April 27, 2014

 Morgan, jenna, mark, mckell, oliver, benson, geroge, sawyer, blake, kate, emma, cooper, and norah.

 I love that my kids have so many friends and it's been fun to see them grow over the last few years. it's crazy. Sawyer was 18 months old when we moved here and not benson is almost two.  benson wanted to hug cooper and emma wanted to hug benson! she was so cute with benson. Benson loves emma and calls her mema

We have been spending every day out side. We love having friends at the park but the other day it was so nice it was just us. We played in the sand, we played tag and we swung on the swings. it was fun being a part of their world for a little while! They make everything more fun. We got to watch blake for kelli... we did a switch for grocery shopping. it makes it so nice going alone. Sawyer was at school so benson and blake just played and played it was so fun. Benson loves kissing his feet or eating them... both my boys have done this.

poor braydon had to go to priesthood all alone. He usually goes with his dad or my dad. And because he was studying all day he went straight there and was at the very back of the church. So it looks like he is the only one there.  Our fourth year friends are moving in a few weeks and it's really sad. These boys have been like our boys and our actual boys best friends for three years. They play together almost everyday and it will be very hard for them to say good bye to each other. Braydon and Sawyer went on a father son night out and went to see captain america. Sawyer of course dressed up and loved that movie. And everyone kept telling him how awesome he looked. We love face timing our family. When my kids are sad they usually want to call some one in my family especially sunshine. She always makes everything better. I love that my kids love to hold my hand. I hope that never changes... which i know it will but i will stay in my denial bubble for now! conference morning we hung out with our friends and rode scooters and just enjoyed the sunshine.  Braydon and I got to watch the whole morning session alone!! the kids napped and we held hands. it was really nice. Benson kept telling me his foot hurt but i couldn't find anything until i was changing his bum and saw he had this horrible blister on his heel from his shoes that he refuses to wear socks with. I felt terrible... i still feel terrible. i got a slow motion video of benson falling off his scooter ( he didn't cry or get hurt) and i took still shots from his fall. I'm sorry but they are to funny not to put not he blog. 

Sawyer needed a new scooter because he kept getting hurt on the other one and so we surprised him with the new scooter and we made him lay face down not he couch before we gave it to him. He was so happy and so excited.  Lately benson sits on the phone and just babbles and i always ask who he is talking to and he always says aunt loodie. it's hilarious and he talks for 5-10 minutes to no one.