July 13, 2009

Quick update

So summer is always such a busy time for everyone. This summer isn't any different. We have been doing a lot of fun things. Braydon took the first part of summer off of school and it was a nice change to get to be together a little bit more since we never see each other while he is in school. We go swimming every night at my parents house. It's just fun to be with my family in the warm pool with the beautiful sunsets. Four weeks ago we got to hear that babies heartbeat. It is so amazing and it was really fun for braydon since he isn't the one with the changing body the hormones and the feeling sick it's fun for him to be more apart of it. So we are to the 4 month mark and we are getting more and more excited everyday. I just see my friends as moms and i want that so bad. It really is a pleasure to watch their lives change and watch my friends grow up. Danielle is on the tail end of her pregnancy and I couldn't be more happy for them. I can't wait to see those darling girls. What a blessing to have two babies on the way. Cami is going to be a teacher this year.... how cool is that i really can't believe where life has taken us. Bridget is just off doing so many fun vacations and loving married life. We've been hanging out more with jessica. who i adore and i'm so happy for her jace and kellen. I know how special it is to have an enternal family. It's really crazy where life has taken us. It's funny. We don't talk everyday, but they are still so important to me and when we get together it's like we haven't been away from each other. I'm proud of them and where their lives have taken them. And i'm pretty sure they know how important they are to me. My dad's back is finally getting better. He is back at work full time and we are so glad that our old dad is almost back. It was a sad hard deal. he is so tough. Paul gets married in 18 days. Madison is in Arizona until the wedding and it's really weird having her gone we are doing all these fun summer things and it's not the same and it feels like our family isn't complete with out her. I am excited for their wedding i'm not excited to go down to AZ for the wedding in 106 degree weather. HOT!! Braydon is back in school so he has to fly down thursday night late and then we leave saturday morning. What short vacation. The fourth of july was super fun. We had our entire family over for a bbq and swimming then we went to the fireworks at davis high! I love fireworks they just are something i really enjoy. I am a little child i know. I know everyone's lives are so busy right now and i hope you are having a great summer!