December 25, 2008


Tis the season!!! I love the holidays. It is filled with family, good food, tradition, music, and remembering the birth of the savior. Every year my grandmother has her party on the 23rd we play games sing songs and just hang out it is so much fun to be with all of my cousins!! On the 24th we go to my other grandmas and do kind of the same thing. My grandfather always talks and he shares his testimony of the savior and it is always so beautiful. It was so nice to just be with my family this year. I loved every minute of the holiday and i wish it lasted longer. We slept at my parents house which was so much fun and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. Braydon and I get matching pj's every year well for two years now!! ha ha. Of course they can't look girly so they have to be the most manly pj's ever. We also got our dog copper a matching scarf this year... he looked so cute. I'm so thankful for my parents and the love they show us and how they create the best memories for us. It is hard to celebrate christmas without bubba and sarah. we lay their stockings out every year and just as the stockings are empty so is a piece of our hearts. We are so thankful that they can look in and maybe be apart of these special moments. I know they are here... I hope everyone had such a great holiday and i'm so thankful for the chirstmas spirit and what it means to me.

Yes we are little werid.

This is some pictures from christmas eve and christmas day!!

Matching!! Yeah i was a little tired, but looking smokin hot!!:)

Braydon Helping my mom to get to her presents.

My whole family with gma and gpa!

OH aren't they so darling

This is kate!! I babysit her a lot and i love her

Me and my daddy!!

Merry Christmas

Our girl christmas party! thank you danielle for letting us come to your house it was so much fun!! Look at cute cole... he is a little piece of heaven.

singing happy birthday to sweet cami... we love you

That is whitney's baby. isn't she darling.

Oh cami you are so beautiful

My cute grandma. She is laughing.

My cousin amy! She loves making silly faces and so do I

Me and my mom

Me and my hubby

Missy, Erica, Heather!! Best cuzys

My weird dad and brothers and hubby... my uncle gave us ear muffs

In front of my grandma's tree

December 10, 2008


Where is your cell phone? In my bed room
Your hair? pulled up on top of my head.
Your significant other? Braydon
Your mother? A fighter
Your father? The sweetest most caring man... I still hold hands and cuddle with my dad!
Your favorite thing? Being with people I love Family and friends!!
Your dream last night? I don't really sleep so I don't dream
Your favorite drink? Coke
Your dream/goal? To be a mom and be good at it.
The room you're in? Study
Your child(ren)? in heaven coming sometime
Your fear? people dieing.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Being a mom and raising those kids with my best friend
Where were you last night? My moms house
What you're not? umm... not in the mood for anymore crap
Muffins, blueberry or poppy? blueberry
One wish list item? That is a secret
Where you grew up? The best place ever! Bountiful
What you last read? Jesus the christ... long, but good
What you're wearing? Scrubs
Your T.V. Loud
Your pets-- Copper
Your computer-- Desk top
Your life-- Great, hard, complicated, happy... you name it.
Your mood-- stressed... but i'm always that way
Missing someone? every day
Your car-- is still going
Something you're not wearing-- make up
Favorite store-- um... i'm not sure i like a lot of stores
Your summer? Hot and fun!
Like someone? In love with lots of people
Favorite color-- Baby blue
Last time you laughed-- Today
Last time you cried-- an hour ago

People i tag: Bridget, Dani, Erin, Danielle and anyone else who feels interested!


So my mom went in for an MRI yesterday because she just knew there was more to the story then what they first told her, and it turns out she was right. My mom has six fractures in her pelvis. Her quad hamstring and groin are all torn off the bone. She is in a lot of pain, but has really high spirits. She won't be able to even try and do anything for about six weeks which will be very interesting since she is already freaking out because she is so bored. Thank you to everyone who came to visit and who called!! It means the world to know my friends and family care. I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for the prayers for my family.

December 05, 2008

Sing like no one is watching.

So anyone who knows me really well knows that I don't really care oh ridiculous i look doing something if i am enjoying myself i'll do it. So today while driving to see my mom i was singing Christmas music at the top of my lungs. While singing some great tunes i stopped at a red light... still just singing as loud as ever with my window down so my dog can stick his head out (hello its still such great weather why not?) and i look over and there is this man and his wife just staring at me... And i look over and just said "don't you just love Christmas music?" They just look so disgusted. I mean i may not have a good singing voice, but who doesn't secerely wish they were as brave as me and could sing at a stop light with the windows rolled down and just belt out christmas music? I know we all sing in the care by ourselves and some of you do it when cars drive by and some of you just stop singing so no one sees you doing it. Well let it out!! It's fun and who cares if the couple next to you thinks you are crazy... they just don't have the holiday spirit. Hum bug i say to them. Happy holidays!!

December 03, 2008

Someone is watching over us!

So my parents went to china for two weeks just for a visit (not where i would pick) I really hate when my parents are gone and I can't speak to them or I am not with them. I get a random phone call at work on monday my parents are supposed to be home tuesday night at midnight. My dad says Erica don't freak out but your mom has been in a head on collision and she can't walk. Oh yeah dad thanks i'm not going to freak out since my whole life i've been afraid of getting random phone calls thinking another someone has died. I say ok what happened and he couldn't really talk because they were in a remote part of china and didn't have great service. So he told me to call my siblings and tell them not to panic... yeah right you tell my siblings not to panic really funny. So they got on flight and headed home. They called me in L.A. and my mom told me the story and still she isn't able to walk. They were riding scooters around china having a blast and of course my dad was in the lead and they were going along a road and it curved and my mom ran head on going 25 mph and hit a guy coming up the hill. She flew into a ditch and couldn't move. The powerful part and i'm sorry if you don't believe this can happen, but my family is believers that we have angels watching over us. The friends that were riding behind my mother said it looked like someone was holding her and gently and slower lifted her to the ditch. My mom said she felt like someone was holding her too. And I would love to think that someone was my brother bubba. I know he saved her and i know heavenly father saved her. I am so sure people are sick of hearing about our family and death and our problems, but this was such a blessing that my mom didn't get hurt because I know my family can't handle anymore loss or hurt hearts. I am so greatful we have people fighting for us on the other side. I am so grateful my mom is ok. And that prayers are answered. I don't know what we would have done. She has bones in her feet broken... a lot of them broken and the muscle in her hamstring is completely torn off the bone, but we don't know yet if her hip is broken because she is to swollen. She is black and blue all over, but she'll be ok!! Oh scary. She is a fighter. I love you mom!!

December 01, 2008


Here we are shooting guns and taking pictures... braydon hates when i make him take pictures....

So Braydon and I spent thanksgiving up in idaho with his family. His grandparents live up there. And since my parents were in china and we can't go up over christmas we thought it would be best if we went up there. Of course we had to take copper. He is our little child, but of course anyone who knows me knows that a dog isn't exactly what i want for my child, but he is the sweetest dog ever. We had to go out and shoot guns because braydon wanted to do that so being the good sport i went along. It was actually pretty fun. I did hit one clay pigeon. I was very proud of myself. I really missed being with my family though. Thanksgiving is a really hard time of year for my family, but it's also a good time to reflect on all the good things. I'm so thankful that I have amazing parents who love me and take care of me. I'm so thankful for my siblings. They are my best friends and I'm so lucky to have them. I'm so thankful for eternal families. I dont' know what i would do if i didn't have that knowledge. I feel so sad for the people who don't. I'm grateful for braydon and all that he is and does for me. He is the my best friend and i Love him him so much. I am grateful for friends. I have the best friends. They are such great examples to me. I'm grateful for my personal relationship with heavenly father and for the gospel. It's so nice to know the truth. I hope everyone had a great holiday! And i'm so excited for christmas....

Temple Night

Braydon and I love to go to the temple. Although i have to admit it's so much more fun and not as scary when we go with dave and danielle, but this is us going alone... and it was still scary, but it's always really nice to be there. We are setting a goal to go twice a month!! I know we can do it.

November 20, 2008

Holiday drama

So I know it's not just me, but why is it that once your married everyone completely freaks out around the holidays? If you don't spend the holidays with one family they are upset and they try and make you feel guilty about not being with them or not caring enough about them... It's actually kind of silly. Because what it should be about is what's best for the couple. Sometimes you can't do the "every other year" thing even if you wanted to. And my mother bless her always tells me Erica it's fine if you want to go with braydon's family I won't be mad because she wants it to be easier on us. Well, why can't all families be like that? I'm not saying it would be easier to have her say come here we want you with us, but That way we could just pick what is most convenient for us or in some peoples cases pick which family they would rather be with. If anyone has mastered the whole family holiday drama please let me in on your secret. I"m about to bag the whole going to families house and just have our own holiday. Someone HELP me. And maybe it's just because i feel like i would rather be with my family when i know he doesn't really care where we are. Who knows if it will ever change for me or the rest of the world who is getting married or is married. All I know is holidays are suppossed to be about familes right? So why does it matter if you are with the "other" family... like MY family. So i'm wishing everyone luck with their picks on who to spend their holidays with. Chose wisely!

November 13, 2008


So today was a very special day for many reasons. Today I discovered again that prayer works, and if people put their faith in our Heavenly Father he will help is the best way possible. I know that things happen for a reason, and I know today was a tender mercy for a lot of people. I know that the things that happened today was the miracle of God. I'm so grateful that we have a chance to speak to him and tell him our desires and to allow him to help us with things that we want, don't want, and things we need. I know that today was a miracle and hope for two special people and one little angel. Today is a day of hope and happiness. Today is the beginning of a future.

November 10, 2008

Cleaning Teeth

Solast week I had to do a Dental and the sweetest shih-tzu dog with the sickest mouth in the history of all the dentals i've done. I had to pull 36 teeth and on most of them i had to drill done to the bone of this dog's jaw. It took me about two hours to get all of the teeth extracted. The dog was going into kidney and liver failure because teeth that are that bad cause a lot more problems to the dog then just "bad breath" So in a sense i had to do a two hour oral surgery on this dog and i'm not going to lie it was pretty gross pulling hair and food from underneath the teeth, but this dog is and will be so much happier and better off. We ran lab work today on the dog and the kidneys and liver are starting to get back to normal levels... yes i am just saving lives(animal lives) one day at a time. Just a small taste of what i do on a daily basis. Brush your teeth:)

November 06, 2008

all about him

Tag You're it!!!!!!!!!

1.Where did you meet?
The very first time we met was at a mueller park milcreek basketball game. I was playing and i met him at the end of the game. he was in 9th grade and i was in 8th.

2.What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? Nothing really he was dating one or my childhood friends!!

3.Do you remember what he/she was wearing? He was wearing a yellow sweatshirt and jeans.

4.Where was the first time you kissed this person? Well, what kind of kiss? Just kidding the first time he kissed me was in my parents living room and that was just a peck, but the first time we really kissed was in his bead room! Sorry mom.

5.Where did you go for your first date? To a high school Halloween dance. Dressed as punk rockers... fun dance lame costumes.

6. When were you officially a couple? After the dance... But i really feel in love with him after he took care of me when bubba died.

7.How did he/she ask you out? Nothing like the "will you go out with me or lets go steady" we just kinda new that we were together.
8.Has this person ever proposed to you? Yes, he asked me on july 23rd 2007 we went on a carriage ride in salt lake and past the temple and went up memory grove. We had a picnic and we were walking back to get back in the carriage and he hadn't asked me and i was angry because why the crap would he do this cute thing and not ask me so i was really really mad. Well we walked across the bridge and I went to get in and there were roses and i turned around and he was on one knee. He said "Erica will you marry me?" I said "it's about freaking time." And then i said yes and we kiss and no i didn't cry I always thought I would, but i think was to excited because i thought it wasn't going to happen.

9.Do you and this person have kids together? We do not have children we have a dog, but my sweet braydon is child enough for me!!
10.Have you ever broken the law with this person? No i only do that with my girlfriends!

11.When was the first time you realized that you liked this person? The night he said goodbye to my brother bubba in the hospital. I took him and his brother tyler in his room and he held my hand so tight I think it made him feel better because he was trying not to cry. I think at that point I had cried so much that there wasn't anything left...

12.Do you get along with his family? Yes He has the sweetest sisters and his brother mat and I call each other valentine. I love his aunts and uncles... Not to name names, but me and his aunt (I hope are she thinks so) are really really good friends and i love talking to her. She is like my sister. He also gets along great with my family. My dad and him are like best friends and my mother adores him. My siblings say that they don't think of us as married weird i know, but they think of him just always being their brother. I love that my family loves him and I love that they are so good to him. Thanks family!!

13.Do you trust this person? Yes i trust him with everything.
14.Do you see him as your partner in your future? Yes he is my forever!! My dad told him when he asked him if he could marry me he said there is no return policy... I remind him of that everyday! We are in it together forever!
15.What is the best gift he gave you? There are so many... my wedding ring because that is something that symbolizes so much more then jewelry. Or all the flowers he has given me over the years i've saved all of them. There are a lot more just won't share online:)

16.What is one thing He does that gets on your nerves? He repeats everything i say when i'm mad or frustrated and it makes me so mad or he'll say one thing and do another...boys!!

17.Where do you see each other 15 years from now? Being done with school with our kids our house hopefully near my family!
18.What causes the most arguments? I probably do. Braydon isn't confrontational, but i am. So if we fight it is because of me because he doesn't like to fight, but if he is mad he lets it sit and sit until one day he gets mad so i'd like to think getting mad right then is more healthier then waiting and blowing up, but we don't really fight fight just dumb arguments that after we think why the heck were we even talking about this.
19.How long have you been together? About seven years, but only married for one of them.!

20.Are you Married? Yes, we got married september 21,2007 the best day of my life.

21. How long have you been married? One year and two months

22. What does he do that surprises you?
He cleans the House and always does the dishes. And when i'm in the shower he always brings my towel to me so I don't have to get out to get it.

23.What is your favorite feature of his? His hair. I love how curly it is. oh and he has great legs.

24. What is your favorite quality of his? He is so sweet to me and always concerned about people. Even though everything thinks he is so quiet( except danielle thank you, he talks to her) but he asks about all my friend to make sure they are ok and he always asks about my family and is concerned about them. I love his testimony. He is so strong in the church, but not a crazy person.

25. Does he have a nickname for you?
He calls me honey he always has i am not sure where he got it.. just kidding all my brothers call me that and my brothers friends funny huh?

26.What is his favorite food?
He loves mashed potatoes.

27. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Watch movies. Its fun to just cuddle on the couch and have popcorn just the two of us. Its always a good time.

28. Does he have any hidden talents? He can play the saxophone and the piano.

29. How old is he?

30.Who said I love you first?
he did three times before i said it back. thanks for sticking around babe.
31.What is his favorite music? He loves country.

32. What is his favorite color? Red

33.Will he read this?
NO, he's not much of a blogger! but if i make him he will

People i tag: Danielle, Bridget, Cambria, Mandy.

October 31, 2008

So my parents were supposed to leave for china last friday, but the plans were delayed when this sweet little angel fell during her play practice and hit her head. She was at home with a hurt head and telling her mom she didn't feel well. Her eyes then rolled back into her head and Melinda rushed her to the hospital. She wasn't stable. They tubed her and then ran a cat scan. It showed a skull fracture. Her sweet grandfather gave her a blessing and she was life flighted to primary childrens. When she got there and they took another cat scan it showed NO skull fracture. What an incredible miracle. If that doens't help you with your faith and belief that God cares and watches over us I don't know what will help you. I saw her when she wasn't awake and she was still tubed. It made me so devestated that this little innocent, sweet child was going through something so scary. It brought me back to a very tramatic event of when my baby sarah was at primary childrens fighting for her life. So it was very difficult for me to be there. Laila is like my family. She is just a part of my life. When she was about 2 1/2 she asked me if we could be sisters and of course i said yes and we've been sisters every since. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Savior and for his watchful eyes and that his hands are in all things. Sometimes there are sad and bad outcomes, but sometimes there are powerful great outcomes. We are so lucky to know what we know.

October 09, 2008

So it is october and that means breast cancer awarness month. My family found out that my grandma is currently fighting her 3rd battle with breast cancer and cancer that is pretty much all over in her body. She is really an amazing women. She is an example to me because she doesn't complain and she still is happy and puts everyone in a great mood. I won't be able to do the breast cancer walk with her this saturday, but i will be there in spirit. She is a true hero of bravery and grace. I hope one day i can amount to such a high standard of excellence. I love you grandma!!

September 22, 2008

Two years went by... and he came home. And we were still in love and we decided to get married... everyone thought we were crazy, but we didn't care. These pictures are just a few from our memories from 2001 to 2007... in the card braydon gave me yesterday he said after all these years dating and the year we've been married "your hand is the only one for mine" i think that sums it up. I love you braydon. You are my best friend and partner and I wouldn't give up my life with you for anything. I know we have been through hard times, sad times, good times, exciting time, interesting times, but i wouldn't want to have done any of it with out you. Happy anniversary babe!!

This is the night I said goodbye to braydon. It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it. Look we weren't allowed to touch because he was set a part.. lame. When braydon walked me to my car (he will kill me for saying this) we couldn't even say one word he opened my door and whispered i love you and tears were rolling down his cheeks I clearly was the one keeping it together... just kidding. I couldn't even talk i was crying so hard.

This is the night braydon recieved his mission call... You can't tell in this picture, but i bawled my eyes out. Even though i knew he needed to do this I was still devastated to let him go. When braydon and i started dating he didn't want to go on a mission and i told him I wouldn't marry him if he didn't... funny how things work out. We dated, He served a mission, we got married... sounds simple doesn't it... it doesn't quite work that way. It was really hard having him gone, but i got to learn how to grow up and I did my own thing. I just couldn't stop loving him for the two years we were apart and i will continue to love him forever.

My family loves lake powell... I mean we are a little obsessed with going there. It is so much fun. One year braydon was able to come with us which made the trip that much better. You can't see how mad he is in this picture, but i made him let me wash his hair. He was so mad and wanted to do it himself... guys they aren't capable of recieving help.

Braydon's favorite things to do are go fast ride something with a motor and BE WITH ME!! ha ha he wouldn't say that. I learned the very first time i got on a four wheeler with braydon that the more you scream or the louder you scream the faster he goes and the higher he jumps. This has become a big part of my life because he loves it so much. Yes i am married to a child i know, but so is my mom so it all works out.

Braydon and I met when I was in 8th grade. I went to mueller park and he went to milcreek. I was playing a basketball game and was introduced to him. My friends dated his friends and then we just all hung out. Braydon and I started dating in 2001. I told him he had to call me on my birthday and he did and it's been us falling in love since then. Braydon and I have been through a lot and we've helped eachother out in very dark times. When bubba was in his accident braydon was at my side the entire time. He was there as early as six and stayed until one or two. He just went home to shower and rest a little. One of the last times I saw bubba was when braydon and his brother tyler went into his room with me. We were only supposed to go in pairs strict rules were broken just to allow people to say their goodbyes. I watched my brother in his bed while braydon held my hand. What 16 year old boy stays with a girl while crying and believe me i was not well... i did not deal with his death with any class or grace. I owe braydon my life. He brought me back up and helped me learn how to walk again. Thank you so much braydon for sticking by me when i felt like i had no one.

September 18, 2008

Thanks danielle for being my frist tag!!

I am: really stressed
I think: all the time and nothing good comes out of it
I know: it will all work out eventually... but i hate waiting
I want: to feel safe
I have: a great husband, family and the best friends
I dislike: when you try and get to know someone and they don't try to get to know you back
I miss: bubba and sarah a lot
I fear: losing someone else
I feel: sad a lot and sometimes i don't have a reason
I hear: music on my i pod
I smell: my candle
I crave: nothing at the moment
I cry: a lot i'm a girl and some people would say i cry to much
I search: for a better tomorrow
I wonder: what if my friends miss me and if they are ok and how i can be a better friend and wife
I regret: not being a better person
I wish: i didn't worry
I love: my family and friends and my husband
I care: a lot more then people think...
I always: want my way
I worry: a lot it's a very bad habit to get into
I am not: crazy well at least i hope not
I remember: when life was easy, but i don't think i'd want to go back to that life
I believe: time heals what reason cannot
I sing: all the time and not good i might add
I don’t always: give in
I argue: a lot, but i'm working on it i promise
I write: letters to braydon once a week
I win: half the battles
I lose: half the battles
I listen: to my i pod and dance to it... mostly when i'm alone until braydon walks in... embarassing!!
I don’t understand: why bad things happen to good people
I can usually be found: working or at my moms... with brayd when he's not working
I need: to work harder at being nicer and less stressed
I forget: that it will be okay eventually just be patient
I am happy: when i'm with people i love and people who make me feel good

So Braydon and I are finally all moved into our new house in kaysville... well the house itself isn't new, but to us it's new. We put brand new carpet in and painted the whole thing which it needed. We lived with my grandparents for four months and this picture is of their back yard. And I wanted to take this opportunity to publically thank them for helping us so much and allowing us to live with them. It was such a tender mercy for braydon and I. We are poor and were spending 900$$ a month in rent for a small one bedroom apartment in draper... we feel so lucky to be out of that contract and we feel so lucky to have family who support and care about us. What is the point of life if you don't have family. My grandparents are so sweet and it has helped us to much to have lived with them and to have this new place to live in. Thank you g-ma and g-pa I love you so much!!

August 16, 2008

Paul and are twins and i hope whoever (if anyone) reads this blog knows that. We turn 22 this month... big step i know. For the last two years paul has been on a mission in mexico and to my surprise birthdays are no fun without him... So this year now that he is home we celebrated our first birthday... Paul had surgery on his ankle so we weren't really able to do anything, but it what we go to do was really fun. On monday the day before our birthday i took him to the dark knight. It was fun to just spend some time together doing twin stuff. He was really high maintenance always telling me where to take him when to stop how fast to go... he is crazy. Then tuesday we spent the day shopping and then we went to dinner with my family. He got me a gift card to target and i fixed and updated his x-box wow we go big don't we? I just want to paul to know if he ever happens to read this which i doubt he will that i love him!! He has been my best friend my whole life. I honestly can't picture going through life without him. He's funny, smart, handsome and such a sweet person. He deserves the best in life. Happy birthday to me and to paul... Life is always a little better with you in it!

July 24, 2008

July is almsot over! Every year we go to the parade. We sit in the same place every year too. It's so fun because for the last two years i've missed it. It was good to be with everyone. My cute grandma loves it when we are all there. Then we go to her house for the mueller park fireworks! They were so fun this year 1. because braydon was home and i didn't have to watch them alone. 2. The fireworks seem to get better and better. We love our family!!

Braydon and I got a engaged a year ago yesterday... it has really been so fun this first year we have been married ten months and it has flown by!! I love you Brayd!! Thanks for such a fun day.

June 14, 2008

Yesterday was Bubbas birthday. It's always a mixed emotions day. I am happy because we are celebrating his life when he was here, but sad at the same time because I would love to watch him blow out his candles and give him his birthday hug and I can't do those things that I think some of us take for granted. I sat there thinking of all the things I wanted to tell him because i don't really like going to the grave site so I choose not to go often. I sat down and told him I got married and I was so sad he didn't get to see me in my dress or dance with me like I did with all my brothers. I told him I was upset that he left us because who wants to sit on the grass and cry and mess their face up. I told him that he would be amazed at how big ben is and how grown up emilee is and that she is graduated and that paul everyday wishes his best friend were still around. I told him that mom still looks up when she hears a car thump into our driveway because for a split second she forgot you were gone. I told him that dad still blames stuff on him because it's easier to get mad at him because then no one talks back and he likes that, but at the same time his first born he would rather have him talk back then not be here. I told him for the first time i was mad at him for leaving because sometimes the pain gets so bad that you wants to break something, but at the same time all i wanted to do was hug him and tell him I miss you more then you will ever know. I believe god gives us magical moments to makes us believe and make us strong for the hard and painful times. When i got married he gave me a magical monent. In the temple the other side is so close. I felt that hug and i felt my littel baby girl (sarah) it was almost like she was tugging on my dress to pick her up. As hard as the pain is I hope for those magical moments and the moments where i get to "talk to myself" but feel like i'm talking to them. So happy birthay bub. We miss you a lot!

June 09, 2008


This is dinner our first night on the cruise.

I made braydon make silly faces with me, but he didn't like doing it that much.

We went to see the shows after a day on the beach.