March 24, 2013

we finally get to see daddyt

we are going to see daddy tomorrow!!!!

on our way to go pick up daddy from the airport! we had to dress up of course! 

i was so sad benson fell asleep! 

running to his daddy!!!  they both cried. it was really sweet 

i don't think there has ever been a boy who has loved his dsd more then this boy loves his daddy. 

he wouldn't leave his side

finally benson is awake to see his daddy! he got so big while daddy was gone

my sweet sawyer!! he is so sensitive and caring... yes he can be crazy, but it's moments like these that make you forget all that. He makes us so happy and so crazy

loving his kiddie cone from artic circle

this is what happens when you take it away. poor guy was so upset

Braydon hates cats... shame on him huh. i love when jinxy always want to lay on him. We love cats at our house. 

it's the best having daddy around. the boys always wanted to be by him

making our reindeer handprint craft

getting excited about the show he was watching... he is killing me with the no pants dance

snuggling with his sunshine

this is where i found him... just watching a show in the bathroom

benson got an ear infection and had to take medicine this is sawyer talking to him telling him it would be ok

watching the ipad and playing with the nativity 

holding bensons hand while he takes his medicine. what sweet brothers

loving the nativity too

Benson loves animals but he always wants to eat or lay on jinx... poor jinx gets attacked by both boys

sawyer set up the nativity. he said all his friends wanted to meet baby jesus... he also calls joseph JOVIS 

teaching benson about the birth of jesus

dinner must have been good! 

he loves my moms santa alarm clock he kept hugging it

just working on the mowgli crawl

this kid loves to eat

cutest present ever!!!

on our way to temple square lights and city creek

snuggling with uncle ben

the boys loved all the sparkly lights

sawyer being silly with mommies glasses

this is me telling him santa was coming soon... he is really really excited

we wore this kid out!!!