August 21, 2013

out riding bikes

seriously nothing cuter then baby bums

getting some swimming in before the pool closes for the season. 

Benson showing us his tricks 

Andrew and Luci bateman had us and the curtis's for a londrina mission reunion. The food was amazing but the company was even better! 

The boys were absolutely terrible for the baby sitter and I feel so bad for her. 

We just happen to see on this louisville family fun website that their was a free butterfly days. so we totally went. Braydon wasn't sure about it but once we got their the boys were all over the place and had such a great time. Sawyer was terrified of touching a butterfly but he didn't mind catching them in his net. He just didn't want to touch them on his body. Benson just tried to kill them by swatting his hands as hard as he could. The blowup slide was the biggest hit. Then we went to the frog pond and looked at the tad poles. After we stopped at fuzzy wigs candy store and had some dipndots ice cream. it was a really fun day! 

I think it's safe to say the boys had a great day! 

They were exhausted after all the fun

Sawyer's first day of preschool!!

 Sawyer started preschool at Small steps Kentucky. He Loves it! His teacher is our friend Luci Bateman. It was hard for Benson and I to drop him off, but we are happy he is learning and growing. We love you buddy.

utah trip- Ben and jackee get married!

waiting to board our plane!! 

The boys were pumped!!

Benson did not want to sit he wanted to get down and play

Don't let these pictures fool you Benson was terrible. He would sleep for 10 minutes and wake up screaming and then fall asleep for three and wake up and it was on and on and our second flight he cried for three hours. My kids aren't big criers but benson couldn't figure it out. it was terrible and people were so nice asking what they could do to help, but no one could do anything. This is a picture of sawyer after i woke him up once we landed in utah at 1am which is 3 am kentucky time. 

wearing aunt manny's shoes

We went on a morning walk with my dad since the boys were getting up at like 4 am everyday! we went to the park and played and by the time we got back we decided it was ok to wake up sunshine. Every morning sawyer would beg and beg to wake her up. we finally decided that 7 am he could wake her up. poor sunshine

my mom has these amazing big stuffed animals and benson just loves the bear. He would always find it and snuggle up to it. 

cutest boys around! 

trying to have fun during family pictures! 

Birthday dinner with this guy! I have the greatest twin in the entire world! 

watching his uncles play basketball

just being twins

playing with auntie loodie

all these pictures of us are hilarious... sawyer in his hulk costume sunshine got him

he totally fell asleep on the bench at church,,, but after sacrament was over.  while i was talking to people. poor guy

sawyer helping us blow our our candles

after birthday dinner

sleepy guys

they always fight over bampa's chair

oh their eyes! they love riding high in bampa's truck and they love sitting right next to each other. 

Sawyer fell asleep right before the wedding dinner 

jackee and Ben are married and the boys are totally out! 

getting pictures at weddings can be really hard! 

loodie and jon dahl looking awesome in their wedding outfits! 

At ben and jackee's reception sawyer found kate blake walked out on the dance floor grabbed her and started slow dancing with her. it was seriously the cutest thing in the whole world and he was so sweet with her. Every time he would spin her he would say " you're doing it... your are doing so great sweetie" I am pretty sure these pictures will be so awesome in their wedding video! 

at their wedding dinner! 

the newlyweds!! we couldn't be happier  that jackee is apart of our family. They are truly perfect for each other! 

after the wedding we got to party and swim!! 

Benson loves ben! 

playing in sunshines car

He was exhausted and fell asleep on his bear

my beautiful childhood home! i don't want anyone living in it! I love this home and i love all the memories . it's a place where my entire family lived. it's the place i brought my sawyer home from the hospital. it's an amazing place. 

we are of to the airport! I am so sad our trip was so short! 

This was the first time our sunshine has dropped us off... it was so sad we all cried. I am so thankful for my parents for all they have done, all the do, and all they will continue to do for our family. They truly are the most amazing people and my kids love them!!! hopefully our next trip home will be a lot longer and more playing! Now back to reality! 

our flights home were a lot better then our flights to utah! Thank heavens for that! 

pictures of all our swimming adventures in utah! we loved having our own pool and playing with our family

Braydon doing his thing!!!

slide fail!! braydon let them go down at the same time!! i love sawyer's smashed face

Both boys were really brave... especially sawyer doing all sorts of crazy tricks and moves! 

The newlyweds came for a little swim to say goodbye to us. it meant so much to me.