January 31, 2010

Sawyer is almost three weeks. I can't believe it. It has gone by so fast and we have just begun. We had his two week check up this week and he is now 8 lbs 2 ounces. He is in the 33 percentile for his weight and 65 percentile for his height. Things are going very well. During the day he is so happy and he sleeps very well. At night he is a little confused and is up pretty much most of the night. He spits up a lot at night and chokes a lot which is really scary, but during the day he hardly spits up. So when he is asleep at night i'm still awake in fear that he is going to choke. On a happier note he has started smiling so much. It is so sweet. He smiles a lot more when he is waking up, but he does smile when he is awake. He thinks he can sit up on his own and he tries so hard and gets so frustrated when he can't do it. He has discovered his hands and feet He hates to be bundled up because he can't wiggle. He has made our lives so rich and I'm so lucky to have this little boy. My friends who have children always spoke of how great it was and i knew it would be, but i never knew it would be this amazing, hard and simply the best gift i could have ever gotten. Braydon gave me this beautiful braclet after I gave birth to sawyer it was very sweet and i felt so bad because i didn't get him anything and when i said that to him he said " you gave me the best gift ever... our son" and the sums it up. He is the greatest gift and we are so lucky to be parents. It's so fun to be a mom and it's only been such a short time. I am new and not very good at it... that is why I call my sweet friend danielle everyday pretty much to ask for advice or just to vent or to share how sweet I think my boy is and she is so kind and she listens and gives the best advice she is really supermom. Thanks danielle!!! and i'm sorry i call ALL the time. Being a mom has changed my life and it's no longer about me and sawyer knows it and that's the way braydon and I like it!

January 23, 2010

Sawyer James Haskell

Welcome to the world my sweet baby boy!

I was 8 days over my due date. It was horrible! I went in for my induction at 7:30 tuesday the 12. I was given a pill that should start my contractions and was told i would probably get 3 or 4 of those before we started pitocin. Well, it worked so well they started the pit after just one pill. Things were going pretty well my contractions were about 4 minutes apart and were lasting 7 minutes each. It was pretty intense and very painful so we didn't get much sleep that night. Well, about 8 in the morning I was told that the stronger my contractions got the lower his heart rate would drop. I was taken off the pitocin to see how my body and the baby would react. his heart rate continued to drop with each contraction. My dr. broke my water about 10:30 to see if that would speed up the process to get this baby out. It didn't and his heart rate dropped in the 60's. I was told i probably would have a c section, but i was a little concerned and frustrated that they were waiting. i was so worried and very stressed. What if he wasn't ok what was wrong why weren't they listening to me? I talked to my nurse and told her i was very worried and super stressed and that's when my dr. walked in and said his heart rate just dropped to 50 and we are taking you now for an emergency c section. Braydon was getting lunch I called him and said they are prepping me for surgery. He rushed right up. I was told I was going into surgery at 1:15 and i was on the table at 1:25. I was numb from the neck down it was a littl hard to breathe and a lot harder to stay awake. I was crying and very nervous. Braydon watched the whole surgery. He said what they did to me was pretty intense and a Little hard to watch, but he thought it was pretty cool. Well I heard the Dr. say I am pulling the baby out.... then i heard the cord is around his neck twice. So what was happening was every time i would contract the cord would pull tight. They rushed him away and I was waiting to hear him cry. then the most beautiful sound happened I heard my little boy cry. next thing I knew i was out and braydon was waking me up holding my son. It was the most magical and spiritual thing seeing my bestfriend and husband holding the perfect thing we created together. I was so overcome with emotion. We both were. It was scary, but very specail not what i had expected, but i am so grateful it worked out for the best. i am so thankful that he is healthy and everything is fine. He is the most precious little person in the world. I can't believe i lived without him. He is very calm and a very good baby. The nights are a littl hard i think his time clock is a little off so he sleeps a lot during the day and is up all night. Welcome to motherhood. He is wanting to hold his head up and he rolled over today... i was like no!!! you are not growing up and you are not rolling over. I am so grateful for braydon throughout this whole thing. He has been so great and so thoughtful. I am so lucky to have such a great husband and a darling son. I don't want him to grow up, but i'm excited for the journey. We are very lucky. My family has been so great with him too. They have been so helpful. My mom and sister take him all the time for me so I can rest because this c section recovery has been a joke! Who knew how much you used your ab muscles? I am feeling a lot better other then going a little crazy just sitting in my house. I love my baby and i'm so glad he is here!!!!!!! FINALLY. it's been a long time coming.

January 08, 2010

Just a little update

So we don't have a baby yet. I know I know I can't believe it either. I am only 4 days past due, but 4 days seems like a very very long and uncomfortable time to me. I have now started going to the dr. 3 times a week to have a ultrasound and a NST. Everything looks great which I am so happy about, but at the same time I was hoping they would say " You know Erica you seem so miserable why don't we just induce you today." Oh ya that was my dream last night. His heart rate is great it's about 137 to 140 and they like it between 110 and 160. The average amount of amniotic fluid is 10cm and they worry if you have less then 10. Well, folks no need to worry because I have i bit more then 10cm I have 23cm.The nurse kathy was so hilarious and so sweet and she said that sucks you are over due and I really really want to lie and tell them to induce you, but I can't. I tried very hard to pay her off, but she said no. So if my water breaks on it's own or if they have to do it i'm to plan on a large amount. FANTASTIC! I had a slight break down yesterday because I have just planned on having this baby here already, my family was supposed to go to st. george next weekend and they cancelled their plans and I feel horrible about it. I just cried for a bit and then went walking around the mall maybe to help this baby come. All it did was make me even more tired. So if this baby doesn't come this weekend which i am really hoping for then I go back to the dr. on monday. Oh Joy!! So please pray for me I could really use a little help. And I know this is all complaining, but i really want to meet my little guy and i'm excited to start a new adventure that doesn't include me throwing up, lack of sleep for no reason, getting up twenty times a night to pee (TMI) but that includes me getting up for someone who depends on me and to see this beautiful baby/ gift that came from heaven. Lets hope for the best people. Everyone BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!