September 28, 2012

Well Summer is official over! We had a great summer. Lots of changes. we had benson sawyer become a brother, braydon got some time off which we loved, but then went right back into school and that was and is awful! I love fall! it's nice weather, the leaves are so beautiful, the colors, the smells, the food. I love it. My parents get to come visit soon and WE can't wait. it's going to be so good to have them here. Benson had his four month check up and shots. I hate shots. It makes me so sad and emotional every time. He is 30% for height and weight and 75% for head. Both my boys have big heads! Benson is starting to talk and talk A LOT and it is hilarious. He growls at us and it's so funny. sometimes he will only talk if he is holding my hand. and as soon as he lets go he stops. He is always happy and is such a sweet boy. He is not a good sleeper and I give credit to his brother. In our tiny apartment you can hear everything and every time sawyer is up everyone is up. I am trying really hard to get them both sleeping, but it's really not working out so well. Sawyer has hit the terrible twos. I am honestly not sure what to do. I know that its difficult that his dad is hardly around and I know that is part of it. Part of it is his age. He really is such a sweet boy, but right now he thinks everything is his, or should be. He is also so smart and that gets him into trouble. He is has also learned hitting! ugh i don't know what to do. He spends a lot of time in time out which is really hard on both of us.I have to keep reminding myself he is only 2 1/2. It's not an excuse, but i do have to remember even though he is so smart he doesn't understand everything. So we just repeat things a lot and we give him little lessons/talks.  although he can be naughty he is so good with his brother. He loves his brother so much. He also makes us laugh all the time. He is so funny. the other night we had a big thunderstorm and he says "mom i'm just really freaking out about this" he also was trying to fly of the couch and i kept telling him no finally i said if you do it again we will go to time out. he said "mom I just texted you that i was going to do it and it would be ok" where does he come up with this stuff? On the way to the park today he said " captain may be at the park, but don't be afraid i am spider man and i will take care of it.

Both my boys love to be in the bath! I don't know if it's the warm water, the fun toys, or splashing around. But they both hate getting out. bath time is always an event at our house.

Aren't they just so delicious?? It got a little quiet and for those that know my boys that can mean something very scary is happening. I went into the boys room and this is what I found. I am not sure how sawyer climbed into the crib, but he did. They sure do love each other!

Sawyer loves to help Benson with tummy time! When benson rolls over sawyer lets us know he can roll over too!

it got a little cold this last week at night so we bundled up when we went on our nightly walk. he fell right to sleep! how come they don't make these for adults?

this is how we eat caramel apples at our house!

sharing the cookie dough

we got to hang out with our friend brooks for two days because his darling mama had a baby! we ventured out to Costco. The boys made sure that we got a pizza before we left!

Benson just being so happy while the boys eat their pizza at Costco

getting ready to go on a walk
don't worry this is spider man he will protect us. he dressed himself. That shirt is a size 5 he wears 24 months to 2T and he is wearing his spider man hat and glasses. So we are good. No worries this kid has enough spider man stuff. I swear i would never let my kids wear crap like this, but he loves it and I love how passionate he is about it! So that went out the window.

sleepy time

Have i mentioned this year is already really hard on everyone? We really hardly ever see braydon. We usually see him at least an hour everyday for dinner but we didn't see him for three days because they had a huge test in pathology. Sawyer was over the moon happy to be with his dad. He said he needed to stay up to play with his dad and watch a movie with him. How could i say no? They both fell asleep within minutes. He loves his daddy so much! I wish i could be loved like that

pinterest fun! Baking soda vinegar a dropper and food coloring. He loved watching the baking soda bubble! it was a fun thing to do while brother napped.

silly guy! He is such a ham

Game day!!! We miss utah

sawyer loves to sit on the table with benson!

Lily loves to hold benson! Benson loves lily. He always laughs at her and we all know sawyer is obsessed with lily

He loves to hold his whale while we go on walks or hang out at the park.

He is so happy after his nap! I just always want to kiss him! I love love love kissing my boys! They are just so so so yummy

Hulk smash!

Waiting to go on the ice cream factory tour! loving the hair nets

Even benson had to wear one... it looks good on him.

Oops sawyer decided it would be a good idea to color on the doors in the house... mom thought it was an even better idea to make him clean it up. he was less then thrilled about it.


He still loves his jumper. He has finally figured out how to do all the little things on it! he gets pretty proud of himself.

He loves his tummy

I am such a funny mom! or a crazy one. Sawyer just wearing his "jake and the never land pirates" costume. He calls the boots his rocket boots.

Late late late night cereal party??

This is our typical night... trying to entertain ourselves since our dad is off working hard studying all night.

This was the night utah played byu. the game started at 10 here and he wanted to stay up so bad and watch football. ya that lasted all of 10 minutes and he was out!

out on a walk! with lily crazy sawyer and little bundle bear!

Sawyer did benson's hair! he looks darling no matter how his hair is.

can you see that dimple? adorable.

Just loving his jumper!!

opps... mom must have left him in there to long! He doesn't really cry and he just got a little to tired! poor guy

Sawyer obviously didn't want to come home from school

sweet baby boy! snuggling with mom! this only happens when both boys are sleeping!

snuggling mama! I love this so much!

sunday night walk. Sawyer is telling me that the "inja turtles" ninja turtles live down there.

captain america and thor

supporting sunshines online school!

oops sawyer is caught in the act... he loves using benson's things. I am just glad he didnt' break the swing.

oops caught a few minutes later with benson's Binky and fast asleep! The swing works for all ages!

He thinks he is sad... whenever he makes this face I always just say... dont' you dare and he smiles and gets over whatever makes him sad

I realize I take a lot of sleeping pictures, but i love them.

Pumpkin bum!! So cute.

bundle bear!! getting ready to go outside

" I'm just watching YouTube videos mom" what the? where did he learn about YouTube. and he seriously finds his own shows. the other night braydon found him watching Portuguese videos.

Just relaxing!

so sleepy!