March 01, 2015

Benson lately has wanted to wear his goggles everywhere. he looks so hilarious wearing them. I am so sick of sickness!! these boys have been feeling so crappy on and off this winter. our friends brought the boys sonic slushies and sawyer made the cardboard box into armor. His imagination always amazes me. the boys bought me flowers because i found out i have a pretty bad infection in my uterus. we had to stop taking some of the hormone drugs because you can't get pregnant while one these antibiotics. hopefully we can get rid of it and get back on track to adding to our family. 

The boys bought me and themselves their own rings. we got married. it was adorable. love my sweet boys!  we also got to be in charge of sawyers valentines party at school. Benson loves going to his school and sawyer is always so sweet with him. and how adorable are they in their matching red shirts on valentines day?? love them.
how cute are these boys showing off their muscles? and little boys in underwear?? adorable. someone in our ward gave us a giant big person sized box. The boys loved playing in it. they colored on it, hide in it and tried to convince me to let us have a sleep over in it. The other night benson woke up screaming so loud. when i went and got him he was wet on his arms and face... he had a bloody nose.. it was everywhere. Because it's been so cold we decided to have a picnic in the house. it was fun to do something different. we finally got the ironman dolls my mom had made for the boys. They turned out amazing! the boys love them, but we have rules... we want to be very careful and safe with them. 

it has been so cold here, but on a day that it warmed up to 40 we bundled up and rode our scooters to the grocery store and then stopped and played at the park. we had to get out of the house. i think i'm going a tiny bit insane. this is how sawyer likes to ride the elevator.. or alligator as benson calls it.

fertility treatments and er visits

who doesn't love giving themselves shots? actually it's not that bad anymore. The worst part is a few hours and a few days after. the area is really sore and then i have bruises all over my tummy, but we are pretty much willing to do whatever to get a baby. We prayer and fast a lot. We know Heavenly father has a plan for our family and even though it's really hard to wait and wonder i just have to have faith and put my trust in him. it's easier said than done, but i'm working on it. 

So we had a scary situation. Sawyer wasn't feeling well. he had strep and came out and couldn't breathe and was coughing so hard... then he started coughing up all this blood and it started coming out of his nose. it was so scary. we rushed straight to the er. the did a bunch of tests and he had pneumonia, but they don't know why he was coughing up blood. They sent us home to keep an eye on him. It was one of the scariest movements of my life.