July 21, 2010

Several posts

Sawyer had his 6 month check up today! I hate watching him get shots. It is so so so sad. He really was super sad and screaming until I picked him up and gave him his toy and he was fine. Here are his stats
Head:94% (I guess that is the one thing he gets from me... a big head sorry buddy)

My grandma has been feeling pretty good the last few days. My mom sawyer and I brought her lunch today and took her a kids meal from wendys well inside her toy were these glasses and we made her wear them... SO FUNNY! then sawyer sat in her chair!

This is thomas! Mandy my friends son. We went to the gateway last week and let her older kids run through the fountain while we sat and watched. It was a fun and exhausting afternoon. Sawyer was a little freaked out in the car with five loud fun kids... he wasn't sure what to think of it all.

Six month photoshoot...

Sorry for the picture overload. I could have posted a million more, but these are some of our favorites. My sister emilee had her bridals done so Sawyer my mom and I tagged along. I brought a camera to take pictures of him while they were taking them of her. I don't claim to be a good photographer, but my child is a great subject. The one professional picture was taken by emilee's photographer and she sent it to me. She is really talented. I may be a little obsessed with my child though:)

Sawyer loves the bath and water. He loves to chew on his feet and hands... we really have tried so many things to get him to stop doing it... His grandma thinks it's funny to she lets him do it.

I can't believe i've spent 1/2 a year with this darling boy! He is so funny.

July 10, 2010

Summer swimming and holiday fun!

WE just love being outside. Whenever Sawyer is having a "rough moment" is what we call them... we either go outside, take a bath, or get in the pool. He loves all those things and he calms down right away. As you can tell we love to swim and he has many floaties and he loves to lounge out on them all the time. I am not torturing my son he really loves his goggles. He splashes so hard he gets some much water in his eyes. When he doesn't have them he gets a little upset. We are loving the warm weather and we are have such a fun summer! WE are getting VERY excited for our cruise to Hawaii in August!!!!!!

WE had a great 4th of july this year! WE took full advantage of wearing red white and blue all weekend long. We visited my Grandma who hasn't been feeling well and Watched the fire works which he slept through until the finale and he couldn't stop staring at them. I tried to get him to look at me and he wouldn't even bother. He was so into the bright flashing lights and the big boom sound. We had many BBQ's which we love and just spent time with with my awesome family.

Play time is pretty fun at our house!

Crib and pack n play time!

Sawyer sliding off his chair that his aunt danielle gave him.