October 13, 2015

We have been staying pretty busy. The boys got these free sweat bands and they wore them soccer They looked adorable. It was dress like a pirate day and we got free dozen donuts and we went to a pirate and princess parties. the boys got to meet and dance with Anna and Elsa. We got to have Gage and Julian play over at our house after school The boys were in heaven. It got below 70 one morning and the boys said they were freezing so I had to get out their sweatshirts. I was loving the cooler morning weather. We got camping cots from a neighbor who is getting deployed to japan and the boys decided they wanted to have a sleepover on our floor over conference weekend. they really like them. conference was amazing and so powerful. I am grateful we got to hear most of it and i'm excited to re read it when it comes out. 

Nana papa and aunt linds came for a visit. The boys loved having them around. We got to go have lunch with sawyer everyday which he loved and we got to go on some adventure and show them around Georgia.
Poor benson got the croup and slept on our floor a lot because he was having trouble breathing and he would throw up from coughing so hard. but once he got better we had the opportunity to go visit brother fannings work (member of our bishopric) he is a police investigator. He showed benson around the whole place. He let him do fingerprints look at an actual crime scene car that had bullet holes in it. he let him cuff him and he took him into the crime scene truck and the interrogation room. Benson loved every minute of it. He took candy to every person that worked there and shook everyones hand and said thank you for you service. Brother fanning said that it meant so much to the police staff in light of all the police shootings. We are so grateful he took the time to have our police obsessed child come for a tour. 

We have been going on bike rides around the neighborhood now that it has cooled off a bit. The boys tried the war head challenge. it was hilarious to watch.

Benson and i took a little rest together. he held my hand until he fell asleep. i coulnd't bring myself to let go. He is so sweet. we got to go to sawyers school for lunch. It was a fun surprise for him. Benson ran to him and they hugged. Sawyer was so sad when we had to go home and realized he wasn't going with us. 

we gave the boys hair cuts. Sawyer said he wanted his like benson's so that is what i did. when he realized he was in tears. he kept saying we need to go to a place and have them put it back on. he was so worried everyone at school would make fun of him. no on did such thing. and he looks so handsome. i do miss the curls... every time i cut them.  The boys started soccer. Benson is hilarious and mostly blows me kisses and waves. Sawyer has gotten so good and is so good at defense. i'm so proud of him for working so hard.  The boys chose to have spiderman and batman back packs this year!