July 11, 2014


 Happy Birthday to the cutest, sweetest,  most hilarious lovable two year old in the whole world! he makes our life so happy and he melts our hearts and makes them explode everyday. He is loved by everyone, but he is a little shy and afraid of people but once he warms up to you he is your very best friend He loves his brother and his dad the most. He loves to drive the razor and his scooters... thanks to sunshine their little scooters are the best! He loves to be outside and play at the park. Balls are his favorite toy in the world. He always has to have one. He loves to sing and dance. We love you so much Benson. More than we could ever say. You are such a special little boy and our life is so much better because you are apart of our family.

We don't really do very big fun birthday parties, but i always try to do something to make them feel special an one thing we do is decorate their door. It's their favorite thing to wake up to.

Benson loved eating his day old bread from jimmy johns... it is huge. Morgan made sawyer this awesome mask... i thought i would try it on and i think it's quite becoming.  we made awesome derby hats and made horses in honor of the kentucky derby. The boys loved riding around on their horses.

We had to say goodbye to sawyers two best friends. He has loved his friends and they have meant so much to him and our family. we love these boys like they are our own. It was very sad watching them say goodbye. Sawyer was 18 months old when we moved here and these boys have spent the last three years together and have been best buddies. We have loved our time with these darling boys and feel so sad that they had to move, but so happy and excited for their new adventure.