February 12, 2015

how cute are these sweeties in their matching red outfits? lily is pretty loved by these boys. i got to surprise my cute friend jess over the break. Jess has down syndrome. I've known her since i was in jr. high. i was her peer tutor in jr and high school and we have remained in contact. she had no idea i was going to show up at her door and take her to our favorite spot together... paces. it was fun to see her. my mom took the boys to do the most amazing thing. to get a 3d scan of their faces to put on a super hero. the only bad thing about it was it takes 3-6 weeks to get your super hero. my childhood friend maritza came into town with her darling boys. it was so good to see her and meet her adorable, funny, smart kids. it brought back so many amazing memories we have had together. my dad and uncle ben took the boys sleeping behind the four wheeler. it was so fun. they loved it. 

it's always so sad to leave utah and head back to kentucky. This time it seemed more painful. we usually know that we will be back in six months, but this time we don't know when we get to go back. we had such a wonderful time with our family. family is everything and ours is pretty much the best.

christmas eve/day

We went to the nutcracker on christmas eve just us girls. the best part of the ballet was em was asleep and a cannon went off and it scared her so bad... she hit me. it was so funny. we got to spend some time with grandpa "grape" great. he is so sweet with the kids and i know he is having trouble remember us and its not the same he is still my grandpa and i love him very much. I know he misses grandma desperately. then we went to braydon's grandparents house and they always do a live nativity with the little kids. Benson wanted to be the angel so he put the dress on and looked adorable of course. 
Christmas day was crazy. we went to brandon's parents house early in the morning. and then came back to bamp and sunshines. They are so spoiled which really means they are so loved. Their reactions were priceless. they made opening presents so much fun. it was so nice to be all together. it was just a beautiful christmas. the only family picture we got on christmas was outside in the beautiful new snow. it was the perfect snowy christmas.