October 30, 2010

Hair cuts and Halloween

 This is what Sawyer does when he Crawls. He sticks his tongue out. It's so funny. 

         This gives you an idea of how long Sawyer's hair was before we cut it. I was so sad to say goodbye to his curls, but it was getting a little out of control. I cried when we cut it because now he looks so old. Here come a few before and after shots!

Getting His hair cute. He actually did really well and sat very still. We had aunt em cut his hair at home. So much easier then in her salon.

Yes that is my little baby... who I need to start to realize isn't a little baby anymore:(

Look how cute I am with my new hair cut and my very wet shirt

This picture makes me laugh. You were laughing to hard and something stupid I was doing. 

Uncle Ben and Sawyer. Uncle Ben is in his utah scrubs.... must of been a game day.

He's a little sick of his costume.

This is a bag that my cousin linds found for me! Can you believe it had his name on it. Probably the only thing that will ever have his name on it. 

After a bath and getting out of his costume he was a happy boy. This is all the candy his mommy and daddy will be eating! Thanks buddy.

Successful night! 

 We had such a fun night. We were going to put Sawyer in a different costume, but my mom bought this one three days ago. He looked so cute. He was so funny. We went to visit a lot of family and friends. He grabbed his own candy and put it in his little bag. We just love our little tiger! Hope everyone had a fun and safe night.


October 15, 2010

Fall Break is the BEST

So like you already know since I probably write about it a lot... we NEVER see Braydon, but since he had Friday off of school we made big plans for this weekend. Although the weekend isn't over I had to post our day. We had so much fun. I was able to start the day off with getting my hair done and not worrying about getting someone to watch Sawyer. He was able to play with his daddy for a few hours just them which I know Sawyer just loved. Then we went to lunch in Salt lake and then headed to the zoo. Sawyer loves animals and loves going new places, but even at nine months this day of fun was mostly for me. After the Zoo we headed to Gardner Village for some shopping fun. We totally wore Sawyer out. He didn't nap today. Oh side note: Sawyer slept last night from 8:15pm to 6:00 am... Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!! It was like a dream. I haven't felt that good when I woke up in a long long long time. I think we are breaking this little habit of his hopefully. It was so great spending time together today with just our little family.

Trying to get Daddy's Hat

Just taking a rest on dadddy

Of course you measure up!

Talking to the ducks... he was so excited to see all the little ducks

zuri the baby elephant was so cute!

Gardner Village
Getting Sleepy

Fell asleep on daddy's shoulder. So sweet

October 10, 2010

Sawyer crawls now. It's so cute to watch him learn new things and try so hard. When he wants to get somewhere faster he army crawls and he goes pretty fast, but he gets so tired, but he crawls on his knees and does the army crawl. Today he climbed up the stairs for the first time. He has been trying for a while and finally mastered the task. He tries to scare people. It's pretty funny. He makes this funny sound to impossible to describe in text. He sometimes bites and I have no idea where he learned he could even do that. He has pretty much always like the bath, but now he doesn't want to get out. He would stay in the bath for hours if I would let him. He loves music and loves to sing along when I sing to him. It is very sweet. He still adores my mom more then any other person... well besides Braydon and I. I think auntie emo is a close second. He really like to help mommy with laundry... this makes it very difficult for me, but I love that he wants to be so involved. He talks all the time and plays all day. Sleep is a thought I think I should just give up. Sawyer's hair has become so curly. It's so cute... it goes kind flat throughout the day, but when it's wet it is the most darling thing. it's soooo curly. He loves books and trys to turn the pages all by himself and gets very frustrated when you do it for him. Church is still challenging. We have made it through the whole meeting twice without having to take him out. He is just so loud and it's nap time during church. I am sure that is how it is for everyone. We just adore this sweet boy of ours and love the stage he is in right now. We can't wait for fall and all the holidays and then CHRISTMAS . I am so excited for all the holidays to come. And yes I am proud to say I have already started to play christmas music. Everyone thinks i'm nuts, but I love it!
On conference weekend we always bring out a mattress so we can all lay around together. Sawyer thought he should get the bed all to himself. He would just sit there and watch the t.v

Hanging out in his robe!

He loves his new car seat. He loves to look out. Sometime we will yell at the people in the cars next to us. It's so funny.


I love this picture! This just says it all! I love this boy more than words can describe.

He is so excited to be at the park and go down the slide

Slide time with Daddy. WE like it when daddy can come to the park. We have to go on sundays for him to come.

Action shot!

Such a happy boy! He had such a fun day at the park

This is my uncle jim... He doesn't hold babies. My cousin missy got a better picture on her camera,but we all rushed to get a picture of him actually  holding a baby!!
I honestly can't believe these sweet girls are one! And this is the first picture we have taken of our kids together. Oh sad. We don't even have sweet coley in there. These are my friends Danielle's twins. Paisley is on the left and Presley is on the right. They are adorable! And Sawyer loves them, but I don't think the feeling is mutual:)

This sums it right up... pres is out of there. She can't be bothered because she can walk, Paisley can't be bothered because she has her BA BA and Sawyer can't walk and doesn't have a ba ba so he is just hanging out

My happy boy!

Just the beginning everyone is happy

Oh Presley is starting to get sad because Sawyer is trying to love on her a little to much. Paisley is just looking at both of them like.... "why aren't any of you playing with me?"

Oh now it's way out of hand! Poor Pres is so sad. Sawyer isn't around other children except Danielle's kids and he doesn't really know how to act or play friendly. Sorry Pres!

He finally found Paisley and they are as happy as can be.

Future MR. And MRS.
This is how Sawyer has been sleeping lately!

This face he is making is to funny I had to post it.

We loving going to the park! Even if it is dark!!

My parents hired a band and had a big party on their lawn! We had a great time. No kids were allowed, but oh well Sawyer hung out with all of us.