September 18, 2013

This boy always falls asleep on the couch after school.... i wish he would just sleep in his bed

This boy loves slurpees

snuggles with this sweetie

just hanging out!!!

watching tv with his daddy

This kid loves his back tickled 

Breakfast with these two sweeties!! love them so much. 

Preschool with Blake, sawyer, caleb george

Learning the letter A 

This kid loves Peek-a-boo

new school vs. old school... the cutest spider-men ever!!
George, sawyer, ollie, Benson

Playing with daddy

Holding hands on our way to pick apples

We went to Hidden hollow farms to pick apples! They were sooooo yummy. We made apple juice and apple sauce. 

Sawyer working on writing A

This face kills me! he looks like an old man

Tubby time with these two sweeties

I was so sick and got into the doctor first thing... these boys got to come in their jammies

picnic at the park the boys love to play and swing and just be outside

My crazy climber! he scares me to death everyday

Sawyer learning to write the letter B

Benson Pushing the stroller! it was so hot he had to take his shirt off!