October 25, 2012

I really love fall. the smells, the food, the clothes, the trees. kentucky is beautiful in the fall, but I still miss bountiful. the mountain side covered in changed leaves is so pretty. We have been trying to stay busy, get outside as much as we can before it's to cold, and do lots of fun crafts. We of course try and get in as much daddy time as we can. Sawyer is still really loveing preschool. He is exhausted by the time he comes home which is good. He will randomly say things and i think wow he is learning that in preschool. Sawyer is always keeping us on our toes. He is such a little munipulater. His new things lately when I try and put him to bed he will come out and say " mom i just missed you so much" or "i love you you're so pretty" or "mom i just really want a kiss and to snuggle" are you serious? It's so hard to say no to that. he will also say " mom we better call my daddy and tell him we love him and hes the best" He loves playing the "your the best... no your the best game" we play that multiple times a day. He loves to make benson laugh, but also loves to scare him... he cries when sawyer scares him and sawyer thinks it's the best thing ever. Benson is just the happiest baby. He is so sweet and loves to laugh and smile. he is not a great sleeper and living in a small apartment and having a big brother who is the worst sleeper doesn't help us out at all! Benson still loves to laugh mostly for sawyer and he loves to hang on to him whenever sawyer sits or lays by him. Second year dental school is still pretty much crappy. We hardly see braydon, but when we do it's really great! I am thankful he works so hard all day at school and still takes care of things when he is home, diaper, bathtime, dinner, playing, and getting up all night with me and the boys! As much as we hate that he is gone we are really blessed that he is ours. 
The boys hanging out after a long day at school!

Painting pumpkins and we also made our fall hand tree. it turned out so cute

Two of our very favortie people came to visit! BAMP and SUNSHINE!! Even though their trip was way to short it was so great having them here. Sawyer is obsessed with them. they really are the BEST

hanging out at bamp and sunshine "show'n tell" that is what sawyer thought their hotel was called

The art fair in old louisville

Being with our bamp is the greatest!

out walking1

We went to boyds orchard and played and played! it wore everyone out

We went up to claiborne farms. It is where secretariat was born. it was a really pretty drive and such a cool place. Sawyer and bamp loved all the big horses.

Aren't they the best! Such a fun day. We only wish braydon could have been with us too!

Saying goodbye is really the worst!! Thank you so much for a fun visit and always taking care of us and for really loving our kids!

Bathtime! I love clean babies!

Sawyer could stay in the bath all day

This is what i mean about benson and sawyer always having to hang on to eachother! They really are bestfriends! i love it.

I love this sweet face so much!

Boo at the zoo! Sawyer loved it, but mostly loved seeing other kids in avenger costumes. He kept running up to kids (totally freaking them out) saying tony stark iron man how are you.... captain america, Hulk smash, peter parker... they were so scared of him and he just thought they were the greatest and that they were all just going to fight crime and "SAVE THE DAY"

He has so many costumes it's insane so he chose to be thor at boo at the zoo and benson just was a baby!

We met daddy for lunch after preschool. the boys were in heaven. I really am chopped liver when it comes to their daddy.

Sawyer fell asleep under the tablet where braydon was studying.

cute brothers

bumbo time.... it's good he is acutally sitting up he is usually trying to eat it.

Babies bums are the CUTEST!

We went to a little carnival. Saywer had a blast... benson was just stuck hanging out in the stroller

our carpool buddy lily. They are just best friends. They are so cute together.

chubby legs

costco time! He was so excited to have benson sitting up with him

daddy time! nothing better

the dentist. Braydon even got to help a little. Sawyer was so brave and even put in his own x-ray plate.

cutest halloween boys!

out at a local farm.... sawyer and parker of course yelling

He loves to play with his feet

the fireman at the carnival... he loved the truck and all the buttons. we can't wait for our field trip november 1rst

Benson's first time eating baby food! He was less then impressed, but now he can't eat fast enough. if you are to slow he gets to angry.

thanks sunshine for their cute jammies! love fun jammies. kids in jammies are the cutest

My handsome boy! "i'm dressed like bamp mama... he's the best"

it was bens birthday last week and it's our sweet baby sisters birthday today! we miss her. I wish my boys could know her ( on earth) I always wonder what she would be like. She was one dang cute baby girl!

happy little sweetie

on our hike

rolling all over the place

happy boy

so sleepy... i love sleeping babies!

they melt my heart!

love their matching jammies!

Just a little messy?? "it was all my fault mom" i spilled"

This is what 5 am looks like at our house! just the boys in our bed watching tv because it's to early and dark outside to be doing anything else.

just holding hands watching tv... so cute, but seriously hold hands on your own time... this is sleep time

they are all best buddies

my smiley kids! I have no idea what braydon and I did in the pre existance to get kids like them.

cutest batman ever!

oh hey there... just relaxing a little bit

oh just a typical park day! just being super heros and the most adorable bunny. it was kind of a cold morning

daddy play time!

it was parents night at school. Sawyer was so excited to show braydon his class room and all his projects. Sawyer is technically supposed to be in the penguin class, but he goes to the bear room... so he is the only penguin on the door.

brotherly love! He is very sweet with him and protective.

just a little stocked to be going to school

I love them!

just playig on the floor trying to keep our sanity because it was rainy a lot!

such a tired baby! his brother usually wakes him up and so he is exhausted a lot

love his squishy face

waiting for daddy on the stairs

we have to wait for daddy a lot and when we wait we have to do it on the stairs.

Benson being such a good boy at sawyer's parents night

Brothers just swinging away!

so ticklish!

oh he loves to eat his feet just like his brother... yummy

i could watch this all day!

out walking. It can get pretty tiring.

zoo fun!

it turned out to be in the 80's... what the crap? it was so hot and we were not prepared for it. i hate going to the zoo when it's hot. but sawyer had a good time and benson was just such a good boy as usual.