April 21, 2011

Happy birthday to daddy!

We met dated fell in love
You took me here and we began our forever
We found out our family would soon be three and that you made me a mommy!
Our sweet boy arrived
We got tired and old
You became the best daddy
Our son would rather be with you then anyone else in the world
You've changed us... ALL
Happy birthday to my best friend, husband, father of our child, and the best daddy ever! Sawyer and I love you more then we could ever tell you. You make us so happy and make our lives so much better because you were born! Thanks for all you do for our little family. Thank you for working so hard in school so we can have a great future. We are so proud of you for graduating college and we are looking forward to our new adventure together. Love you dada!

April 01, 2011

Hello spring it's nice to see you!

Spring has arrived... although I hear it's supposed to get cold on sunday ( NOOOO) We are loving the warm weather. Yesterday ( didn't have my camera opps) sawyer and I played outside from 4 to 8. Yes you heard me right he had snacks for dinner ( bad mommy) we walked around the block almost 4 times. We had to turn around because he fell and was so sad. We jumped on the tramp swung on the swing, looked at the du du du (deer) walked up to my grandma's next door for a visit. He ran on her balcony back and forth searching for the du du du. He fimally spotted them on our neighbors lawn and we were out of there. He is a busy busy buys boy. He keeps me on my toes and he runs every where. it's rare when he will just walk. I have to make him hold my hand which he hates. These pictures and videos are from our day today outside. It's nap time, but I'm sure once he's up and he's eaten we will be right back outside throwing the ball around and blowing mommy kisses, but the most fun things is to run really really fast from her:) We are excited to play with our daddy outside all day tomorrow. He loves Braydon so much and i'm so thankful for their sweet relationship. We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather as much as we are. Happy springing to everyone!!

He loves to swing. If you look close enough you can tell he had been crying. He loves my camera

He really wanted the camera

jumping on the tramp one of our favorites

He likes to go down the slide, but he really loves to try and climb back up

Juice break

mama mama ball ball ball

This time we tried sitting down to drink our juice it worked better.