February 25, 2012

Family fun night!!

Getting ready to go bowling for the first time! He was so pumped!
Sorry about the bright light.... He loved to play the mini basketball game. Good form buddy

Just my two children shooting guns together...

He kept saying "i'll get the ball" " I can't it's heavy"

Do you think he is excited?

Sawyer and braydon on the motion ride. he just kept looking over at me laughing. He got scared at one part so he want and got on braydon's lap and that last about two seconds and he wanted back on his own seat.

I just wanted to watch and take pictures so we only bought games for braydon and sawyer... well, sawyer ended up bowling for both him and braydon. He would bowl and then hurry and run to get another ball. Braydon' kept trying to get him to watch the ball go down the lane. He thought it was more fun to roll the ball then to watch it leave and knock over pins.

He told us " i am driving so fast"

Again, my two children. Braydon playing whack a mole

Sawyer's turn.. he actually did pretty good!

Sometimes he would miss:)
counting his tickets

He got 126 tickets and picked out two dinosaurs... the exact same dinosaur out like 20 different kinds.
When we got in the car he said "that was soooooo fun" after a long week without seeing braydon this night was so fun and made the long week worth it. We had a blast in the crazy place and believe me it was CRAZY! He can't stop talking about playing basketball and bowling.

Zoo time!

It was such great weather on wednesday that we just couldn't pass up a day at the zoo. We went with our friends lauren and shep the boy she nanny's and emily and her son parker. It was so fun and the boys wore us out. The zoo has severeal play grounds so we stopped at one and had lunch and they had such a blast playing and then we were back to see the rest of the animals. The lion, elephant, and the gorillas were the big hits of the day for sawyer! Of course sawyer had to wear his dad's beanie! thanks for such a great time friends!

My drooler! He is always drooling. He has been like this since he was a newborn.

Sawyer loves to have his back tickled and he loves to rub and tickle everyone elses back!

This is kids LOVES his dad and loves his hat. He wears something of braydon's everyday

He usually asks for waffles and i'm pretty sure on this morning he did, but i was just to dang lazy to make them so he got cereal!

We just bought this bike helmet for sawyer because we are getting him the strider bike and he wore it for two days straight. Even during his nap!

riding the strider bike!

Just watching a little veggie tales

spiderman playing with daddy

shooting webs! "mom i am spiderman"

after the gym we like to watch a movie on the couch to get this little boy tired for his nap or bedtime... this is what we do while we watch!

Sawyer got a present for going potty in the big boy potty.... He was so excited. He kept saying "thank you so much mama" " Hi buzz i hope you're happy here" and then he would just keep kissing him!

everyday he asks his dad to play playdough. His dad finally gave in.

Such a long day... he fell asleep on me. I kill for moments like these. I love this boy more then I could ever express!

February 19, 2012

Hanging out with mommy! Watching mickey mouse club house, wearing daddy's hat, making juice, and cleaning the dishes

We go to the library on wednesdays and have singing/story time then we do a craft. It's a lot of fun.

We went to costco with our friend lala after the gym on saturday and she strapped him in standing up. He also had to hold shep's bear. The boy she nanny's. After a lot of shopping and some pizza we got home and he was out in two minutes.

Sunday's really are the best because we get Braydon all to ourselves! So we decided tonight to change things up a bit. Instead of the usually movie or play time we pulled out the hide-a-bed and popped some popcorn and sawyer picked the movie... surprise surprise we watched harry potter!

Braydon and sawyer made juice and popcorn for the movie.

The other day he fell asleep with his candy... and who wouldn't candy is delicious! His eye is all healed but in the picture it still looks bad!

Sawyer is terrified of the vacuum. I don't know why because he loves to clean and is always asking to help me vacuum, but as soon as i turn it on he runs away and hides. Well, we are trying to make it not scary. He must trust his dad a lot more then me because he helped his dad vacuum!

Playing on the floor is so much fun!

This is where they can be found on a sunday!! they love to snuggle together!