January 23, 2011

My baby (who is not a baby anymore) is one!!

I can't believe I have a one year old!! It went by WAY to fast.

Sawyer is obsessed with cell phones... mostly my dad's blackberry. He always knows it's in his pocket and can always find it. We had to get him a cell phone put on top of his cake! He tried to push the buttons on it. So funny

We had to get two cakes... i know a little much, but I wanted him to have his own and what's a birthday party if the guest can't have cake too? He loves sesame street! 

His little fourwheeler. Would you expect anything else from the this boy... hello who is his daddy?
Somethings that Sawyer is doing and saying
If you ask him how old he is he puts up his finger and says "unnn" for one.
He says kitty, that, more, momma, dadda, ball, book, and a lot of baby talk
He loves to dance and sing. If I sing to him he will dance. He likes all kinds of music. When the song ends he will try and sing it to you again. It's adorable.
He loves the bath, but is very afraid of bubbles so we can't do bubble baths.
He loves to copy what you do
He is still a very bad sleeper
He is so smart and will sit on the floor and hold his book and flip through the pages and read it out loud
He would play the piano all day if we let him
He loves to play chase around the island in the kitchen he laughs and laughs
He tries to get into anything and everything he shouldn't mostly the bathroom. He loves to put the toilet paper in the toilet... the whole roll. It's awesome!
He has been giving more kisses which I just love

We can't imagine our life with out this little boy of ours. He is the best boy and he brings us so much joy. He is a happy, funny, smart, crazy, loud, never slowing down, darling boy. I cried when the night before he turned one. I love every stage he is in, but it was really hard for me to have him turn one. It went by so fast.... to fast.

Mommy and daddy love you sweet boy! Happy birthday! You make our life so amazingly incredible!!