January 27, 2012

So we saw this darling pin on pinterest a few weeks ago. yes friends I know I have a problem! Well, we decided to do it and send it to my mom and braydon's mom. It's a hug. So we got red paint and did sawyer's hand prints and then put a red ribbon attached to each side. It really is so adorable. My mom sent us a picture of her "hug" around her neck!

                                                                                 Sawyer also decided to paint my dad and braydon's dad a picture and send it to their work. This is us facetiming my dad and him showing us the painting hanging up at work. He is quite the artist huh?


Cooking, playing and the big boy potty!

Sawyer just loves to help me cook! Everyone morning he wants to help me make breakfast mostly waffles, but he loves to cook eggs too. Lunch he doesn't really participate in I guess lunch is the least fun! Dinner he is always in the kitchen with me the entire time. If I don't have the chair ready he lets me know it's time for dinner and to "grab it"

This was the first time he helped me make cookies. He thought it was "Deeeeeelicious"

he is also obsessed with play dough, crayons, and paint. if we don't do one of these things i'm in trouble.

Sawyer has been interested in the big boy potty for a really long time. He always would tell me he was going and that he wanted a new diaper. So we thought after Christmas we would just introduce him to the big potty and see what happened because i really wasn't sure if he was ready. It has been going pretty well. I still think most kids potty train quickly easily but we kind of aren't pushing it and he tells us when he needs to go. At first he was just telling us he needed to go and we would run to the toilet and he would just sit there for a while do nothing and say "all done" So for a  few days we just made it a really big deal even if he didn't go and cheer every time we went on the potty. We sat him down and told him if he went pee pee he could have a treat and if he went poop he could have a present. So Monday he actually started telling us he had to go and would actually go!! So he got treats and he liked that so now he is doing it all day. He either goes naked during the day because he takes of his diaper or he wears his underware. We have had one accident! Tonight was the first night that he has acutally gone poop! We were pretty excited and he got his present so he was soooo happy. It may take us longer then other kids and i'm ok with it. We don't want to freak out our sensitive child.

So this is kinda sick sorry, but he took his cookie in the bathroom because he can no get on and off the toilet by himself YAY!! So I followed him in and he had his toy and a cookie while on the toilet. today when he got off the toilet he said "proud of ya buddy" He repeats everything and this time I didn't even have to say it!!

Feeling better

Sawyer is feeling so much better. His little body is still a little bruised, but is healing.  You can see that his little black eyes are almost gone! Thanks for all the prayers on his behalf. We sure appreciate it!

He is obsessed with wearing his dads stuff. Mostly his dads hats! He has to wear one everyday.

I love his laugh! it's so fun and contagious!
Sawyer was laying in bed last night talking to himself and all the toys  he had in there with him... ironman (which our darling friend lauren gave to him for his birthday... thanks lala he loves it!!) 3 spidermans, woody, buzz and many more. This is the conversation he had
Sawyer- " buzz are you hungry? ok! what do you want? applesause, nuggies, and french fries? i like it too! lets do it. fold your arms. MAMA!! (yelling) buzz no fold arms"

Then I thought to myself this is the exact conversation I had with him at lunch today.

January 24, 2012

Bye bye binky!

So we decided it was time to get rid of the Binky. Obviously we picked a horrible time... it's pretty much a horrible time whenever you change the life a your child I think and lets face it the Binky is one of Sawyer's  favorite things in the whole world. I was really scared because he is already such a bad sleeper that it would just make things that much worse... but how much worse could they get? So we were all in our bed watching kung fu panda one night and Braydon and I looked at each other and said lets do it tonight. cold turkey lets just get rid of it. Well, we have talked about ways to get rid of it. Like putting it on a balloon and sending it in the air, or having him just take it to our big dumpster and throw it away, we have cut the Binky and he still doesn't care, we put a hole in it and he doesn't care. So we decided to pack him up put him in the car and take him to target to let him pick out a toy. we told him on the way there that he had to give his Binky to pay for his toy. We kept repeating it over and over on the drive over so he understood. he was so excited because he was going to get a buzz or an iron man. so we got there he started running where he thought the toys were. So we got to the isle of the toy story characters. He  was so excited. He saw all the fun characters, woody, buzz, bulls eye, Mr. pork chop, and Rex (his favorites) He already has a woody so we told him maybe a buzz, but he could really pick whatever he wanted. So he picked a buzz and off to checkout to pay for his buzz with his Binky. We took the Binky off his shirt and he carried it to the lady. The lady had his buzz and waiting for him to pay. He handed her his Binky and said "bye Binky love you much" and we left. He has asked about it only at night because he has been sick, but we have not given in. He now knows when he wants it and asks for it he says "Binky for buzz" We will see how it goes, but I think he will soon forget about it beloved Binky!

January 23, 2012

So one of our sweet friends from our ward saw my blog post about sawyers hives and said that her daughter had the same thing two years ago, but it was actual not hives but something called erythema multiforme. Well, Sawyer's feet were still pretty swollen yesterday and he was unable to even walk or stand up because it hurt him so bad. So we decided we would get a second opinion. Sure enough sawyer doesn't have hives he has erythema multiforme. Luckily he was on oral steriods and it's starting to improve. This caused in children and adults after a severe viral infection. it's not very common, but it can either be caused by medication or just by the immune system being compromised. So it is very similar to hives in how it comes about, but if un treated can be pretty bad. We are so thankful for all the calls, text, and prayers on behalf of our little boy! We are on the mend and feeling pretty dang good about it!

January 22, 2012

Hives really?

So yesterday was just like any typical saturday. Braydon went to study and Sawyer and I got up and of course he wanted waffles and strawberries... his favorite lately. So around 10:45 I changed his bum and he had a little rash that just looked like his diaper might have been irritating him a little bit. So i put a little cream on it and really didn't think anything else of it. Well, I changed him a little while later and the rash had gotten bigger and went to the other side of his leg. So I called braydon while studying and he just said keep an eye on it. well 12:30 came around and he had pooped so i went to change him and the rash had turned into small penny shaped circles that were lifted off the skin and so I decided to take his clothes off and check him. he had small dots and some penny sized dots on his chest and back. At this point I had a little bit of a melt down because we both have been sick for two weeks and things just haven't really been looking up. And now he has this rash. So I thought maybe chicken pox, but at the same time it didn't really look like chicken pox, but it was certainly possible because his little immune system has been so compromised lately. Obviously our pediatrician wasn't open anymore so we took him to insta care. They did a strep test and checked his oxygen level all normal. the doctor came in and gave him a good exam and said he has hives. he asked the typical questions has he had a fever... yes five days ago of 105 almost had to be hospitialized. has he been on medication? Yes albuterol, a prescription cough syrup, and amoxicillin for his double ear infection. has he been on amoxicillin before? yes no reaction. have you tried new foods? no have you been anywhere outside? no we have been in our house for a week and a half. The doctor said because he has had rsv and his immune system isn't very strong that it could be caused by anything. REALLY? how crappy do I feel that something i did or didn't do caused my son to have this horrible hive outbreak. So he put sawyer on a prescription anit-histamine, cortozone cream, and an oral steriod. It started off as small bumps and a few hives and then in the morning he had a whole cluster of them all over his back, side, bum, legs, neck, eye lids, ears, under his chin, and by his mouth. it has been breaking my heart. He was up all night saying "ouch mama it hurts" I couldn't help me and it made me cry. so there we were two little cry babies! The doctor said hives can last one day or last 6 weeks. From how last night went we won't survive six weeks. So our cute friend cree came over today and helped braydon give sawyer a blessing. WE are so grateful for the priesthood and friends who honor it. We have so many great guys who we can call at anytime. I am thankful that we have modern medicnine to help my son feel better when he feels so crappy. I am aslo extremely grateful for issurance... seriously we would be broke if we didn't have it. We are starting a new week and hopefully our house will be sicko free. Cross your fingers.

this is how it started. small... and this freaked me out?

when we got up in the morning... so much worse

ouch mama it hurts!

it's worse in areas that have more heat like under his arms

you can kinda see the hives on his eye lids and face

poor guy just wants to lay down because it hurts to move. He walks on his heels because he has hives on his feet, ankles, and toes and it's hard to walk.

Some of the hives are healing and they are turning into bruises. The bruises were the first hives i noticed

small hives that started tonight on the backs of his legs... also a few bruises

He looks like a marble floor

Eating his quesadilla

My happy boy. Through it all even the tears he has tried so hard to be happy

He made himself a bed on the living room floor because it hurts to climb on the couch. He also lays with his arms up because it hurts to have them down because he gets hot. Get better soon buddy! We love you so much:)

January 20, 2012

I had to document the sweet event I witnessed tonight. Some might say I am a little odd because I had a melt my heart experience watching my sweet son tonight. We were playing with his toys after an intense painting session and he grabbed his panguin ( his name is Pablo after one of his favorite shows the Backyardagains) and said " mama Pablo's tired I put him in my bed." so I said ya buddy that is a good idea. I don't really think to much of this because you wouldn't believe what this kid puts in his bed or how much stuff is in there sometimes. About ten minutes later while we were playing with his trains and animals he got the most worried look on his face and said " mama pablos's crying, I get him." he left the living room so fast and grabbed Pablo. When he can back he had Pablo is a blanket wrapped tightly and was swaying back and forth and said " I hold him and love him... He stop crying." apparently that sweet gesture didn't work because Pablo was still crying. So sawyer decideded to feed him and give him a bottle. That worked and we went back to playing. Again, about ten minutes later he said " oh no he's cryin, I get him mama!" so back into his room he went and he came back with him wrapped up again. " mama he need a diaper" so we changed Pablo and he was good as new sawyer rocked him for a bit and put him back to bed because " hes tired" I honestly don't know where he learned this maybe from watching me with the younger kids during our baby swap, but it was really sweet to watch him care for Pablo and be really concerned for him. Maybe he will love his little brother this much too? Here's to hopIng but for now he will just be my sweet boy to all his little animal friends!

January 19, 2012

Playing on the leappad sunshine got you. He has made so many drawings already we had to delete them and start over! He loves it and calls it "my puter"

Hiding from the doctor!

Braydon's grandma made this cowboy bib for sawyer. He loves it. He tries to wear it to church with his cowboy boots.

at another doctors office!! Poor kid can't catch a break

We had a tornado warning on tuesday. Of course braydon was at school and it was freezing outside. So i put a million layers on sawyer incase we had to go camp out in our shed!

Going through the tunnel

We have been inside for the last week and half because the doctor said sawyer shouldn't go around other kids for a least a week. So we have to find fun projects to do. Coloring, painting, and playdough are top on his list right now.

Sick little boy! I feel so bad for him. He still is sick, but definately not as bad.

we bought this tent for his birthday. He loves it! Today he decided to get pillows and daddy's blanket and make a bed inside. He wanted me to tie up the flap so he could watch toy story while being comfy!

Braydon's mom bought him this monkey sweat suit. He loves to pretend he is a monkey... all the time!

Sawyer and Braydon... doing what they do best. Sleeping together! Sawyer has always been a really bad sleeper. Somoene help us before his brother gets here!! So lately braydon comes home from school and they fall asleep together on the couch because they are both so tired from sleepless nights. Sawyer sure loves his daddy and daddy sure loves sawyer!

Can you tell we love spiderman? if you look you can see he is holding 2 out of the many spiderman toys we have at this house. He asks everyday and ever night if he can wear his spiderman jammies. They are starting to fade in color because I have to wash them so much because he only wants to wear spiderman. You better look into a bigger size mom!! ha ha just kidding.
Happy birthday Buddy! Even though you were really sick 105 fever and three medications, we still got that million dollar smile from you and you tried so hard to enjoy your birthday. You were sad your friends didn't come over, but it was fun just having a little birthday party with just us three. Your dad even sang out loud to you! happy birthday little boy! You are 2!!!

Bestfriends... they share a birthday. There is no one better then sharing your birthday with your sunshine! happy birthday mom/sunshine. We love you so much:)

January 12, 2012

I have a little ache in my heart tonight. Tomorrow my little baby boy is going to be 2!! We had a fun little party planned, but unfortunately Sawyer has RSV and is pretty sick. We all seems to have a different bug in this house. Braydon has the common cold. I have strep and bronchitis. So we are all medicated at the Haskell house. So I cancelled his party today after the doctor said to steer clear of people for a week because he is really contagious. He won't notice, but it made me feel pretty sad. So we will do something fun tomorrow with just our little sicko family of three. Sawyer has always been so sweet and sensitive. He has the most tender heart, but sometimes he forgets it. :) he is kinda like his mama... so my dad says. He is a little man now and it makes me so excited, but so sad. We have so much fun together. He lights up our whole world. He is just magic! Although, some days we have the terrible two in our house he just melts our hearts. He may not sleep, eat well, mind all the time, or wear socks, but he is mine and he is smart, funny, handsome, so tender, and he is ours. We are so grateful that he picked us to be his parents. Life would be so dull without him a part of it. Anyone  who is around him just falls in love with him.  I know most parents feel that their kid is the best and I believe that. Their child is the best, but mine is too. He is just the best. I can't believe he is so big already and that is going to be an older brother. We truly have enjoyed our time with just our little guy, but we are thrilled for the future. He is going to make a great older brother. He will provide torture and love! Happy birthday tomorrow our sweet boy! You make our world brighter!!

January 06, 2012

Hello 2012

Braydon's mom sent him some birthday presents... braydon let him open one early!

Our friend "lala" invited us to long run park to play and feed the ducks. i didn't get a good picture of sawyer and shep, but the one of him and george waiting for the ducks to come is so cute

Watching lion king... he loves to watch on mama's bed on his tummy

Playing playdough with daddy and mommy for family night. He plays everday now!

So tired!!!

Happy new year from kentucky to all our friends and family! We love you and hope this year brings you everything you want and more!
I am pretty excited and scared for 2012. We will have our second baby boy in a few months and we are soooo excited, but it's a little freaky for a lot of reasons. We are super hopeful that we will be ok at it. We had a great party at our friend kolby and jessy's house... i don't have any pictures from it though. We each brought an appitizer and then we played the newlywed game. It was such a fun party. then we went home for a bit got in some comfy clothes and went to another party at the hall's house. Melissa decorated it so cute and had hats and confetti poppers for everyone. Sawyer had it by about 10:30 but you know we stayed.... against my better judgment though i haven't had the easiest time adjusting back to kentucky time and that i am no longer with my family. bring it on 2012!!!

an out of order post, but amazing stay in utah

Sawyer and sunshine playing together on her computer... although she doesn't let him touch it and surprisingly he doesn't

swinging with sunshine... sorry about our ugly yard. since we removed the trees it's looking pretty sad

Some of his christmas presants. He was pretty tired, but so excited

He wanted to swing everday

helping daddy with the fence

this was a daily thing. sitting on "bampa's" lap. He made him show him horse videos everday over and over

Riding clyde

the little bit of snow we got while in utah... I made sawyer put on his snow clothes because he looked so cute in them

hello spiderman obsession. my mom got him the jammies and we got him the mask and spiderman character... he wants to wear the jammies EVERYWHERE!!

Playing piano with sunshine

Swinging with uncle jon

Sad day... bampa taking us to the airport to come home

Being with sunshine

such a poser

he loves anyones glasses and loves bampas truck

Playing with uncle mat... he loves this darling track toy braydon's parents gave to him for christmas

out to lunch... in his spiderman outfit of course... not worth fighting that fight

hanging out with bamp

Horse riding in the snow... he loved it and still talks about it

Swinging with daddy

sleepy spiderman... this was the first day we were there

Last night with my parents... sad face

Playing on bampa's i pad... watching horse videos of course

so excited to go open presents and grandma and grandpa haskell's

Just one of the many huge stuffed animals my mom got him... she is so funny

lovin on sunshine

with clyde

On the airplane! he is pumped

Swinging with mommy

He is obsessed with my brother ben's cat jinx. He always had to hold him

The bountiful temple from my backyard on our last night. So beautiful

We had the best time in utah. Sawyer and I went a week early because bradyon had finals and we just couldn't wait that long so we said see ya to daddy and headed home! Sawyer did really well on the plane rides. He just wanted to talk to everyone. As soon as we landed in Utah he screamed "I excited... sunshine's house" we were on the back of the plane and he kept telling everyone to move and hurry so we could get off the plane. My mom, dad, sister and brother jon all came to the airport to greet us... well greet sawyer. he went off running to them as soon as he saw them. He got slowed down a little when his pants fell to his ancles. the sweetest thing was when he started to cry because he was so happy. He kept hugging my mom and and dad and kept saying "I so happy" We went home and my crazy son didn't nap all day and was go go go until about midnight utah time which was 2 am kentucky time. that is pretty much how everyday went unless I layed down with him. We did a lot of hanging out, seeing movies, and just enjoying being home. We went and picked braydon up from the airport and sawyer and I waited outside and he kept yelling to people walking out "daddy I here" and as soon as he saw his daddy he ran as fast as he could to him and started to cry because my sensitive boy is just like his mama!! The 23rd we went to my grandma's house "gg" as sawyer calls her. It is always a highlight of christmas for me. I love getting together with family. My grandma is so generous and kind. I can't even express my gratitude for all she gives to all of her grandchildren. christmas eve we went to dinner at my grandpa's house. It is still so weird without my grammy. It is still such a blast to see my cousins though. We missed those who were at in laws though... don't think about doing that again :) Christmas was so fun we went up to braydon's parents house and opened presents. Sawyer is in love with the track/table they got for him... they had it shipped here and he plays with it all the time. Then we opened presents at my parents house. Of course sawyer go spoiled there too. Everyone was so giving and way to kind to us this year. A huge thank you to my parents who let us stay with them, fed us, let us drive their cars and use all their stuff. They are truly the best!! We had the best time in utah. Seeing my siblings, cafe rio runs, movies, late nights, no snow:( dinners with friends who i've missed, seeing sawyer light up everyday because he is so happy to be surrounded by everyone who loves him. We are so blessed. 2011 was a beautiful year for us and we have been so blessed in our lives. Next time you see us Utah we will be a family of FOUR!!