June 17, 2014

We got to go hang out with ben and blackly. the boys loved their tramp and their big back yard. They are so much fun and i just adore their mom brittney. these boys of ours love their dad, but they really love when he plays and wrestles with them... usually it ends up with someone in tears, but they sure love it. 

We went to the library for story time with benson's girlfriend ( as he calls her) they are so cute together and he just held her hand. no one told him he just did and they walked like that... it was adorable.
this is Sawyer and our good friend kolby. He was sawyers first primary teacher. Sawyer loved having his best friend george's dad be his teacher. This was Kolby's last day as his teacher because they were moving. We do a baby swap with our really good friends the barringtons They have two adorable boys charlie and orin. my boys love them. Well we watched them and we played outside and got super super dirty. so we made a green bathtub and the boys had a blast playing in the water together. Benson is obsessed with chapstick. and he always wants to hold it and put it on... and yes eat it. He is always puckering up for me to put it on him. My sweet sawyer has always been a terrible sleeper, but every once in a while you will find him falling asleep in the weirdest of places... this is him falling asleep eating his dinner after his bath. the best part was his iPad show was sooooo loud. 

We  have been having a hard time keeping benson's clothes on. He just wants to be naked all the time. well the really bad part is when he takes off his pants and his diaper and poops in his bed!! he was in lots of trouble and i told him not to move... that is why his face is in the side of his pack and play because i didn't want poop all over. These boys love when it rains so they can wear their boots... well it rained but not enough to make puddles to jump in. I love this drawing sawyer made of me... it really is uncanny. I love driving these crazy boys around. They make the car way more fun. It's pretty quiet when they aren't driving with me.