February 28, 2014

Brothers!! I just can't get enough of these brothers.

These boys have been testing me lately. Benson is into destroying EVERYTHING and sawyer is into being a monster who makes benson run screaming. We have been stuck inside again... which is really really hard on everyone. We have had some crazy  things happen like messes, spills, messed up bedrooms broken and ripped books permanent maker drawings, shampoo and conditioner all over the floor... that is super fun to slip on, cereal and gold fish that have been stomped on I PROMISE I WATCH MY KIDS! But then you have these moments where you catch your boys reading books together, laughing together and just being happy. It melts all the unwanted mishaps and craziness disappear and you realize what is really important and your sanity comes back after seeing your older son whisper secrets to his little brother and that little brother laugh and grin so big his face my rip! They are always reminding me that God is so good to us and he loves and knows us. I love these boys so much! They make me SO CRAZY and SO HAPPY!!

February 23, 2014

About Sawyer

Mom sometimes when my poop hurts it means its scared to come out and it means that it's a daddy poop because its big and when it doesn't hurt it's not scared and its a son poop.

Sawyer:Mom since you had a head ache yesterday you gave it to me today. It hurts so bad. Me: put your head against mine and give me your head ache... Did you give it to me? Sawyer: yes I did but we need to find someone to give your head ache to so you're not in pain" sweetest boy ever

We were playing a game and sawyer said we better read the "constructions" so we know what to do.

We had a little incident with sawyer and two of his little girlfriend where they decided to show each other their parts. He said they were playing a naked game. Well even though it was all innocent we still had to talk to him and help him understand we don't take our clothes off in front of other people and we keep are parts to ourselves. He then saw the two girls at the park the next day and went right up to them and said "I can't play the naked game because my parts are special to me and we have to keep them private"

This Sunday at church in sharing time they were learning about bodies and how we treat them special and sawyer raised his hand and said " we have to keep our clothes on and keep our privacy parts covered up because they are very special to me"

Benson learned how to pound it and sawyer said "mom I learned him that are you so proud of me?"

"Last one there is a ROCKING egg"

We play zingo on the daily and sawyer always says " whoa this game is getting intense"

Conversation just now with sawyer
Sawyer: mom i took my magnumfly glass (magnifying glass) today and looked all over the house to see if I could see those yellow sprinkles (sparkles) like tinker bell has. Because I know that is what cottons lmagic looks like when he flies and Santa says he can't show me but I am going to try so hard to find it on my own

It doesn't snow often in Kentucky but it started snowing today and sawyer shouted "I can't believe my eyes!"

Mom can I have a wolly pop... Lolly pop

Mom guess what is really true? What? I love you and it's really true I love benson and daddy.

We were playing a game and it was my turn and every time I would do something right or win sawyer would shout " wahoo ya that's right that's my mom"

Mom patience is when you don't freak out at a red light

Sawyer is still into super heroes but he also loves the show Sofia the first rescue bots ninja turtles, bubble guppies, paw patrol and still a favorite backyardagains.

He loves to tell me "mom I love you to the moon and back moon and back moon and back moon and back and to infinity and beyond!" And when I say it back to him... In the most surprised voice he says " you love me that much?"

Kelon got a calling in church and was asked to stand to be sustained. Well sawyer got so excited for him and kept saying " good job Kelon I'm so proud" and he kept clapping

Sawyer hates when his blue silky is warm! He only likes it cold

Sawyer cut his foot up pretty bad! And I was putting a bandaid on it and he was crying and benson came over held his hand and kept kissing his hand and head. And rubbing his arm saying owie owie owie and soft! Loves these sweet brothers!

Sawyer asks every morning... Am I still four? I'm pretty sure I am.

I'm cooking dinner and sawyer walks into the kitchen. He says "mom turn around" I turn around and he is on his knee with a ring " mom will you marry me" of course I said yes... He jumped in my arms and gave me a big kiss. Looked at his dad and said "we are so in love... Married love! You can watch benson while we get married"

I told sawyer we would leave him at home if he didn't finish his sandwich that he had been working on for 30 minutes. He said mom Ohana means family family means nobody gets left behind... I am your son and we are family and we need each other you can't leave me behind! About broke my heart! Love that little boy so much.

Today on our way to school sawyer said "mom did you know Jesus died for me and then he rised up with living breath" and " Heavenly Father only asks of us to be like his son did you know that mom?" He is so smart

Our love is so great mom our hearts combine one side of our love is mine the other is yours and it forms the heart. That is so much love

Sawyer's new thing is when I ask him to do something he will say as you wish my queen

about benson.

I love how every time I get him out of bed he lays his head on my shoulder

He loves the word no!! Help us

He always says thank you. He says it in the sweetest voice and it is adorable

He says LUB YOU! love you all the time. It's the sweetest.

He still is biting sawyer and he but him so hard the other day it bled and still his bruised and scabbed.

If we are in a large group he makes sure to tell everyone that I'm his mom and Braydon is his dad. So they know that we are close by.

He begs to call everyone in my family daily. Some days someone gets mentioned more then other and somedays it's everyone equally. He does love to see baby Lillian though.

I was getting benson dressed for the day when sawyer walked in with a hulk toy and benson looks at me and says "hulk smash" in a little growly voice! It was the cutest most hilarious thing. Now we make him say it all day.

Benson loves to get a chair and climb up and turn the lights on and say "tada"

He loves kissing! He will kiss your head, your arms, your feet and lips! He is so sweet.

If benson wants to do something like watch a show or play guns he will say " show" raise both hands and yell me!

If you ask him if he wants to get on the tubby he will shout yaaaaaa and then you say who wants to get in the tubby and he will raise both hands and shout meeeeee

He loves to run with his arms behind him and his body hunched over its hilarious

He could brush his teeth all day if I would let him

He flirts with girls and its so cute

He asks to call someone all the time. And he always asks for someone different

He cries for his dad all day long

When he is sad he wants me though

He loves his brother but also loves to hit bite and pull his hair

Benson says: mommy, daddy, sawyer, sunshine bampa, jackee, benny, paul, manny, baby, loodie, jon dahl, yummy, cute, happy, yellow, doggy, kitty, bear, hulk smash, kate, emma, swing, slide, yummies(food) chair, tada, blankie, teeth, bubbles, tubby, bike, ride, car, more more more, no, mine, uh oh, owie. 

He is a lot more shy then sawyer. He is very sweet but has a temper and a scream that would make anyones ears hurt
Sawyer refuses to nap even though he needs one because he is a horrible sleeper... you would think he would finally start sleeping if he didn't nap... nope no such luck He always falls asleep on the couch before bed. Benson is killing me lately. he always says he wants his yummies.... which is all food, but he brought me a handful of powdered donuts. He ate four i think! He loves them. He also loves eating them while i tickle his back with his shirt off! We got to watch the barrington boys! They are so cute! The boys love charlie but are obsessed with baby orin. Sawyer really wants a baby... a baby sister to be exact. They were both so soft and so nice to baby orin. I loved watching them.... it made me want another baby too! We love talking pictures on our way to take sawyer to school! Benson really misses him while he is gone. We made monsters the other night to show sawyer that monsters are make believe and not real! it was really fun and they turned out so cute! We played at the tennis courts with ollie and george. The boys had a great time! 

We got to be outside again!! we spent almost 5 hours at the park... i am sure we should have left after a few tantrums but i did not want to go back inside!! It made me a little sick to think about going back inside. Benson and mckell were so cute holding hands at the park! love those two little sweeties.

bums, chalk and puddle jumping

 The park was way to wet and muddy so we headed up to the tennis courts with chalk, balls, snacks and our puddle boots! It was great to feel the sun shine on our faces! The boys were making me laugh every time they bent down to do chalk their little bums were hanging out! We love having friends to hang out with too! It's fun that parker and mason are sawyer and benson's age.