April 21, 2017

The boys started karate over the winter break. They were pretty excited to break their boards with their feet. How hilarious are these pictures of the boys on the couch asleep. it spans for about an hour of time and they are all over the place. We really love the light the world campaign for the church. it focused on service and doing kind things and showing love. We would put ornaments on our paper tree and would write what we did and put them on. We went on the polar express with the boys. Walkie loved santa... next year will probably be a different story. we started using the otteroo to build strength in his legs and body. it has really helped him. he looks hilarious in it. Benson Broke his arm during christmas break and walkie had to get xrays for possible pneumonia. luckily he just had bronchitis. my kids seriously can't catch a break. Benson tripped over ball in the back yard and landed on his arm wrong. he was in so much pain during his xray and while they wrapped it. he is so awesome and so brave. Walkie and i got to go to sawyers school for his chirstmas painting party. All the little girls in his class loved having a baby there. We got to help one weekend in December at the food pantry. we were there a long time and did a lot of work and the boys didn't complain once. it felt really rewarding being able to help and give back. 

we were able to have both sets of grandparents come for walkers blessing. The Haskells left after the blessing and Bamp and sunshine stayed that whole next week. It was so fun the boys were out of school so we just played. Sunshine bought the boys their own computers which they love and bamp taught benson to ride his bike. And walker was adorable meeting bamp for the first time. He is such a smiley baby but won't smile on face time so when he saw bamp for the first time he gave him a huge smile. it was really sweet. We loved having visitors and we HATE when they have to go home. We were able to have thanksgiving with a bunch of our friends. it was so fun.  how handsome are the all the boys on their own blessing days. Braydon gave such a sweet and tender blessing to our Walker. He is such an amazing dad