May 30, 2012

Funny things Sawyer says/does

* Sawyer will see a picture of his dad, brother, or himself on his ipod and he will hug it so tight and say " i love him or i love me"
* If sawyer doesn't know where Benson is he will get really worried and search everywhere yelling "benson where are you? are you ok?"
* If Benson is crying sawyer will always tell me he is sad and then tell me " ill get him mama." or "ill feed him" "hes hungry mama" "he is poopy"
* Whenever Braydon and I are holding benson Sawyer has to either sit right by us or on us.
* He always tries to get benson his binky or blanket
* he sings to benson
* He searches for bumblebee and optimus everday
* he is really into reading books about curious george
* he changed his monkey's name from dangles to curious george
* He loves learning new songs
* He told us after we cut his hear that he was beautiful

Funny story: Last night I was putting sawyer to bed... braydon was gone ( he really likes his dad to put him to bed) so I put him to bed well he came out about 15 minutes later and I took him back in sang to him, kissed him and told him to stay in his bed and to not get out. Well, about 10 minutes later i get a facetime call from him (from the ipod touch) I answered trying not to laugh. He said " good night mama" i stay in my bed" I love you mama" He just wanted to tell me he loved me and not get out of his bed. Such a sweet funny boy! he kills me.

Disclaimer- the reason he knows who is who when he is calling is because they have pictures by the contact and he calls the person he sees and wants to talk to.
Bath time! Both my boys really love bath time!

Mom! you take a million pictures of me

getting sleepy after church

We found another bumblebee!

Brothers! Sawyer just loves Benson. He is so helpful and so sweet with him. he loves to help with bath time and loves to hold his hand and kiss his brother. It's so fun for me to watch them together. I can't wait for benson to get bigger so they can really play.

At the avengers! Sawyer loved it. he loved watching the "hulk smash"

Our boys at the waterpark calypso cove. Sawyer had a great time and Benson slept the entire time. It was mid 90's and so hot!

Sawyer kissing benson at chruch!

Tired church goers

he still loves daddys hat

Just eating his sandwhich before church... we love uncrustables at this house

Our little family

Stop taking picture of me mom!

Our power went out for five hours and it was pouring rain outside.... it made for a rough morning. Thank heavens for his leappad!! sunshine really saved us:)

He just loves his toys! there are always at least three toys being played with. Our house is always covered in toys! Sometimes I wonder why i bother cleaning up because i do and then he picks a bunch of other toys to play with.

Sawyer makes benson smile a lot. He just always has to kiss him or try and lay on him.

Serious dream?

Tired boy

smiley boy

Smiling at his daddy

This is the picture sawyer took of benson. He also took almost 100 picture of himself, the bed, and benson. He loves taking pictures.

Sleeping while the power was out

So exhausted. I've been pretty sore the last two weeks. Is it normal to get more and more sore instead of less and less??

Tummy time! He loves to lay on his tummy.

Laying with dad!

he smiles sometimes... not even close to how much sawyer smiled, but we love when he does!

May 24, 2012

Things have been going pretty well at our house. Benson is an amazing baby. He NEVER cries and sleeps five to six hours a night. It's sweet sawyer that is the problem. He is a horrible sleeper. So we are still very tired at our house. Sawyer has been sick of staying inside so I have had to just be brave and imbrace the pain. We went to the zoo yesterday. Great idea for him... bad idea for me. the hills and heat were a killer for me. I am very sore today. I have to remember it's only been three weeks since i've had major surgery and had all my abdominal muscles cut. it will take longer then three weeks, even six to not get sore walking up a dang hill. We are loving Braydon's summer schedule way more. he is home a lot more. i am not looking forward to him going back full time in august. Hopefully by then we are all on a better schedule and i am feeling more like myself. I am so grateful that Sawyer loves his brother. he is so cute with Benson. He always gets us diapers, tells us when he's hungry, kisses him, sings him to sleep, and is always concerned if he is ok. I love that they will be best friends. Benson has been smiling a lot more. he smiles a lot at us and as soon as we pick up the camera he stops smiling. So although i have two very smiley boys sawyer is all about the camera and benson is a little more reserved. Sawyer has his dads looks and personality like me loud and crazy... maybe benson will look more like me and act like his dad... kind and quiet. I guess we will see.

Sawyer had a great day at the zoo. Benson slept from 9 until 1:30... not one peep from him.

Our sweet benson

Sawyer and his buddy shepherd

Looking at the gorillas

Tired boys... Sawyer didn't nap yesterday and fell asleep at 6:45... worst time ever because he always wakes up around 9 or 10 and won't go back to sleep forever!!

Watching the sea lion after the show. He thought it was so cool

Kenz, sawyer, shep, lily, and morgan... their favorite part was watching the baby polar bear swim. He was so cute... he dove in after his toy right in front of the glass and sawyer turned around and said " this is the best ever!!"

They couldn't look away. they could have spent an hour just watching the baby bear

Best friends... my darling boys

At the start of the sea lion show... he was just loving the rock stairs

You talking to me?

He is pretending to be ironman. He is shooting me

I'm the hulk mama

Sweet dreams... I always wonder what he is dreaming about.

Our first attempt at church... not a great idea yet. Sawyer was off his rocker and spent most of sacrament in Benson's car seat or yelling

Can you tell which is which? Some people think they look a like, but I don't

We joke he looks like my dad when he gives this dirty looks... ha ha. The other night my dad was talking to Benson over facetime. And he asked him about bubba, sarah, and my grandma. It was so sweet benson is usually so wiggly, but he just layed so still listening to my dad. We all wonder what babies think about and what they know.

Like i said Sawyer is a big helper!!! "i'll feed benson mom"


A great day at the water park. Sawyer was in heaven. Benson was of course an angel and slept the entire time.

Sweet faces

No big deal... sawyer just putting on my deoderant.

I just can't get enough of him

Our favorites!! WE just love these two sweeties

My favorites! Just being with daddy! Why does my eldest child never have a shirt on?

this is the best picture of him smiling. it doesn't even come close to how he smiles... i am always to late to capture the pure/true smile


Snuggle time!! My favorite

Sawyers face just melts my heart! He just loves his little brother!

Sawyer's new favorite thing is when we are outside to look for bumblebee and optimus prime. since my mom and benson gave him those toys he is obsessed with finding them. We were on our way to the park and this car was parked outside. he was like " take my picture with bumblebee mama" he totally postioned himself like that on the car. He is just relaxed about it! So funny. of course he is wearing his batman jammies! This kid kills me.

Dreaming about someting good

Sawyer and Benson both make this face.

Sleepy guy

Some of the best moments for me is to watch my boys sleeping.

I love when little new born babies grab your finger and hold on for dear life. I love those little hands so much

typical night for us... bath time, sawyer running around naked, combing tangled hair, lotion up tiny bodies ( i love bath time and I love how kids smell after.... heaven) and tired boys fall asleep. Benson falls asleep so quickly sawyer it takes him forever, but at least we have washed of the crazy wild boy smell.

I am the luckiest lady ever!! just relaxing with these boys... wish braydon was snuggling with us.

Sawyer built this fort for benson around his swing to protect him while he flew his helicopter. then he kept hiding in it with him. He thought it was so funny.

"i'm captain america" sometimes we have to lie to our child to get him to wear normal clothes... mostly to church. We told him he was wearing a captain america shirt and shoes. He totally bought it. Sorry buddy. You would either pick to go naked or in a super hero outfit. forgive us for the white lie.

This past mothers day was just really relaxed and great. We got to see Ben which was so fun. Sawyer was so sweet with him. Telling him he loved him and he wanted to go to his house. It was so sweet! celebrating my mom even though she wasn't here. She is truly amazing. Braydon made sure I was taken care of . mothers day is such a great day. dont' all girls love to get spoiled??? Braydon and I were talking in bed late one night  ( the only time we get alone) and we just said how lucky we are. it just seems like we keep getting blessed over and over again. It's so weird that benson is only three weeks old. hasn't he always been in our home? What was life like without him? We felt th lif\e same way when sawyer came. how was life so great when they weren't apart of it? Life is so much better now. It's harder and more work, but it's certainly better and more rewarding. We have had some pretty magical moments watching our two sweeties together. I can't wait to watch them grow together, protect eachother, learn to get over fights, be crazy boys together. We are so lucky.