February 21, 2011

Mommy caved and gave him some cookies. He got really messy!

On sunday our church got cancelled due to the snow. So we bundled Sawyer up and he helped his daddy plow the drive way. He cried when I tried to bring him in the house.

He is just such a happy boy. He loves to hold our i pod and listen to music.

Because it's been so cold we have had to get a little desperate. We have been going to pet co almost daily to see the "ish" and the birds. He knows right where to go and loves to point to all the fish. He loves to get your attention and try and get you to come over and look too.

He wants to touch the fish.
Here are some of the things sawyer says, does, or that I find just completely adorable.

* He sits on the floor and flips through the hymn book and sings while he turns the pages and he will sometimes do this for hours. He sometimes will go play notes on the piano and then sit back down and sing. He sings in church with everyone else and he also tries to conducts.
* He can point to his noise and mouth
* He says dada, pa pa, mama, kitty, doggies, deer, more, no, that, this, ball, fish "ish", banana "nana" hot
* He blows kisses, but that just means when you say blow a kiss he just covers his mouth with his hand. It's pretty dang cute.
* He usually runs he hardly ever walks.
* He is terrified of elevators. He totally freaked when we rode on one.
* I thought he would love a bubble bath, but he started to cry and get all the bubbles off him
* He hates bubble baths but he loves to blow bubbles
* When I tell him his food his hot he blows on it.
* He will make me sit on the floor and he will sit on my lap and read books to me now. Sometimes he sings instead of reading!
We love this little boy of ours so much!

Grammie Great

I was going through my old camera and found these pictures. This was the last time I had the opportunity to spend the day and have lunch with my sweet grandmother. It was just like any other day. I picked up one of her favorites a kids meal and frosty from wendy's. We had a great time chatting about her life as a young girl and meeting my grandfather, having children of her own, becoming a grandmother. She was just so proud of her family. The love she had for all of us was indescribable and completely unconditional, but that was not the big miracle of the day for me. She made sure we knew she loved us. The miracle for me was that Sawyer my 8 1/2 month old sat on her lap for almost three hours. For those that really know Sawyer know that he hasn't been still like that EVER not even when I was pregnant. It was so special for me to watch him sit with my grammie and for me to see her love him. The way I have always known she has loved me. I will never forget that day and the gift that my sweet son gave to me by sitting still so I could watch the love between a great grandmother and her great grand son. It was pretty special.

February 14, 2011

Our darling little valentine!

He was so hyper running across the couch!

Showing him his balloon

Loves to kiss the monkey balloon

Hugging his balloon

The silly valentines shirt I made Sawyer

The let go of his balloon and was trying to get it! 

Happy day of Love everyone! Sawyer mommy and daddy love you so much and we love each other. You make our world so great!

February 13, 2011

Dad's surgery and a glimps of warm weather

My dad had surgery almost 2 weeks ago to replace his left knee. It was way messed up. The surgery went very well and he is jut at home recovering. Surgery is no fun for anyone. We hope to see real progress in a couple weeks. He is up and walking around and doing his physical therapy everyday.

 The other day Sawyer had just had it. He didn't sleep the night before at all, he took one twenty minute nap and just stood looking out the window sobbing. So I bundled him up really tight and made him very warm and we went on a walk and a little visit to one our friends. He loved it. He would stay outside all day if I would let him. Well, Today it was warm enough to play outside for a bit. My dad even came outside too. Sawyer and my dad sat on the swing for almost an hour. They both had such a great time. He loves his grandpa. He either calls him pa pa or da da so funny. And, sometimes the only way I can get him to do anything is by saying let's go get grandpa. Mean I know, but he really does love his grandpa and will do pretty much anything to get to him.

 Today I am missing ben a lot. It's a little challenging for me that by the time he gets home sawyer really will have no idea who he is, but we will show him pictures all the time and tell him all about his awesome uncle ben. He is doing really well in Columbia and he sounds very happy and very strong.

February 01, 2011

Some crafts I've done lately

So I've NEVER really been crafty. That was always my sisters emilee's "thing." I have been wanting to do some crafts because braydon is not around much and It takes a lot of time so since i have A LOT of time (not really) but a lot of time without braydon I thought I would give it a try. I have been making blankets, bows, burp cloths, flowers, binky clips and a bunch of crafty wreaths for different holidays.... mostly valentines. I also made a darling night light for Sawyers bedroom and if I ever have a girl I will make another one maybe more that are pink! No pictures of the night light, wreaths, or binky clips. They didn't turn out very well. Although they are not the greatest I know that they were made with love(and with no sewing experience) Hopefully you like them if not please don't tell me!! \

* side note: I am not pregnant and I would love to have a girl someday, but If I don't I will just have many gifts to give away!! 
Not a typical baby girl baby blanket

This fabric is so hard to sew on, but it's so soft

girl version.

I put brown silk on the other side. Sawyer is obsessed with blankets with silk on them, so I though I would make some girl ones

darling burp cloths I'm in the process of making about 15 more, but a different style

boy version

Again so hard to sew on, but it's so to cute and to soft