows if it will ever change for me or the rest of the world who is getting married or is married. All I know is holidays are suppossed to be about familes right? So why does it matter if you are with the "other" family... like MY family. So i'm wishing everyone luck with their picks on who to spend their holidays with. Chose wisely!

November 13, 2008


So today was a very special day for many reasons. Today I discovered again that prayer works, and if people put their faith in our Heavenly Father he will help is the best way possible. I know that things happen for a reason, and I know today was a tender mercy for a lot of people. I know that the things that happened today was the miracle of God. I'm so grateful that we have a chance to speak to him and tell him our desires and to allow him to help us with things that we want, don't want, and things we need. I know that today was a miracle and hope for two special people and one little angel. Today is a day of hope and happiness. Today is the beginning of a future.

November 10, 2008

Cleaning Teeth

Solast week I had to do a Dental and the sweetest shih-tzu dog with the sickest mouth in the history of all the dentals i've done. I had to pull 36 teeth and on most of them i had to drill done to the bone of this dog's jaw. It took me about two hours to get all of the teeth extracted. The dog was going into kidney and liver failure because teeth that are that bad cause a lot more problems to the dog then just "bad breath" So in a sense i had to do a two hour oral surgery on this dog and i'm not going to lie it was pretty gross pulling hair and food from underneath the teeth, but this dog is and will be so much happier and better off. We ran lab work today on the dog and the kidneys and liver are starting to get back to normal levels... yes i am just saving lives(animal lives) one day at a time. Just a small taste of what i do on a daily basis. Brush your teeth:)

November 06, 2008

all about him

Tag You're it!!!!!!!!!

1.Where did you meet?
The very first time we met was at a mueller park milcreek basketball game. I was playing and i met him at the end of the game. he was in 9th grade and i was in 8th.

2.What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? Nothing really he was dating one or my childhood friends!!

3.Do you remember what he/she was wearing? He was wearing a yellow sweatshirt and jeans.

4.Where was the first time you kissed this person? Well, what kind of kiss? Just kidding the first time he kissed me was in my parents living room and that was just a peck, but the first time we really kissed was in his bead room! Sorry mom.

5.Where did you go for your first date? To a high school Halloween dance. Dressed as punk rockers... fun dance lame costumes.

6. When were you officially a couple? After the dance... But i really feel in love with him after he took care of me when bubba died.

7.How did he/she ask you out? Nothing like the "will you go out with me or lets go steady" we just kinda new that we were together.
8.Has this person ever proposed to you? Yes, he asked me on july 23rd 2007 we went on a carriage ride in salt lake and past the temple and went up memory grove. We had a picnic and we were walking back to get back in the carriage and he hadn't asked me and i was angry because why the crap would he do this cute thing and not ask me so i was really really mad. Well we walked across the bridge and I went to get in and there were roses and i turned around and he was on one knee. He said "Erica will you marry me?" I said "it's about freaking time." And then i said yes and we kiss and no i didn't cry I always thought I would, but i think was to excited because i thought it wasn't going to happen.

9.Do you and this person have kids together? We do not have children we have a dog, but my sweet braydon is child enough for me!!
10.Have you ever broken the law with this person? No i only do that with my girlfriends!

11.When was the first time you realized that you liked this person? The night he said goodbye to my brother bubba in the hospital. I took him and his brother tyler in his room and he held my hand so tight I think it made him feel better because he was trying not to cry. I think at that point I had cried so much that there wasn't anything left...

12.Do you get along with his family? Yes He has the sweetest sisters and his brother mat and I call each other valentine. I love his aunts and uncles... Not to name names, but me and his aunt (I hope are she thinks so) are really really good friends and i love talking to her. She is like my sister. He also gets along great with my family. My dad and him are like best friends and my mother adores him. My siblings say that they don't think of us as married weird i know, but they think of him just always being their brother. I love that my family loves him and I love that they are so good to him. Thanks family!!

13.Do you trust this person? Yes i trust him with everything.
14.Do you see him as your partner in your future? Yes he is my forever!! My dad told him when he asked him if he could marry me he said there is no return policy... I remind him of that everyday! We are in it together forever!
15.What is the best gift he gave you? There are so many... my wedding ring because that is something that symbolizes so much more then jewelry. Or all the flowers he has given me over the years i've saved all of them. There are a lot more just won't share online:)

16.What is one thing He does that gets on your nerves? He repeats everything i say when i'm mad or frustrated and it makes me so mad or he'll say one thing and do another...boys!!

17.Where do you see each other 15 years from now? Being done with school with our kids our house hopefully near my family!
18.What causes the most arguments? I probably do. Braydon isn't confrontational, but i am. So if we fight it is because of me because he doesn't like to fight, but if he is mad he lets it sit and sit until one day he gets mad so i'd like to think getting mad right then is more healthier then waiting and blowing up, but we don't really fight fight just dumb arguments that after we think why the heck were we even talking about this.
19.How long have you been together? About seven years, but only married for one of them.!

20.Are you Married? Yes, we got married september 21,2007 the best day of my life.

21. How long have you been married? One year and two months

22. What does he do that surprises you?
He cleans the House and always does the dishes. And when i'm in the shower he always brings my towel to me so I don't have to get out to get it.

23.What is your favorite feature of his? His hair. I love how curly it is. oh and he has great legs.

24. What is your favorite quality of his? He is so sweet to me and always concerned about people. Even though everything thinks he is so quiet( except danielle thank you, he talks to her) but he asks about all my friend to make sure they are ok and he always asks about my family and is concerned about them. I love his testimony. He is so strong in the church, but not a crazy person.

25. Does he have a nickname for you?
He calls me honey he always has i am not sure where he got it.. just kidding all my brothers call me that and my brothers friends funny huh?

26.What is his favorite food?
He loves mashed potatoes.

27. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Watch movies. Its fun to just cuddle on the couch and have popcorn just the two of us. Its always a good time.

28. Does he have any hidden talents? He can play the saxophone and the piano.

29. How old is he?

30.Who said I love you first?
he did three times before i said it back. thanks for sticking around babe.
31.What is his favorite music? He loves country.

32. What is his favorite color? Red

33.Will he read this?
NO, he's not much of a blogger! but if i make him he will

People i tag: Danielle, Bridget, Cambria, Mandy.