July 21, 2012


Benson had his two month check up last Friday. Poor guy had to get three shots. I hate when they have to get shots. It breaks my heart every time. He was so smiley and then boom he was in tears. I get teary eyed every time. He is growing he weighed 13 pounds he is 30% for weight 28% for height and 85% for head. Both my boys have big heads. It's a Belnap thing. He is still the sweetest and smiles at everyone, but mostly at his mama and sawyer. He is so ticklish he has been laughing so hard every time I tickle him. I always want to do it because his laugh is so darling. He loves to stand he is so content if we just let him stand on our legs. He still hates to be alone and still needs everyone's attention. He loves to swing and watch tv. It's do hilarious. We went to brave and he just loved standing on Braydon's legs watching the movie. He won't really take a binky which I hate and he loves to chew on his hands they are always wet and I hate that too. He is such a joy and we just love him so much! How did we ever survive without him??

July 10, 2012

Telling Benson to get out of the bumbo. "it's my turn"

morning brother time

Sweetest boys ever! gosh, i love them

I have no words!

Sawyer telling Benson stories again. This is something he loves to do.

Brother bath time. Sawyer loves to have Benson join him.

He loves to sit in the bumbo. He gets so happy

So happy just hanging out smiling at his brother

But it does make him tired working so hard to sit up

After his bath he said he wanted to have his hair combed crazy

Hanging out with daddy!

I am one lucky lady!

bonding time!

Deep in thought

hanging out at the pool with lily... he loves her.

He is getting some chub!

Starting to get rolls! it's so adorable.

I'm green lantern

hanging out in moms bed

I love how happy he is... i love that both my boys are so happy. It makes life so fun.

hmm this hand is delicious

he is starting to laugh and it's the cutest thing

Our mornings are pretty similar... they hang out together, sawyer has to hold him, tell stories, and kiss him

He likes to hang out with his brother... Benson is forced to right now, but I know he will want to just hang out and be just like his big brother

Sawyer fell asleep in my bed so i put benson down by him.

so strong. He loves to stand up. He wants to stand up all the time.

Sleeping in moms bed

Must be a good dream

Last day of swimming lessons. He has improved so much. Doesn't lauren look amazing... she should be pregnant all the time.

Just getting the mail after swimming lessons

Just a typical morning. He loves holding hs brother... his brother likes it from the look on his face

always kissing him... one of my kids has to be shirtless or pantless in pictures

Driving his bumblebee car on him.

" I am sharing my toys with benson mom" "you proud of me" YES buddy i'm so proud. You are such a great big brother and such a good boy.

July 05, 2012

We had an AWESOME 4th of july! We spent all day outside. 5 hours at the pool in the morning then the rest of the day at the park playing, eating, volleyball, poppers, fireworks... oh and did I mention the sweat? It was SOOOO hot! over 100 plus the humidity. It was kinda miserable, but we still had such a great day. Everyone was so sweaty so it didn't matter. Everyone pitched in a little for the fireworks and then our amazing friends the youngs and sorensens ( they are already dentists... jealous) they spent a lot a lot of money on big fireworks. It was so fun to be together with our friends since we coudn't be with our families. I love this holiday and I was a little sad that I couldn't be with my family back home. I am so grateful for the men and women who have fought for our freedom. I am grateful to them for many reasons but mostly for the fact that I get to live in this great land, worship as I please, and have a an amazing family. We are so lucky!

Braydon and sawyer going down the cardboard slide. it was a huge hit!

The kids eventually wore the slide out and just had fun playing with it.

You can't really tell how hot it is by his face but he was so red and so sweaty.

Some of the kids doing poppers. Yes... this is not all the kids! It's a lot of fun!!

Oh weird sawyer has his shirt off! we were lucky his pants didn't come off too! Thank heavens we didn't forget his captain america shield at home!

I told him to say God bless america. and he yelled "God bless captain america."

Some of the babies.. viviian, benson, anna, and jack

Then we added baby norah to the mix. ages go 2 months old for the three on the left and then jack is 3 1/2 and norah is 5 mo.

His sparkler ran out!

so much spoke from the smoke bombs

sorry for the random pics, but we went and played at beau laura and brook's house. it was so much fun!

Hanging out with the stroller.... yes this was in the house and he was hiding in it and I coudn't find him forever

Hot sweaty boy laying down watching some of the big fireworks

Brooks, Morgan, Shep, and sawyer

Ty and lala

Cree and Meg

Whitney and paul... they don't have kids, but for some reason they always do??

The shaws natalie, kenz, keith, and clara

the barretts emma tanner brit and blake

George jess and ollie... kolby is out of town

Katie, lydia, chelsea, jake, patrick, and carson

Jack, melissa and lily... pat was lighting off fireworks

The strongs

Rob and Kellie... she is having her baby today! She looks amazing

The youngs and sorensens... their husband are lighting off fireworks

sven richard and cassie... paisley is asleep

Parker, jeremy mason and emily

Beau, brooks and laura

ummmm braydon do you like fireworks??

I love this family!

My guys!!

Watching the big fireworks and finale! Benson liked watching the lights and sawyer thought the really cool thing was the glow stick in his hand!

My happy clean baby! It was so hot and sweaty that after the boys bath they were so happy and got sooo tired!

I don't think sawyer has ever been so easy to put down for bed time! he was so exhausted and played so hard.

Sweet Benson couldn't stay awake any longer! Such a fun exhausting day!
God bless American... and captain america too!