December 25, 2008


Tis the season!!! I love the holidays. It is filled with family, good food, tradition, music, and remembering the birth of the savior. Every year my grandmother has her party on the 23rd we play games sing songs and just hang out it is so much fun to be with all of my cousins!! On the 24th we go to my other grandmas and do kind of the same thing. My grandfather always talks and he shares his testimony of the savior and it is always so beautiful. It was so nice to just be with my family this year. I loved every minute of the holiday and i wish it lasted longer. We slept at my parents house which was so much fun and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. Braydon and I get matching pj's every year well for two years now!! ha ha. Of course they can't look girly so they have to be the most manly pj's ever. We also got our dog copper a matching scarf this year... he looked so cute. I'm so thankful for my parents and the love they show us and how they create the best memories for us. It is hard to celebrate christmas without bubba and sarah. we lay their stockings out every year and just as the stockings are empty so is a piece of our hearts. We are so thankful that they can look in and maybe be apart of these special moments. I know they are here... I hope everyone had such a great holiday and i'm so thankful for the chirstmas spirit and what it means to me.

Yes we are little werid.

This is some pictures from christmas eve and christmas day!!

Matching!! Yeah i was a little tired, but looking smokin hot!!:)

Braydon Helping my mom to get to her presents.

My whole family with gma and gpa!

OH aren't they so darling

This is kate!! I babysit her a lot and i love her

Me and my daddy!!

Merry Christmas

Our girl christmas party! thank you danielle for letting us come to your house it was so much fun!! Look at cute cole... he is a little piece of heaven.

singing happy birthday to sweet cami... we love you

That is whitney's baby. isn't she darling.

Oh cami you are so beautiful

My cute grandma. She is laughing.

My cousin amy! She loves making silly faces and so do I

Me and my mom

Me and my hubby

Missy, Erica, Heather!! Best cuzys

My weird dad and brothers and hubby... my uncle gave us ear muffs

In front of my grandma's tree

December 10, 2008


Where is your cell phone? In my bed room
Your hair? pulled up on top of my head.
Your significant other? Braydon
Your mother? A fighter
Your father? The sweetest most caring man... I still hold hands and cuddle with my dad!
Your favorite thing? Being with people I love Family and friends!!
Your dream last night? I don't really sleep so I don't dream
Your favorite drink? Coke
Your dream/goal? To be a mom and be good at it.
The room you're in? Study
Your child(ren)? in heaven coming sometime
Your fear? people dieing.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Being a mom and raising those kids with my best friend
Where were you last night? My moms house
What you're not? umm... not in the mood for anymore crap
Muffins, blueberry or poppy? blueberry
One wish list item? That is a secret
Where you grew up? The best place ever! Bountiful
What you last read? Jesus the christ... long, but good
What you're wearing? Scrubs
Your T.V. Loud
Your pets-- Copper
Your computer-- Desk top
Your life-- Great, hard, complicated, happy... you name it.
Your mood-- stressed... but i'm always that way
Missing someone? every day
Your car-- is still going
Something you're not wearing-- make up
Favorite store-- um... i'm not sure i like a lot of stores
Your summer? Hot and fun!
Like someone? In love with lots of people
Favorite color-- Baby blue
Last time you laughed-- Today
Last time you cried-- an hour ago

People i tag: Bridget, Dani, Erin, Danielle and anyone else who feels interested!


So my mom went in for an MRI yesterday because she just knew there was more to the story then what they first told her, and it turns out she was right. My mom has six fractures in her pelvis. Her quad hamstring and groin are all torn off the bone. She is in a lot of pain, but has really high spirits. She won't be able to even try and do anything for about six weeks which will be very interesting since she is already freaking out because she is so bored. Thank you to everyone who came to visit and who called!! It means the world to know my friends and family care. I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for the prayers for my family.

December 05, 2008

Sing like no one is watching.

So anyone who knows me really well knows that I don't really care oh ridiculous i look doing something if i am enjoying myself i'll do it. So today while driving to see my mom i was singing Christmas music at the top of my lungs. While singing some great tunes i stopped at a red light... still just singing as loud as ever with my window down so my dog can stick his head out (hello its still such great weather why not?) and i look over and there is this man and his wife just staring at me... And i look over and just said "don't you just love Christmas music?" They just look so disgusted. I mean i may not have a good singing voice, but who doesn't secerely wish they were as brave as me and could sing at a stop light with the windows rolled down and just belt out christmas music? I know we all sing in the care by ourselves and some of you do it when cars drive by and some of you just stop singing so no one sees you doing it. Well let it out!! It's fun and who cares if the couple next to you thinks you are crazy... they just don't have the holiday spirit. Hum bug i say to them. Happy holidays!!

December 03, 2008

Someone is watching over us!

So my parents went to china for two weeks just for a visit (not where i would pick) I really hate when my parents are gone and I can't speak to them or I am not with them. I get a random phone call at work on monday my parents are supposed to be home tuesday night at midnight. My dad says Erica don't freak out but your mom has been in a head on collision and she can't walk. Oh yeah dad thanks i'm not going to freak out since my whole life i've been afraid of getting random phone calls thinking another someone has died. I say ok what happened and he couldn't really talk because they were in a remote part of china and didn't have great service. So he told me to call my siblings and tell them not to panic... yeah right you tell my siblings not to panic really funny. So they got on flight and headed home. They called me in L.A. and my mom told me the story and still she isn't able to walk. They were riding scooters around china having a blast and of course my dad was in the lead and they were going along a road and it curved and my mom ran head on going 25 mph and hit a guy coming up the hill. She flew into a ditch and couldn't move. The powerful part and i'm sorry if you don't believe this can happen, but my family is believers that we have angels watching over us. The friends that were riding behind my mother said it looked like someone was holding her and gently and slower lifted her to the ditch. My mom said she felt like someone was holding her too. And I would love to think that someone was my brother bubba. I know he saved her and i know heavenly father saved her. I am so sure people are sick of hearing about our family and death and our problems, but this was such a blessing that my mom didn't get hurt because I know my family can't handle anymore loss or hurt hearts. I am so greatful we have people fighting for us on the other side. I am so grateful my mom is ok. And that prayers are answered. I don't know what we would have done. She has bones in her feet broken... a lot of them broken and the muscle in her hamstring is completely torn off the bone, but we don't know yet if her hip is broken because she is to swollen. She is black and blue all over, but she'll be ok!! Oh scary. She is a fighter. I love you mom!!

December 01, 2008


Here we are shooting guns and taking pictures... braydon hates when i make him take pictures....

So Braydon and I spent thanksgiving up in idaho with his family. His grandparents live up there. And since my parents were in china and we can't go up over christmas we thought it would be best if we went up there. Of course we had to take copper. He is our little child, but of course anyone who knows me knows that a dog isn't exactly what i want for my child, but he is the sweetest dog ever. We had to go out and shoot guns because braydon wanted to do that so being the good sport i went along. It was actually pretty fun. I did hit one clay pigeon. I was very proud of myself. I really missed being with my family though. Thanksgiving is a really hard time of year for my family, but it's also a good time to reflect on all the good things. I'm so thankful that I have amazing parents who love me and take care of me. I'm so thankful for my siblings. They are my best friends and I'm so lucky to have them. I'm so thankful for eternal families. I dont' know what i would do if i didn't have that knowledge. I feel so sad for the people who don't. I'm grateful for braydon and all that he is and does for me. He is the my best friend and i Love him him so much. I am grateful for friends. I have the best friends. They are such great examples to me. I'm grateful for my personal relationship with heavenly father and for the gospel. It's so nice to know the truth. I hope everyone had a great holiday! And i'm so excited for christmas....

Temple Night

Braydon and I love to go to the temple. Although i have to admit it's so much more fun and not as scary when we go with dave and danielle, but this is us going alone... and it was still scary, but it's always really nice to be there. We are setting a goal to go twice a month!! I know we can do it.