November 08, 2012

Sawyer didn't have preschool on monday and it was rainging so that means... craft time while benson naps. Sawyer picked to do a handprint turkey. it turned out adorable.

he insisted on wearing his batman mask for the picture

I love that they love each other, but i really hate when sawyer is up and benson is napping because sawyer can't stand to be away from him. he always tries to wake him up and usually succeeds. he always ends up in his bed too! Sweetest boys. oh how we love them.

This is what 5am looks like at our house.

Benson sporting his brasil shirt for his daddy and uncle mat... who got his mission call to BRAZIL!!! we are so proud of him and so exited for him.

we got invited to a little build a bear party... it was the first time sawyer went and he LOVED it. He is still talking about it. We probably won't be going back for a long time, but it was so fun. he picked batman for the bears outfit and named him super batman. He also put in a heart for him and a heart for benson. So sweet!

He had to much fun that he was out cold on the way home!!

my sweet captain america!! he cracks me up. It's hard to explain to him halloween is once a year. He has to wear his costumes all the time still... i can't say no! he always gets into character. it's one big super hero party at our house!!

He's got all the moves down.

We had a carnival at our clubhouse. there was pizza, bounce house, face painting, a dj, and a clown. The clown made the most amaing balloons. Sawyer is obsessed with them. they are about "dead" but we still have them. we also went trick or treating at the new care center by our house. Sawyer was hilarious. Every time somone would give him candy he would yell "you're the best happy halloween avengers assemble" he was cracking me up

moring carpool with lily!

Sweet boy! all clean

crazy hair... i can already tell it's going to be curly

matching brothers.

daddy is really the best! when daddy is around i am nothing. he gets attacked when he comes home!

oh i think he is so delicious... i love this happy boy!

Sawyers face when i told him that halloween was tomorrow!

Benson wasn't feeling well tonight... he cried for about 3 1/2 hours... pretty hard. He was so sweaty that his hair was so crazy. i felt so bad for him. He finally fell asleep! I hate when my kids cry.

we love facetiming my family.... we got a bunch of sweet shots of sunshine

This is sawyer pretending to be asleep and then would scare my mom

our bed is the place to be in the early morning!

I am one funny mom! Sawyer laughs so hard when i rap for him.

Get that tie! it's so delicious... benson's pack and play is in our closet! poor kid

Sawyer playing guns ( mother of the year) put your hands up and play dead

we went to kga... they have an open gym where the kids can play on all the tramps rings floor ect

Even benson thinks i am so funny!

"i'm calling and texting my daddy"

super heroes! we are always safe when these boys are around!!

my batmen!

the movie was so intense!

he still loves his jumper

Blur?? he loves jumping of the couch.

he is so ticklish

so happy after his nap!

morning in moms bed!

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cute guys!!

being brave out in the cold!

hanging out in sawyers bed! just being silly... i don't think benson really got into it.

poor kid has to entertain himself a lot while I nurse. He is such a good sport!

Just doing the brother thing... teaching him the ropes

giving such attitue... he doesn't know i invented it!

Sawyer as batman with super batman wearing a hulk shirt... he took super batman to show and tell this week.

this is how he would grab his candy to eat it!

sweetest faces! our favorite little people! we adore this two.

just a little after church photoshoot!

they are so handsome!

it was so nice outside we had to take advantage of the sunshine!!!

This just melts me! they love each other so much. it's like sawyer is givng benson a pep talk

tubby time!

out on a walk

The boys at the ward halloween party. dracula and jake and the neverland pirate

this picture has a story behind it... i don't want to get into to much detail, but he got his feelings hurt pretty bad and he came home and cried and cried. i tried to put him to bed, but he came out crying and said "mom can i please just sit with you on the couch i am so sad" i couldn't say no. So he fell asleep crying on the couch. I know kids have to work it out and he can be mean too. but this really broke my heart. I wasn't mad at the kids or the parents I was just sad that he was so sad. I know this won't be the last time that he gets his feelings hurt but this was the first time that he really understood and remembered the next day. I kissed my boys a lot more and hugged them tighter that night.

Sawyer "working" he loves to do anything his dad does.

Braydon didn't have school on tuesday so I asked him to just take time off to go to the movie wreck it ralph. it was so cute and sawyer is still asking to go again. of course with ten minutes left both boys fell asleep!

who knew toes could be so yummy!

sweetest sleepers! it's rare and it feels so good!

Things sawyer says and does

* don't freak out
* when the sun is up it's naps when the sun is down it's bed
* green light go, red light stop, yellow light... slow down and use caution
* if you tell him something... anything really he will say " ya i know"
* he loves to say... ha ha no you silly or hah ah ya you silly
* he loves to make benson laugh
* he always acts like we are on a roller coaster when he get on the freeway
* he sings a lot
* whenever benson is crying in the car and I ask saywer to sing to him the song he ALWAYS picks is the abc's .
* every day that he has school i ask are you pumped for school and he says ya pumped pumped pumped!
* he always has to hug his dad a million times when he leaves
* when his dad walks out the front door he has to go to the patio door and yell goodbye daddy i love you so much and blow him kisses
* the other day i bough arthur christmas and avengers and i told sawyer and he said "i don't believe it. this is the best day EVERRRR. those are my favorites. you are the best mommy hulk.
* he says everything is his favorite even if he has no idea what it is.
* braydon is big hulk, i am mommy hulk, sawyer is little hulk and benson is baby hulk

about baby benson
* he is so spoiled and always wants to be held
* he smiles most for his dad and brother
* he smiles all day long
* he is a bad sleeper like his brother... thanks to his brother
* he loves to put anything in his mouth
* he hates the car
* he loves to stand up
* he will be fine laying on the floor if he can see me. if we walk away he will cry so hard he stops breathing.... spoiled.
* he loves the bath
* i can see him get frustrated because he can't do what he wants like crawl or walk.
* he loves to snuggle his blankets but not his mom