September 13, 2009


I love the rain in the early fall!! I love that it isn't cold, but we still get some moisture. I love watching thunder and lightning. I am excited for fall and all the fun fall activities, but i can't wait til next fall because I will get to do them with my new little man and braydon. I got to spend a lot of time with my sister after her surgery poor sister. She had jaw surgery and i'm sure it wasn't that much fun for her. She is starting to have better days and better nights though. She had a rough first week. She looks really good. not very much bruising which is really lucky because everyone said she would bruise like crazy. Her swelling is starting to go down. I am glad we are on the road to recovery because it has been hard on everyone mostly her. My belly is growing and I feel really huge for being almost six months. I hope everyone feels that way about themselves so i'm not such a weirdo. Braydon has been so good though even though i never see him now that school has started. He tells me i'm skinny and that i'm beautiful even though I gave him a list of what he needs to say to me... at least he does it right???? Well, bring on fall and all the colors and festivities.