October 28, 2009

So we had a little celebration for my grandma's birthday this month! My grandma is actually doing pretty well. Some of you may or may not know that she is struggling with cancer for i swear the millionth time, but it's acutally number three. she is so brave and so positive. I feel so lucky that she is my grandmother. Well, for her birthday we each wrote her letters to tell her how she has impacted our lives and our testimony. We knew this would mean more to her then any present we could buy. Of course we bought her stuff thought. We found this darling brest cancer braclet at gardner villiage that we bought her and a whole bunch of pink items in honor of her and breast cancer month. How can anyone be as brave as she is? I don't think I would ever be like that if it were me walking in her shoes. Bravery is something I do not pocess. I went and had a piece of home made bread with her yesterday and tried to help grandpa cover his beloved fig trees to get them ready for the winter. We talked about everything. She is so funny and we talk about the most random things. She always talks to my belly which i think is really cute and fun. She is such a sweet lady and she's my grandmother and i love her A LOT!!

* here is a video my uncle grant and cousin andrew made for her birthday because they were unable to be there. It's darling! copy and paste it to youtube if you want to watch it!


October 02, 2009

jazz game, babies are here and an update

So yesterday braydon and I went on a double date with my siter and her boyfriend jon to the jazz game pre season opener! It was so much fun. We went to sky box had a quick dinner then headed to the game... where you know I had to get dip n dots because I LOVE Them. It was a blow out, but it was still fun to be there for a little group date. Jon thought it was the best thing of his life he was a little excited.

Dave and danielle welcomed their two baby girls presley and paisley to the world this week!! They are so tiny and adorable. I loved them even before i met them. I am so excited for their new additions and for their new adventure! Congrats mommy and daddy you made two stinkin cute babies. and i know cole is going to be the best big brother. Well, it looks like we only have three more months until our baby comes. I can't wait to meet him. Everything is looking good and he is growing at the right pace. I on the other hand have blown up, but isn't it worth it? WEll it is worth it to have a baby, but seriously i look pretty sick, but my nice husband tells me everyday that i'm skinny and beautiful.... what a liar!!!!!!!!! He is pretty good to me though. I am excited for conference weekend to hang out and relax. I hardly ever see braydon so it will be so nice to be together this weekend. I want to take a drive and go see the leaves. It is looking so beautiful outside.