August 28, 2010

I apologize in advance for the large amount of pictures I am going to post, but this is going to be printed out in a book one day and I wouldn't want to leave anything out! We had an amazing trip. Sawyer was AMAZING and that is a total understatement. It's a little weird being the only one out of all my siblings and cousins with a little baby. It was also somewhat challenging to pack for all of us and for Sawyer...3 suit cases later we were all set to go. Yes, i'm an over packer and I was glad I overpacked. WE needed all of the stuff we brought for Sawyer. We are so thankful to my wonderful grandmother who gave us this opportunity to go on this trip and my wonderful parents! It was an unforgettable adventure and i will cherish the many memories made on this trip. We are so blessed and so lucky.Goodbye salt lake... hello Hawaii

Getting ready for take off!

Whatever keeps him happy. He loved sitting on the tray.

This is when he finally fell asleep... for like twenty minutes. I was so proud of how well he did on the plane ride.

He loved the tv screen.

Wearing my dads hat... on the plane ride there

Honolulu  I don't have any pictures of where i lived... everyone was so grumpy, but when we went to the north shore braydon asked our bus driver without me knowing if we could drive past it. I was so sad because i thought we would get to... and we did. I was so happy to show my family where i lived. Dumb i know, but i was so happy!

This is what happens when daddy feeds me

Such a funny face. My sister em says i make this face

He loves ice cream

eating ice cream... yes i gave sawyer ice cream... sorry

beach time with grandpa

Playing with grandpa


Laying out with mommy

playing in the water with daddy

So windy... coming back from a fun day at the beach

at dinner

After going to church

Beach time

Walking around early in the morning... we were a little off because of time difference

Ben is such an awesome uncle

WE went up to this beautiful area. So pretty.

Sawyer all bundled up

This isn't the whole group, but here is the story with this. We woke up at 2:30am so we could drive up the mountain to a dormant volcano to watch the sun rise. It gets pretty cold up there and sometimes it snows... snowball fight in hawaii anyone? It didn't snow, but it was still chilli. It was such a cool thing to do. Then some us rode bikes back down that mountain. That was fun.

Braydon and Sawyer

My parents!! Thanks again for an awesome trip

the driver was really worried about taking a baby from sea level to 10, 000 feet. This is Sawyer at 3 in the morning. He is so cute

I love this boy so much. Just trying to keep him warm. He wouldn't wear a hat or his hood.

A little tired looking?? Yes we were very tired and a bit cold.

We are at 10,000 feet. Above all the clouds and this is does not even do it justice. It was so beautiful and such an awesome thing to experience.

after a day of swimming and ship fun.

uncle og and Sawyer

I put my feet in... that's about all i could do. It was so cold.

Playing with daddy and going so high... this is the best one I got. Braydon was throwing him so high... scary

This water was freezing. I MADE Braydon get in with Sawyer. Sawyer didn't want to get out. He loves water. They had a great time swimming together.

Ashley, Missy and Erica

Tired baby! Long day

He's always so happy and he laughs ALL the time

on the tender... he loved the little boat ride and look out at the water

Everyone went scuba diving so my mom sawyer and I went shopping. So fun to be with my mom and Sawyer. Even though her phone broke and it was hot.

My handsome boys on formal night

Another snuggle time with mommy on formal night. He looked so darling

drying off

This is what bath time was like on our cruise. Not the easiest place, but he loved all the mirrors.

Just playing in our cabin

Tired mommy and baby. He hardly ever snuggles. This time he did and we fell asleep. I love this so much

This is the state bird of Hawaii. My grandma bought it for Sawyer and it sings. He loves it.


Just hanging out

Right after breakfast

Grandma Em, and baby Sawyer at breakfast

My dad fed Sawyer everything under the sun... he loved every bit of it and now he doesn't want to eat baby food

Daddy and Sawyer looking through the door right after breakfast

fun in the sun

Mommy and baby

Playing on the balcony

Daddy and Sawyer getting ready to eat lunch

Laying out and always having fun

Fun at the beach

Swimming with my boy. He was scared at first because the waves were so loud, but once he was in he loved it!

Last beach day. It was so fun swimming, surfing, and boogie boarding

Best buddies

Right after dinner. I love these guys so much

Hanging out before bed time

My grandma gets us matching shirts every cruise. This is the whole gang. We spend a day all matchie matchie. We do it for her because she loves it. We wear them with a smile on our face!

My family in our matching shirts

Tired Hot baby

My sweetie

our family at the waterfall

Cute little sail boat
My happy Hawaiian baby

just some random picture of beautiful Hawaii

This picture doesn't come close to showing what happened at the temple visitor center. Sawyer saw this statue and he went nuts.  He was waving his arms, talking, and laughing. It's amazing and so sweet how close babies really are to heaven.

Our little family

Our family. The last time we were all here together bubba was with us. It was a little emotional for me and special to all come back. We missed having him there though... A LOT!

Me and my little man

My sweet Sawyer on the temple grounds

For me the last time I was here was when I lived in Hawaii. It is such a neat place and i'm grateful for the men and women who died serving our country

Just some of the family at Pearl Harbor

Sleeping at Pearl Harbor. It was so hot and once we got out on the ferry boat it cooled down and he fell right to sleep

And finally awake

We were a bit tired from such a fun long day. I have to admit at this point I was really nervous about the red eye

My little sleepy boy! He was amazing on the flight home. He didn't cry once.
Goodbye hawaii... Hello salt lake