December 26, 2009

Dear santa,

Did your sled break down? Did you forget where I live? I am a little ticked that I did not get the simple request of a baby this year. Well, no baby yet and from the looks of things I will be going over the due date. I think i've just created a such a great place for this baby that he doesn't want to come. I tell him every night that he really wants to meet me, but he just stays put. Hopefully we will not go over the due date, but if we do we will be happy i mean really happy when he comes. It's time to give up this body suit.

December 13, 2009

Dear Santa,

I know that my due date isn't until January 5Th and I want a healthy baby, but I secretly would love to have a baby here for Christmas. I know that is a lot to ask and it's only for selfish reasons, but there isn't anything else I want. I have everything I need. An incredible husband, the best family and amazing friends. I am just really looking forward to meeting this little baby boy. If you can accommodate my wishes that would be so great.

thank you so much,