April 25, 2010

Changing everyday!

Braydon blessed Sawyer last sunday and it was a beautiful day! He did such a great job it was very sweet to listen to. Thank you for all the support from family and friends who made such an effort to come and share in this special day. I am so grateful for a worthy husband who was able to give such a powerful yet sweet blessing to our son.

Sawyer and Kellen. He was so cute to him. He kept kissing him and saying "one day you will be big like me and then we can play" So sweet

My almost always happy baby

He loves his new jumper! He can even spin some of the toys on top. It's so fun to watch him try so hard

This is the 1% unhappy baby that I have. He was very sad his bottle was empty and he was spitting up!

Braydon's mom made us all these pj's. Braydon was so glad i made him take a family picture in them!
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April 13, 2010

He makes funny faces that make me laugh!

Big stretch

Sawyer is 3 months old!! I can't believe how fast time goes. He is getting so big. He is such a fun baby! I love spending all day with him. It's so hard being at work monday and tuesday because i just want to be with him. He is such a funny boy. He laughs and smiles all day long! He has finally started playing with toys. He has a stuffed animal duck that he just loves to hold and he always smiles at it. Last night I put him into bed and he woudln't fall asleep. I handed him his little yellow duck he smiled at it and then he hugged it tight and feel asleep. It was so sweet. He is very into the tv if he is watching something and it doesn't matter what and someone tries to talk to him or move him... he gets very mad and lets you know that it isn't ok.

Braydon bought me a jogging stroller this last weekend and we took it out for the first time to the gateway mall and Sawyer loved it! He no longer like to be in the car seat put in the stroller/ the travel system because he can't look out. I think i'll be pretty happy with the new stroller!

Easter was fun this year... even though sawyer couldn't really do the fun easter egg hunt and all that we still did all the easter things egg hunt basket, and an easter outfit, but instead of a church outfit i decided to get him this really cut onsie that says my mom thinks i'm a chick magnet... i know you can't see it that well but he looked pretty stinkin cute in it!

April 01, 2010

we got sawyer this little vest and tie... he looks like grandpa in it!

Well, we were getting really excited for the warm weather and then the snow hit!! LAME. I was looking forward to take sawyer out and go on walks, but I guess we will have to wait a little longer. He is growing up so fast. He is starting to make a lot more sounds and laugh a lot more. He is so funny. We have taken him to two movies at gateway and he has been so good for both as long as he is standing on my legs able to see the big screen. He will oooo and ahhh at the screen and if I try and move him he will fuss. It's so funny. He likes to look out and see the world. It's so funny if you try and hold him like a baby and you aren't feeding him he will cry as soon as you face him out or stand him up he will start laughing and smiling. He is going to be a busy boy i just know it. He has got such a fun personality I can't wait for him to start talking. We have great new well, for me it is great news. We are doing on a cruise to hawaii the first part of august and i'm sooooo excited. He will be 8 months old and I think it will be so fun to take him. I'm sure the flights won't be that great, but I've bought him all sorts of summer swim wear and summer clothes. I can't wait. It is a much needed vacation and I'm only bummed it isn't til August.

Sawyer is really starting to love bath time which makes life so much easier for me. We have started to listen to disney music during his bath and He loves it. He will kick, splash, laugh and sometimes try to sing along. It's so sweet! He scared himself last night by hitting the water to hard with his fist and he got water in his face. Other then that we really love bath time and singing to all our favorite disney songs. Right now his favorite is beauty and the beast which I think is funny.

My mom bough Sawyer a bunch of utah clothes and some of them are finally starting to fit. As my brother paul would say we are "raising him right" He looks so cute in red which works out perfect because we aren't Y fans at all! GO UTES! He really loves my mom and dad so much. Sometimes he is pretty stubborn when my dad is trying to talk to him and he will look everywhere, but at my dad it's pretty funny.