May 31, 2015

ward campout for non campers

our first sunday they passed around a flyer about a ward campout the following weekend. well we didn't have camping stuff so my adorable parents bought us some so we could go and meet some new people. The boys had an absolute blast. They were in heaven with new friends, dirt, trees, a fire, their head lights cheetos and smores.  They stayed up running around laughing with the other kids until 11. the night was awful for braydon and i, but the boys did great. In the morning i felt like i was ran over by a truck. we aren't really campers (obviously) The boys asked if we could stay another night. Thanks mom and dad. The boys had an absolute blast. 

About Sawyer

Benson when you kiss mom you will fall in love with her. I'll hold her head and you kiss her and fall in love it's pretty great. 

I am so scared to get diarrhea because it looks like molded dr pepper 

I told Sawyer not to talk about something anymore and he said ok I will throw it away out of my mind 

You are my true love mom and I will marry you but when I find a girl when I'm older I'm going to break it off with you to marry her in the temple and so I can become a dad

We were at the park and Sawyer's friend through trash on the ground and Sawyer said you should pick that up this is Jesus's property. 

Mom who's our bishop? It's bishop bednar. Hmm ok then who's bishop Rick? Oh buddy the bishopric is a word mean the three men. The bishop and his counsellors 

About Benson

 I want to play frozen I will be Olaf and then I will get my princess on and be Elsa 

Benson cut his ear and he was crying and said we better go buy a new one from the store 

I love your "smart" mama... You mean my heart? Yes it bounces when I touch it. 

Playing blocks benson kept saying I have to "snack" them.... We finally figured out he meant stack. 

Mama will you "tuck me up"? That means he wants me to tuck him in.

We have been doing teachings of Jesus to prepare for easter and we talked about Jesus dying on the cross and benson with a very concerned and sweet voice said " I will hug him so he doesn't cry and feel hurt" 

Oh no mama I hear the "funder" (thunder) and I saw the "light queen" (lighting)

Benson kept saying I'm so sorry I killed you eggs! I'm so sorry. I couldn't understand why he said saying that until he said we dyed those eggs mama they are dead. 

Mama do you want me to squeeze your back? It feel so good. Squeeze actually means message 

Benson let me wipe your nose you have a nasty booger "it's ok I'll just sneeze it up"

Mama stop freaking out and you are so delusional.... Where do my kids come up with this stuff? 

Benson calls Walkie talkies "lockie talkies"

words will never be enough to say thank you to my parents for all the love and generosity they provide our family. They helped us move in, unpack, play with kids, play games, explore georgia. They are the kindest most selfless people i know! we are the very luckiest. We hated saying goodbye to them, but can't wait to see them soon... hopefully! love you bamp and sunshine!! 

Goodbyes are the VERY worst

We said goodbye to our kentucky home. Kentucky will alway be a very special place for us. Our kids grew here, learned here,  succeeded here and most of all thrived here. living in an apartment was very hard but also very rewarding. we have the most amazing dental/kentucky family. some in our church, some in our complex, some all over louisville. I can't begin to tell you how bad it broke my heart saying goodbye to these amazing people who we love dearly. 3516 is where we grew as a little family. we struggled, we cried, we laughed, we danced, we sang, we survived, we lived!! I can't say enough things about how time here. Thank you to all who were apart of our lives and who changed us. WE LOVE YOU and WE LOVE LOUISVILLE. 

We finally made it to georgia! Braydon drove the truck and towed the car and i drove with the boys!! it was hard, but we made it. and our home is beautiful and we were greeted by our bamp and sunshine so it made leaving louisville a little easier.