March 26, 2011

This child of mine is the most darling, fun, crazy, adorable little boy, but he is a terror!!! His new favorite thing is to tell me no no no and shake his finger at me. This week he has loved doing things he knows are naughty. He stands on the couch and tries to play with the pictures on the wall. He looks at me laughs and says no no no and plays with him... so naughty. We go to church (sometimes I wonder why) and he yells, he laughs he tries to run around, he sees the basketball hoops in the gym and yells ball, he won't let anyone touch the hymn books... yes he needs all of them so they have to either sit somewhere else or go find their own, he wants to get out of the chapel, but as soon as we do he screams because he wants back in... really naughty. If you ask for a kiss he will come towards to and open his mouth ( yes we only get open mouth kisses) and right before he gives me a kiss he will say no no no and run away. Naughty!! My dad was playing outside with him and he told him to come inside Sawyer turned to him smiled, laughed and ran the other way SO NAUGHTY! He totally knows what he is doing. I don't know how to teach him everyone laughs at him so he thinks it is even more funny and like time out would work and the more I say no the more he says it and tries to do all the naughty things. Any ideas would be so great!

But just when I think i've had it with ALL the naughty He looks at me with this adorable face and I just melt. He is so sweet. Tonight during his bath I was washing his hair. Well he decided he needed to wash mine so he put shampoo in his hands and started washing my hair and then he just kept kissing me and laughing and kissing... he is just the best thing in the world! He melts our hearts everday and tests our patients all the time. He is the biggest joy and mother hood is so hard, but the most magical and amazing thing in the entire world. We are so lucky to have this little angel/terror!

March 05, 2011

Hotel fun!

Braydon's cousin got married this weekend at the Manti temple. We had to be there by 8:30 so we decided since it would be an all day thing that we would get a hotel. Thanks to my amazing mother for letting us use some of her points at the Marriott. We brought our swim suits and got take out and checked in. We were trying to get Sawyer in his swim diaper and swim suit, but honestly he only wanted to play with the hotel phone. It was so funny. He pretended to call people for about 15 minutes. He was just chatting away to himself. Who knows who he thought he was talking to. Lately, he only wants to call and talk to people. He loves phones ( all electronics actually) but, he has been throwing major fits if he gets the phone and it doesn't  call someone or have someone at the other end talking back. My favorite has been when he throws it at me because I didn't call anyone. So I'm sorry to all the people he has called. We get kinda desperate. We had such a great time swimming once we finally got him away from the phone He hated his life jacket but we wanted to see if he would try and float in it, but no luck so we just took it off. He laughed the whole time. We played chase and tried to blow bubbles and when it was time to get out we had a very sad boy. It was so much fun watching him just have a really great time. The wedding was beautiful, but we are also really happy to be home because Sawyer is already a very bad sleeper and it doesn't help sleeping in the same room with him and he can see us. Pretty much all night we heard "da da da da" "ma ma ma ma" and "uh uh" (he can't say the oh part) because he would throw his blanket or bottle out of the crib. Such a silly boy!

This is the best picture by far. He was laughing so hard. His face is just priceless.

Daddy trying to teach him how to blow bubbles

Trying to stay warm outside the temple. He had three blankets under there. It was really cold. We stayed for 2 pictures.