May 18, 2011

our dinner time was during the sunsets... so we only caught the very end

Grand caymen... probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and the water was warmer then my pool! LOVED IT

We were on the ship for mothers day! This is what they gave all the women. Happy mothers day to all the moms out there who work hard, have sleepless nights, who give up a lot and who change lives... that is my mom to a "T"

right before our hike in Jamaica up a waterfall. It was amazing

Formal night... we apparently didn't get the memo to dress fancy or take a picture outside:)

at one of the shows. It was nice to just stay up late and hang out

at the comedy show

where is captain jack?

see urchins

we found all these star fish!

I'm a little red!!

I found the biggest star fish!

Anyone that really knows me knows I couldn't be in miami and not get a picture at DASH!

waterslide fun!

don't ask and don't worry I am a little crazy

The church in Jamaica it was so small

The inside

swimming with stingrays

The females are almost 4 times as big as the males

Just holding her... and no I wasn't scream this is me singing to her

braydon's turn

Braydon's star fish

So this last week Braydon's parents took us on a cruise. It was the first time leaving Sawyer and let me tell you it was tough! We left at 4 in the morning and because of his horrible sleeping habits I couldn't even go in and kiss my baby goodbye. I cried of course, but was also very excited for a much needed break and my soul was craving some sunshine and R & R.  It was great to reconnect with Braydon and actually hold hands and eat dinner together instead of one person eating while the other feeds Sawyer then switching off. It was great to sleep in, take naps, stay up late, and just act like teenagers again. It was like we were just dating again, but when we dated we didn't not have a child to fill up all our conversations... It was a lot of fun. I think Vacations are great for everyone. I think it makes us better parents having a break and seeing how much we miss our daily routine and our children. I think it just makes us better people. Being a parent is hard, exhausting, frustrating, but the most rewarding thing we have ever done. We just had a blast together and are thankful for the opportunity to go... now I guess it's off to Kentucky in 20 days.