June 30, 2012

funny things sawyer says/does

* if anyone is crying on tv or in real life he says "they miss their mommy" "they need their daddy'
* If he sees someone kissing he says " ohhhh there kissing"
* he say a freckle on braydon's back and said "whats that dad?" it's a freckle sawyer " i love your freckle dad" he asks to see it everyday now
* he asks what his name is probably 30 times a day... not his given name his superhero name. as i type this he is telling his dad his name is peter parker/ spiderman
* He says "hey guys" to everyone we see and "bye everyone" as we pass them
* when he is tired he says "its bed time dad" go get in your bed'
* He still loves to scare people he laughs and laughs so hard
* he loves to get in a blanket and have his dad swing him and after every time he puts one finger up and says "last time dad" one more time dad" I promise last time dad" and when braydon finishes he cries and tries to convince him to swing him one more time!
* everytime I say goodbye mom when i'm on the phone with my mom he says "goodbye mom" it's so cute and so funny
* lately when we tell him it's bath time he says he doesn't want a bath and as soon as he gets in it's like pulling teeth to get him out.
* He has been learning lots of new songs and sings them all the time.
* He talks to his toys the same way he talks to his friends... because to him they are his friends.
* he would rather go pantless then wear his superhero shirts
* He will grab our face if we aren't looking at him hold our face and say "lets talk mom" lets make a plan" and then hold it until we respond.
* his prayers are the sweetest things ever. he prayers for different things everytime and it always melts my heart.
* the only books he wants to read right now are curious george books
* whenever we try and get him to go somewhere or do something he doesn't want to do he pretends to have an ouie/ouchie so he doesn't have to go or do something he doesn't want to.
* he still asks for his dad multiple times a day and will always respond before i do by saying "he'll be home soon"
* he tells me all the things he wants to do with his sunshine and bamp in utah... the most important are riding clyde ( my dads horse) and swimming and buying toys with sunshine.
We are seriously loving Braydon's summer schedule. We are all going to have a really hard time when he goes back to a full course load at school this fall! We have been going to the pool and calypso cove ( the ymca water park) it's been very very hot. So we haven't really been to the park in a while. We have been doing lots of coloring, painting, bubbles and squirt gun fights. It's been a very fun summer so far. We seriously can't wait to go home and see our family. Sawyer asks everyday to go to his sunshines house. He talked to my mom and sister yesterday asking/crying to come stay with them at their house. Poor kid can't even stand to wait. Benson no longer looks like a newborn (tear) he is getting chubby which is adorable, but he is growing to fast. Sawyer is doing so well in swimming lessons. Yesterday at the pool he swam with his head under back and forth between lauren and I. He hugged me so tight after and said " i am a good swimmer mom" such a sweet boy! We have been so proud of him for going potty in the toilet. He is on some medication to help him poop easier. Poor kid has a very hard time. So he has no FINALLY started going into the toilet. WE are so proud of him and he makes sure he lets us know he gets a present everytime he goes poop in the toilet. We started a money jar so everytime he goes he gets to put money in it. when it is full he gets to buy a present. the other day we were on our way to the water park benson was so sad and sawyer was in the back saying " it's ok buddy" we are almost there buddy" I love you buddy" Mom he is so sad he needs my toy or a kiss" How did Braydon and I get so lucky? We are just so blessed to have great kids, great family, great friends... even though sometimes it is really hard we just have a great life!

He can  barely stand sitting there by bumblebee to get his picture taken. He wanted to play with him so bad.

before bath and after! I love bathtime because my boys smell so good and it helps them get sleepy

Sawyer being silly and playing "baby benson ironman"

"lets talk benson"

"this is ironman/tony stark/jarvis benson" he is my mask"

at day at the pool!  Happy happy boys!

I guess watching netflix on the ipod really helps things along! He kills me

Sweet smiles

it's been so hot that we stayed home one day and just played superheroes. We have a lot of superheroes at this house!! Benson thought we were nuts

just some of the special faces of this sweet baby boy!

Do you think we spend enough time outside? look at that tanline!

June 28, 2012

I can't help but kiss him all day! Both my boys get smothered in kisses all day everday! I have to do it now because one day they won't let me :(


We have been getting up between 4-6 am for the last three weeks. So we hang out in mommy and daddy's bed in the morning before we make breakfast.

Morning smiles!

Brother time. I can't wait for Benson to get bigger to play with Sawyer. They will be best friends.

Friends Sawyer, Brady, George, Oliver, and blake.

Hanging out watching a movie after swimming lessons

Sweetest baby!

after church playtime before dinner

I am ironman/tony stark mom

Playing with his big iron hide transformer. He is hugging him and telling him he loves him. On the way home from the store he told iron hide " you will come home with me and meet all my other friends" I love you iron hide"

He melts my heart! He is so sweet

Ironman! his new talking mask... he loves it A LOT!

happy boy at brothers swimming lesson

Sawyer is better at swimming lessons then i thought. he has the best teacher!

chubby arms!

He means serious business

the house got quiet (which is rare) and this is where i found sawyer sleeping behind the chair in his room

Such a sad face!

he is so happy in the morning! even at five am you can't be mad when you look at this sweet face!

Sleepy boys!

Every time braydon sits down to hold benson they both fall asleep

we love this sweet boy!

June 24, 2012

I got these adorable pictures of Benson while sawyer was napping.  He really is just the sweetest thing!

Hanging out with Sawyer after his nap! Look at those lips

Playing with brother after naps! Showing him bumblebee

Being silly

I asked him to smile... this is what he did. He kills me. Just having lunch at the pool. He loves to go swimming

Lauren holding a very sleepy benson

our friend and braydon's mission comp paul throwing sawyer... 

We decided to take some pictures of Sawyer and Benson... I am not a professional that is for sure, but i think they turned out great and we already have some of them hanging in our house.

Just hanging out after a long long day. 

I love love love this picture. It's so sweet. 

Sawyer was done taking pictures and was climbing all over the bed trying to get away

jumping and falling is a lot of fun! 

Sweet Benson! 

Benson was done with pictures too!