June 16, 2009

My kids are back for a visit from??? Mississippi!!!!!!!! Jack, sophie, annie, and baby noah are back for 3 weeks! My mom sent me a picture text of them in the pool while i was at work and said they were leaving before i could get home. I begged for them to stay an extra half hour so i could see them. I just couldn't stand it and i told the girls at work I had to go see my kids! I walked out to the pool and almost started to cry! I've missed these kids so much. sophie got out of the pool and i hugged her little wet body. She is me and I am her she is a doll... yes i think i'm a doll too:) Then mandy's sister brought noah down. Oh my goodness he is so big I hardly recognized him. Mandy and Mike are expecting their 5th and final baby. I am so excited because he/she comes august they are being silly and not finding out the sex until the big day. Sorry i stole this picture from your blog it's the most recent that you have of all of them on it and i love the just woke up look. I love these kids so much and i'm so excited for the next three weeks. I just don't want you to go back!

June 13, 2009

Birthday wishes and taking care or baby and forever families!

So today is bubba's birthday. What a crappy day for a birthday it's raining and wet and cold and it's june. It's funny how birthdays are happy days for our family and then we wake up to such a gloomy day. I was sitting by my dad this morning since he is still struggling from his two herniated disks and i just thought as much as a miss bubba and sarah i am so grateful for their lives and the small amount of time we got to spend with them. I know they are taking care of each other and I feel so blessed that our baby gets to be with his/her aunt and uncle for the next few months. Laughing, playing, learning, and loving. I feel so comforted because even though our baby won't remember them here on earth our baby got to spend time with the some of the two most important people in my life. I must say i'm a bit jealous because what i wouldn't give to hear them and touch them and just love them on a more real level again. We are so lucky to have eternal families. Just recently two well four because i love their husbands too... my friends were sealed together. Jace and jessica were sealed to eachother first and that was so beautiful and magical and then they brought sweet kellen in. What a treat to see them become an eternal unit. David john and Danielle were sealed the week after to their sweet baby cole that they adopted in November. I know that this has been a long time coming for danielle and dave. I love that they can be together forever. It's really a tender mercy and miracle from above that we get to be families FOREVER. The veil is so thin and today i feel really lucky to witness and know of such miracles.

June 02, 2009

So it's official! We are going to have a baby. I am almost 9 weeks (this friday) We really wanted to wait until we were 12 weeks but my sister went through my phone and found my pregnancy test picture! Oops, but it was a really really hard secret to keep so in a way i'm glad it's out of the bag. We are so excited and can't wait. We are due around january 7th. Both our parents will be first time grandparents and we each have one set of grandparents who will be greatgrand parents. We are hoping this baby will be SPOILED! We are so scared excited happy and grateful. I am so excited to watch braydon be a dad. I know he will be so amazing. He is really nervous, but i just tell him a lot of men are like that. He will be just fine and i know that everything will work out. WE have such an amazing support system our family and friends are so good to us we are so lucky and this baby will be so loved!!